Why do people love cum so much?

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Cum

1. It’s a symbol of ultimate pleasure.

2. TASTE - when men take care of their bodies and eat certain foods (pineapple/coconut water, etc)…yummy!

3. It’s pretty damn sweet to be able to cum on another person…I’d freaking love that!

4. You can shoot it pretty much anywhere and it looks hot…all glossy and slick.  Like art.

5.  Feeling cum splash against your body or inside of you…YES PLEASE!

6.  It makes my skin softer…true story.

7. When cum migrates out hours later and reminds you of the sex you had…ya can’t help but smile.

8. You can dream and boom…cum.  That’s pretty magical, right?!

9. It’s HOT to share in a kiss…all the sexiest couples are doing it.

10. That shit makes life y’all…tell me that’s not cool ;)

What do you think of cumkissing? any advice on best way to start with my wife?

I think it can be very sexy. Why not surprise her…after you’ve cum in her pussy, bend down between her legs and take a nice deep lick then move up and kiss her passionately when she’s still in that post orgasmic, omfg state. Or the next time she gathers some of your precum on her tongue, surprise her and pull her up for a kiss! :) xoxoxo
I really want to try and eat my own cum but after cumming I lose momentum and chicken out.  Any Advice?

Most guys are only interested in eating cum when they are very, very aroused.  In the moment it sounds like a pretty hot idea.  After you cum…well you’re not in the zone anymore so it’s harder to do the deed.  My advice…get yourself super hot…edge yourself for a while if you can.  Place yourself on your couch or bed or up against a wall with your legs positioned over your head.  This way when you get close you can shoot your cum in or close to your mouth.  It helps to visualize cumming for someone who finds the idea of you eating your own cum a fucking hot turn on ;)  Even if you only get a little bit in…at least you’ve got your foot in the door! Good luck hon xoxoxo