The List


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"Baby girl", I call to you on a Saturday morning. "Come here".  Your pussy immediately begins to tingle as you hear those words since you know that tone and what normally follows when I call you by that name.  You find me sitting in my office behind the desk going through the credit card statement for last month and you immediately know....  Without looking up, I tell you to pack the bag, get the list, and be ready to leave in an hour.  You begin to form the question "where are we going" but stop because you know I am in no mood for discussion.  Instead, you respond simply "yes sir, I will be ready".  As you turn from the doorway you feel waves of excitement and apprehension as you begin to recount all the expenses I was just looking at, as well as the other things that have accumulated on the list since the last time it was reconciled.  You know everything that needs to be packed in the bag and set about retrieving and packing the clothes pins, the riding crop, the restraints, the blindfold, camera, a change of clothes, an assortment of butt plugs, your battery operated vibrators, and a recent addition to our games, a funnel.  You then jump in the shower shaking with anticipation have what is to come as you wash your sexy body, paying close attention to your soaking wet cunt and your sexy pucker.  You consider sneaking in a quick orgasm but know better than to cum without permission, particularly on a day like today.  After your shower, you dress in sexy panties, jeans, and a tank top with no bra.  You throw a loose shirt over top to wear, at least until we are in the truck.  55 minutes after receiving your instructions, you're waiting by the door with the bag, the list, and the truck keys.

Once inside the truck, we began driving in silence.  When we hit the highway, I pull a piece of paper from my pocket and you recognize it as the credit card statement. I hand it to you and simply say read it.  As you begin to read off the various charges even you are surprised by the amount of money you spent on toys, and lingerie.  Next I tell you to read the list, which includes about two-dozen items.  Once you're finished I tell you that you've outdone yourself this time, which means I must do the same. A wave of heat rolls through your body as you hear the solitary word "strip ".  You hesitate for a second because you realize how crowded the highway is this time of day. Fortunately, we are in my truck, which is high enough to preclude anyone from seeing except for truck drivers.

Your hands are shaking as you first remove your shoes, then your socks, then your jeans, then your panties, and lastly your shirts. I can see the mixture of excitement and embarrassment on your face as you sit there completely naked. I instruct you to retrieve the biggest glass butt plug from the bag, turn around and kneel on the seat with your ass facing the windshield, and insert it into your tight asshole. Once it is securely nestled deep in your ass, I tell you to turn around and sit back down. I explained how this next bit will work. You are to sit in the seat with your legs open wide and fuck your cunt with a vibrator. The thing is, you have to do so until you are acknowledged by 10 different truck drivers all without cumming. If you orgasm, I will add five more trucks and if it appears as though you are not fucking yourself hard enough, you will be required to kneel back up on the seat so everyone will have a much better view.  If you follow the rules, after 10 truck drivers acknowledge you, you will have paid off half the list.

You reach in the bag and fish out the vibrator, lean the seat back, open your legs and begin running the vibrator along you're very wet cunt before sliding it in. The fresh batteries have the vibrator sending powerful pulses to your core as you plunge it in and out of your greedy pussy. I can hear obscenely sexy squishing sounds coming from you as you contract against the vibrator.  Every bump we hit forces the plug deeper into your ass, and quiet moans are beginning to escape your lips.  The first truck we pass doesn't notice, but as we passed the second one I noticed him speeding up so as to get a better look.  I tell you to look him in the eye as he drives beside us. Your face is flush with the combination of embarrassment and excitement as he hits his air horn in appreciation.  I speed up so we can catch up with the next truck. As we get close, it is apparent that the first driver has radioed ahead and every truck we pass from that point forward is anxiously awaiting a glimpse inside our cab.  Somehow you manage to stave off your orgasm until we get the final acknowledgment from the truck driver. After we pass the last truck I tell you "clean it and get dressed".  You remove the vibrator from your pussy and proceed to lick and suck it clean before getting fully dressed.  You attempted to remove the plug from your ass but I instruct you to leave it.

I hand you two bottles of water and tell you to drink them before we arrive which will be in about 20 minutes.  You already are feeling some pressure because of the coffee you drank this morning, but do as you're told. You also notice I have been drinking water since we begin the drive, and instinctively know what's coming. 

About 20 minutes later I turn the truck off of the road onto a dirt trail and drive another few minutes before stopping. The trail is very rough and you feel the plug invading deeper and deeper into your tight ass.  Once stopped, I get out of the truck, walk around, and open your door for you to get out.  Once out of the truck I grab you spin you around and roughly press you face first against the side of the truck as I grab your hair and whisper into your ear that you are mine to do with what I want today, like it or not.  I asked you if you understand you say yes sir.  With that, you hear a telltale click of me opening the knife I always carry my pocket.  The next thing you feel is me pulling your shirt away from your body and slicing cleanly through it with the knife. After the cut is made, I roughly pull it off of your body. I repeat the process with your tank top and then with your jeans until you're standing there with only your panties on and a pile of cut clothing at your feet.  I reach in the truck, grab the bag, toss it on the ground and tell you to retrieve your collar and cuffs.  I secure the cuffs to your wrists and ankles and fasten the collar around your neck. The simple act of securing the restraints to your body causes you to exude a much more submissive posture.  I reach in the bag and retrieve your nipple clamps and affix them to each nipple and connect the chain between the two of them. After the chain is connected I grab it by the center and tug it, causing your nipples to extend and a grimace of pain shoot across your face.  The pain is momentary and is immediately replaced with a wave of pleasure radiating through year already aroused cunt.  As I glanced down at your panties, I can see you have completely soaked through them with your arousal.  I ask you what your role is today and trembling, with eyes lowered, you say "today I am your ass slave and dirty piss whore for as long as you desire".  Before we begin walking, I instruct you to pull the plug out of your ass and hand it to me, which you do. Holding the plug in my right hand and placing my left hand around your throat, I command "open".  You open your mouth and I slide plug fresh from your ass into your open and eager mouth.  With that, I clip the leash on your collar and have you retrieve the bag.  I instruct you to suck the plug clean as we walk, me holding your leash and you trailing behind wearing nothing but a pair of soaked panties.

After walking five minutes, we arrived in a secluded clearing. You immediately notice straps attached to two different trees both higher up and at the base.  You also notice a large tree log lying in the clearing, also with straps affixed to either side.  You are nearly trembling with anticipation as I secure your wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs in a standing spread eagle position between the two trees.  You watch as I retrieve the video camera, place it on a stump ensuring it is aimed directly at you, and then approach you to remove the now clean plug from your mouth.  With one hand, I again grasp the chain connecting the nipple clamps and pull it tight as my other hand finds its way to your throat. I lean in and remind you that you are, by all definitions of the word, my dirty piss whore who will do precisely what she's told until I decide we are done. You acknowledge me with a submissive nod. With that, I move behind you, pull your panties down far enough for me to reinsert the plug in your ass, and then put your panties back in place.  You're greedy cunt is literally dripping wet with excitement and apprehension with thoughts of what will follow.

I move to the bag, which is behind you, and although you are tempted to turn your head to see what I'm doing, you know better.  The next thing you feel is the sharp smack the riding crop as it makes contact with your panty covered ass.  I grab a handful of your hair, pull your head back and growl into your ear "that was just to get your attention".  

I now circle around in front of you ensuring the riding crop remains in contact with your body the whole time. When I get in front, I run the leather patch of the crop across your lips, down over your chin, and rest it directly on your hard and still clamped nipple. I tell you that ordinarily the reconciliation comes with a set number of smacks, but this time the list will be reconciled only when I am satisfied.  With quick flicks of my wrist, I deliver deliberate stinging smacks to your tits and nipples.  I notice you struggling against your restraints and subconsciously pushing your cunt toward me trying to find any friction for relief.  At this point, I can also see the telltale signs of you needing to piss. After distributing another series of light but stinging smacks of the riding crop equally between both tits, I slide the leather patch of the crop down your belly over your panties and between your legs.  The crop itself is now nestled between your lips causing your panties to make contact with your very sensitive clit.  Feeling the friction, you immediately struggle against your wrist restraints to lower your pussy further down onto the crop. Knowing what you are trying to do, I lower it just a bit to keep you from gaining any relief.  Your moans are now becoming whimpers of frustration.  With no warning, I lower the riding crop and bring it up sharply make contact with your ever so greedy cunt covered by your soaked panties. The smack causes an audible gasp and a grimace of pain across your face. Your reaction causes me to deliver four more exactly the same way in rapid succession.  In a low but very deliberate tone I remind you that since your antics have become more creative, the reconciliation would become equally creative.  Hearing those words, and anticipating what it might mean causes an animalistic moan to escape your lips.  The stinging you feel on your cunt has been replaced by a warm wave of pleasure, which suddenly reminds you of the urgency with which you need to piss.

Your voice takes on tone of desperation as you say "Sir I desperately need to pee, may I have permission to"?  I tell you that you are not yet permitted to, but soon you will.  With that, I step back away from you to retrieve a cup I brought with me and pick up the video camera.  I place the cup on the ground between your legs, step back, and zoom the camera in on your face. I then tell you that before you will be permitted to piss, you need to look in the camera and say "I am Jeff's dirty piss whore and I am asking permission to piss my panties".  A flush of embarrassment crosses your face, and your lips are about to form a question but you catch yourself.  With you face crimson with embarrassment; you look directly into the camera and say those words.  With that, I give my consent, with the condition that you must ensure the stream of piss goes in the cup. With no hesitation, you moan as a torrent of piss soaks through your panties and forms stream.  The first bit misses the cup, but with a slight adjustment you end up getting most of the rest of it in the cup until it overflows.  The whole time you were pissing, I pan the camera from the close up on your face down your body to catch you pissing your panties into the cup.  I return the camera to the stump, approach you, deliver four more sharp smacks to your cunt and then move the cup to the side.  Once again, you hear the click of my knife as it springs open.  You feel the cool steel touch your leg as I use the blade to cut the material from each hip causing your panties fall away into my hand.  You hear one word "open".  You open your mouth and I stuff your panties, soaked with piss and girl cum in.  You are audibly moaning when I tell you to suck them clean.  As I looked down between your legs, I can see strings of girl cum clinging to your lips.  After delivering another series of snacks to your now naked cunt, I unhook your wrists and ankles, clip your leash back to your collar and walk you over to the large log that is lying on the ground. 

The log is smooth, and I tell you to straddle it, then lay flat face down on it.  You comply and subconsciously grind against it as soon as your pussy makes contact. This causes a very stern smack the riding crop across your ass. Baby girl, you have not been given permission to cum yet.  With this, I secure your wrists and ankles which prevents you from being able to sit back up.  As I circle you, admiring my handiwork, I stop behind you and remove the plug from your ass.  I notice your asshole is gaping nicely from the large plug as I put it down and retrieve the funnel.  I slide the funnel deep into your ass and warn you to not let it slide out.  I then walk in front of you and undress while you continue sucking your panties clean.  Once I am fully undressed, I approach you and wordlessly present you my cock to suck.  You make an attempt to spit out your panties which causes another sharp smack your ass with the riding crop.  Baby girl, I said nothing about taking those out.  You arrange the panties in such a way that you can keep them in your mouth and suck my cock at the same time.  Since you are my piss whore today, I think it is time for you to earn that title.  Without warning, I release a short stream of piss into the already piss soaked panties in your mouth.  You struggle to contain it all in your mouth but somehow manage to.  Abruptly, I withdraw my cock from your mouth and disappear from your view.  The next thing you feel is hot piss streaming into your open asshole through the funnel.  Your moans are continuous and loud enough for anyone to hear.  Once my stream subsides, I retrieve the cup of your piss and add it to the mixture.  I withdraw the funnel and instruct you to keep it in and not let any escape.  You clamp your asshole as tight as you can as I walk around in front of you again.  When I get there, I remove your panties from your mouth and return my cock to your lips.  I inform you that we are going to fuck your ass dry by alternating between fucking your ass and then your mouth until your ass is dry and my cock is clean.  I remind you not to cum until you're given permission.  If you manage to not orgasm during that process, I will then fuck your cunt hard and fast and give you the orgasm you so desperately want.  Once you orgasm, the list and credit card statement will be reconciled.  

For the next 10 minutes, I alternate between fucking your ass deep and hard and presenting my cock for you to clean.  The obscenely sexy squishing sound of our combined piss squeezing past my cock is loud enough for the camera to pick up.  Every time I present my cock to your mouth, you greedily suck and lick the combination of ass and piss from it.  Once I am satisfied I have fucked all the piss out of you, and you have cleaned my cock for the last time, I instruct you to ask me for what you want.  In and almost in audible voice, you beg for an orgasm.  I unhook your legs and wrists, lay back on the stump, and instruct you to fuck yourself on my cock hard and fast until you cum.  I have never felt your pussy so wet as you slide the whole way down in one quick motion and then proceed to fuck yourself on my cock.  Your orgasm comes quickly and violently - I have never seen you cum that hard before.  I feel my own orgasm is now inevitable and I lift you off of me and instruct you suck the cum out of my cock.  You greedily take my cock in your mouth as spurts of cum coat your tongue and throat.

Once our breathing returns to normal, take your face gently in my hands and kiss you deeply with my tongue tasting the combination of everything we've done that day.  I look deep in your eyes and with a smile say "I love you my perfect, sexy, baby girl".  We gather everything we brought with us, and I lead you back to the truck.  Once there, I produce gallons of water that have been warmed in the sun and proceed to rinse you off.  Once you are clean, I dry you with a towel and hand you complete change of clothes.  We hug each other tightly and kiss again before I get you back in the truck.

As we're driving home, you have your head on my shoulder, and suddenly you remember the video camera.  You ask me why I had you announce your name and the fact that you are my dirty piss whore and what I intend to do with the video.   My lips curl into a wicked smile and I reply the next time you misbehave, maybe our neighbor would like to see the epic adventure of my dirty piss whore and hear it in her own words.......

The Poker Game


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It has been a week since we did the list reconciliation and while we are in bed having sex, and I tell you that you appeared to be very turned on with the thought of Dave watching you fuck yourself on your dildo stuck to the window.  You blush and tell me it wasn't that Dave would be watching you, it was that some man or woman could be watching you behave like a dirty little whore.  Hearing that, I begin taunting you with a fantasy of you having spectators watching you acting like a greedy little cock whore.  I am describing how you begin by fucking your pussy back against your big rubber cock and then on command, you transition to fucking your ass with it.  How you feel eyes staring at your gaping pussy and then your gaping ass as you lose yourself in the pleasure. 

As I am describing this to you, I notice moans escaping from your mouth and extra energy you put toward meeting my thrusts deep inside you.  I ask you if it turns you on knowing you were being watched, knowing that you're behaving like a wanting little slut in front of others. You respond with an almost inaudible yes.  Almost immediately, I feel your body tense, your tight wet cunt gripping my cock, and a flood of your cum gushing over my cock and balls.  As your orgasm subsides, I tell you that if you want to pretend to be a cock whore, you may as well add cum whore to it and lick all of your juice off with me and suck my cock until I cum in your mouth.  Immediately lift yourself off of me slide down between my legs, you suck, tongue, and lick every bit of your essence off of me before taking my cock deep in your mouth and throat.  Because of your very talented mouth I find myself ready to cum soon after.

Instead of you sucking my cock while I cum, I want you to behave like a true Porn star slut and look up at me as I stroke my cock and shoot my cum on your face and in your open mouth.  As the last bit of cum finishes hitting you, and without being told, you use your fingers to scoop all of it off your face and into your eager mouth. Once you have it on your mouth you make a point of showing me your full mouth and then you swallow hard.  I can't resist kissing you deeply and tasting myself on your tongue.   I love the taste of your kisses, but when they are mixed with your cum and mine, they taste amazing.  Naked and a mess, we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

It is two nights later and the night of our monthly poker game with a few of my buddies.  Throughout the day, I kept mentioning to you that if you had cum the other night, Dave would have watched you fuck yourself against the window and then would have been at the poker night across the table from you.  I wondered out loud what it been more embarrassed, you for having acted like a cock starved slut in front of him, or him for knowing how sexy you are and not able to touch you.  I then asked if you thought Dave would have been lying awake at night jerking off wishing he could've been that cock on the window.  You admitted that while you did not find Dave attractive, it was a turn on thinking about him watching you behave like that and then masturbating while thinking about it.

As Dave and others arrived, I smile at the thought of Dave not knowing just how close was to seeing the greatest show on earth.  Throughout the evening, I ensure you have a drink with you at all times and enjoy making little comments here and there about how this evening could have gone.  It is near the end of the evening, and although you normally kick my ass in poker, a combination of you being very distracted and a little bit drunk has you tapped out when it comes to the last hand and you wanting to raise.  As you don't have the chips to cover your raise, I offer to back you, with the understanding that if you win, I get my chips back and if you lose, you will have to pay me back another way.  Feeling quite confident in your hand, you agree to the terms and I stake you for the final portion of the game.  As luck would have it, your two pair was no match for the full house Dave had. 

The game is over and it is time for everyone to leave, and as we say goodbye to everyone, I ask Dave to stick around for a few minutes to talk about the game this weekend.  He does, and after closing the door I tell him to have a seat and that we will be back with another round of beers.  I accompany you to the kitchen where I explain that it is time for you to repay me for staking you. You look at me with a combination of horror and excitement and say no Jeff you can't possibly mean.....  I stop you before you can finish by saying yes baby girl, that is exactly what I mean.  I instruct you to say good night to Dave, head up to the spare bedroom, put your jeweled plug in your ass, get you favorite vibe and wait for me.  I promise you I will come back alone first.  You are flush with nervousness and excitement.  I kiss you deeply, tell you I love you, tell you he won't touch you, and give you a chance to say no.  You say you trust me and take my hand and guide it to your pussy, which is dripping wet.  I can't resist licking your juice from my fingers. 

With that, you say good night to Dave and head upstairs, while I join Dave for a beer and talk with him.  After a few minutes, I excuse myself and head up to see you.  I find you naked with a plug in your ass.  As I enter the room I approach you and kiss you roughly.  You see the desire in my eyes and feel it as my hard cock pushes against you.  I instruct you to lie on the bed and I secure your wrists and ankles.  I blindfold you, and work the vibrator into your ravenous, wet pussy.  I place a pillow against the end to ensure the vibe stays put and kiss you one last time before leaving and closing the door behind me.  

As you hear me walk downstairs, you suddenly feel that you should have told me no, but the steady flow of wetness pouring from your cunt and pooling under your sexy ass betrays your true feeling.  Down stairs, after a few minutes of talking with Dave, I ask him to come upstairs to give me some advice about a project I'm working on in the spare room.  He agrees, completely unaware of what is about to happen.  You hear the footsteps, your heart nearly drowns out our arrival.  I open the door and see you looking completely sexy, flush with excitement and shame.  Dave is shocked and instinctively blurts out "I'm sorry" and turns away.  I grab his shoulder and explain that you have been misbehaving recently and tonight when you bet with money you didn't have was the last straw.  You can't see anything, but hear the buzzing of the vibe and our voices.  You also feel four eyes burning into your pussy. 

I tell Dave he can't touch you but he should feel free to comment of what a sexy little slut you are.  He starts slowly but as he warms up to the idea, he tell me he never knew you were such a cock whore to allow a neighbor to watch this.  I'm not convinced he realizes you want to do this.  I unhook your right hand and tell you to fuck your wet cunt for Dave.  You moan at the thought and immediately begin working the vibe in an out.  Your cunt is making obscenely sexy slurping noises and your wetness is pouring out.  I know you are going to let go and cum soon.  I suggest that perhaps you would look better covered in cum.  With that, Dave pulls his hard cock out and begins stroking it.  I want you to see this so I take the blindfold off. 

Your eyes adjust to the light and see Dave working his cock aimed at your stomach and tits.  You moan as I tell you to ask Dave to cum on your tits.  You look him in the eye and brazenly tell him to cum.  Hearing the words escape your lips, Dave grunts and sends a hot rope of cum that lands on your arm and tits.  Two more spurts hit you before he is spent.  I tell you to stay where you are as I take Dave downstairs and let him out.  I tell him if he ever wants to see that again, he will tell no one.  He readily agrees.  I come back up finding you still feverishly fucking your cunt.  I undress and gather some of Dave’s cum on my cock and feed it to your open mouth.  I repeat the process twice more before I untie you, climb on top of you and plunge my cock deep in your gaping cunt.  I bring your legs up, and lean down to kiss you while fucking you deeply.  I ask you if you loved the idea of behaving like such a wanton slut in front of Dave. 

Unable to form words, you moan out a yes.  As you start to cum, I pound you harder and harder until you gush out the wettest orgasm you've ever had.  I fill you with my cum and then climb between your legs to suck it out of your pussy and spit it in your mouth.  We share it in a kiss until it is gone and we are spent.  We shower together and climb into bed naked.  I hold you close, kiss you, and whisper in your ear how much I love you before we drift off into a deep sleep.
Written by Mexmed

Lacey and I continue to have fun with our sex life and finding new ways to experiment and push each others buttons. She is amazing in supporting and encouraging my new found bisexuality, especially since I have to remain closeted with my line of work. We love daring each other and making sexual bets. For example, we 69 each other and whoever cums first has to do what the other asks or face punishment. Or we make bets playing board games or playing spades. I love making her walk publicly with no bra and a sheer button down shirt or a tight polo. I bought a remote control vibrator for her that adds to the fun. She failed to live up to a bet she lost. She was supposed to send me a picture of her fingering herself at work. So her punishment was to wear only jean shorts and walk around my apartment with nipple clamps on. I ordered a pizza and she had to open the door still wearing the nipple clamps. The poor high school kid almost dropped the pizza. I told him to come in while I gave Lacey the tip to give to the kid. I then had Lacey come to me and drop on her knees. As she unzipped my pants, I had the boy leave.

“You’re going to lose a bet and I’m going to get you back,” Lacey said with a smirk, just as she was about to suck my cock.

Days later I lost at 69. She had me cumming hard and quick. So her task for me was to wear a cockring, butt plug and panties while in uniform at work and send her proof every 2 hours. I got busy at work and completely missed 2 deadlines. I was hers. She told me my punishment would come in a week but wouldn’t tell me what it was. All she said was that I would be her slave to do with as she pleased and to have my next Sunday freed up.

After some overnight fun, Lacey and I woke up around 9am. She told me to be ready by noon including being “well cleaned,” while she took care of some errands and not to leave the upstairs. I was drying off in her bedroom when Lacey walked in and I could hear people downstairs. Lacey pulled out a pair of shear yellow, lace panties and had me wear them under my jeans. She also had me wear a plain white T-shirt. “On your knees,” Lacey commanded. I did as she ordered.

She looked good in her simple yet sexy outfit. Tight jeans, red heels, a red button down shirt and her dark brown hair pulled back yet laying to one side. As I was on my knees admiring her, Lacey placed a leather collar around my neck, attached a leash to it and bound my hands with leather cuffs and locked them together. Lacey began to explain to me, “I know how you like to flaunt me around and it is fun. But I’ve never flaunted you… until today. I’m having a sex toy party and you’re going to be my live model for everyone present.”

I actually got a little nervous and I’m sure it showed.

“Don’t worry,” she started, “It’s no one from your work it’s only people that we know from my side…. and maybe a few you haven’t met yet,” she said with a tease in her voice. She had me get up and she blindfolded me. She pulled me by the leash and walked me out the room and down her stairs. I could sense I had cleared the wall of the stairwell because I heard gasps and “oh my gods.” They sounded all female to me. I completely cleared the stairwell and Lacey led me to what felt was her living room. She had me stand straight and in place.

“I told you all I had a surprise for this party. My boyfriend has generously offered himself to assist me in demonstrating the toys I have brought to you today, and I am placing him at your disposal. Each and every one of you can use him to answer your questions.”

I recognized Tiffany’s voice from the salon, “Lacey, I think you are crazier than he is.”

I heard another female voice that sounded familiar but I couldn’t place, “You’re seriously letting us test any toy we want on him?”

Lacey responded, “Absolutely, Casey. Isn’t that right?” She asked as she tugged on my leash. I nodded enthusiastically.

Finally I heard unfamiliar voice, a male yet effeminate voice,“Any of us can use him to answer our questions?”

Lacey tugged on my leash, and I nodded and answered, “Yes, sir.” 

“Oh wow! And he is cute,” I heard him respond.

Lacey finally took the blindfold off. I saw 4 girls and 2 guys in the room. I recognized 3 of the girls and no one else. Tiffany and I knew each rather well, and I recognized Casey and Amanda from the salon. “Since you haven’t met everyone, why don’t you introduce yourself?” Lacey mentioned.

I started walking to the first girl, who was the only girl I didn’t know, when Lacey stopped me with the leash. “Let’s be open with everyone from the get go and show them what they’re dealing with,” Lacey said. She had me unzip my jeans and slowly take them off with my bound hands in front of me. I stood in front of all with only the yellow panties Lacey had me wear. Casey and Tiffany both smiled and let out, “Oh sexy! He looks good in those!” Amanda and the other girl were shocked and the guys were devilishly smiling.

Lacey led me to meet her guests. Starting with the one girl I didn’t know. I went to her and with my bound hands I reached to shake her hand and introduced myself. Still in a state of bewilderment she managed to say, “Hi, I’m Laura.” Laura was a cute slender brunette about 5’5” with glasses. She has an adorable quality yet sex appeal. Reminded of the shy bookworm type. She dressed me up and down a few times which actually caused me to blush. Lacey took me over to Amanda. “Seeing you in the salon and seeing you and Lacey, I never would imagine seeing you like this,” Amanda stated. Amanda is a more voluptuous girl. Not fat or chubby at all, but nice rack and nice ass. She’s a brown-hair shorter hair girl with a stylish cut with red highlights.

I was lead over to Casey and introduced myself. Casey is an attractive dirty blonde girl. Athletic and slender, she had a fun bubbly personality. “I heard rumors about you. Nice to see you live up to the rumors,” she stated. Casey turned to Tiffany, “I can see why you like him so much,” as Casey patted my ass, “the panties work on you too. Cute, devious and sexy.”

I was then lead to Tiffany. “The tables have been turned on you,” Tiffany started, “I can’t wait to test drive some of these toys on you.” Tiffany must’ve had an idea ahead of time of what was going to happen. She looked damn good in her white shorts, sandals and light blue T-shirt… too good. Standing at 5’9”-5’10” she had legs that went all the way to the floor.

Finally, Lacey led me to the 2 guys. Ryan and Mike were their names. Both were slender. Mike was definitely more effeminate while Ryan was more cut or built. Both were taller than me. Neither Ryan nor Mike were shy in feeling me up and even copping a feel through my panties as Lacey introduced me to them.

Lacey finished introducing me to everyone. She led me back to the center of the living room. I could see she laid out on one of her 3 shelf stand, a whole slew of sex toys, along with a bag sitting on the side with more toys. The items displayed spanned the gambit of dildos, handcuffs, floggers, crops, gags, vibrators, plugs, clamps, pumps, lubes, and even chastity devices. “As an added bonus, should several of you decide to purchase, the person who orders the most gets to enjoy my boyfriend afterwards if they so desire.”

“You’re pimpin’ your own boyfriend?” gasped Amanda.

“If you only knew the things I’ve done for him. Besides, he’s enjoying this and I know you wouldn’t mind winning,” Lacey replied. “So let’s get started.” “What toys are you curious about?” Lacey announced.

There was a bit of a pause. Finally, Tiffany asked, “What was the thing he used to spank you when he handcuffed you?” Lacey brought out the crop I used on her with Tiffany. This is a nifty toy to spank your partner with especially if you’re new and aren’t sure about floggers.

Lacey had me pull the ottoman that was nearby into place. She had me bend over and she pulled down my panties and gave me a several decent whacks. I winced a little and she had me stand up straight finally giving everyone an unobstructed view of me. “And what do you say after I spank you?” Lacey asked. “Thank you, mistress,” I responded. Everyone smiled and made comments like, “Very nice” and “Wow!” “Did everyone like that demonstration?” Lacey asked. Everyone gave their approval. “Want to see more?” Everyone said yes.

With that she uncuffed me and pulled out a spreader bar that had preset ankle and wrist attachments. Lacey ordered me face down, ass up on the ottoman and locked the spreader bar on my ankles with my wrists bound on the inside. She pulled out various spanking tools and offered people to come up. Lacey started with a larger suede flogger and flogged my ass and back a few times. It didn’t hurt too bad.

Then Tiffany came around with a smaller flogger and gave me a round of hits. “Those hurt a little more,” I said after I almost yelped. Mike then came around and grabbed a split crop and gave quite a few spanking. “I love the way this sounds and feels,” Mike said. I tried to muffle my winces with that one but it didn’t work.

“Aww, poor thing,” Lacey started, “I guess if you’re going to whine we need to muzzle you a bit.” Lacey undid the cuffs to the spreader bar, had me stand up and spread my legs. She attached an adjustable bar to my ankles and at the same time had Laura bring one of the chairs from the kitchen. It was placed far enough in front of me that I had to bend over to reach it. Lacey handcuffed my wrists to the chair leaving me in the bent position with legs spread. She pulled out a ball gag and mentioned, “If you’re ever concerned that your partner is being too loud or simply don’t like their whining, this is a good tool to help with that.” Lacey tighten the ball gag on me. “Tiffany, did you want to continue trying out your flogger on him?” Lacey asked.

“Of course,” Tiffany responded. Tiffany gave me a several rounds with her small flogger with increasing strength. I winced and even yelled a little after the last hit. Was about 10 decent hits. Casey and Amanda were astonished, while Mike and Ryan smiled and smirked. Laura was examining the other toys.

“How much does this one hurt?” Laura asked as she picked up a cane.

“You have to be careful with the canes. Those will cause a lot of pain and leave welts. They’re made for dishing some tough discipline,” Lacey responded.

“Can I try it him?” Laura asked. “Sure. Just go easy and see his reaction.” Lacey reminded. Laura gave me what she felt was a light hit, but it stung bad for me. But I had never had a cane used on me before that moment. I gave out a muffled scream. Lacey looked at me asking me if I was ok. I nodded my head as she said, “Good boy. Laura looks like she liked your reaction.” Laura gave me 2 more whacks noticeably lighter. I still winced but not as bad.

Amanda mentioned, “I’m not sure how I feel about the punishment, but it’s kinda hot to see him drool. It looks like Laura might be taking a liking to it.”

“Well does anyone want to see what happens when we introduce anal toys?” Lacey asked. Of course everyone was eager. Lacey uncuffed me from the chair, rebound my hands and placed me on the ottoman again, ass up face down and cuffed my hands to the spreader bar. “Who would like to go first?” Lacey asked.

Ryan got up and asked, “How experienced is he in anal play?”

Lacey responded with a smirk, “He has some experience and likes expanding his horizons.” Only Tiffany and Amanda knew that I had been with guys. Ryan grabbed some lube and some nice size anal beads, definitely not a beginner’s set, that got gradually bigger. He inserted the first two slowly and I enjoyed it. He inserted the rest a little faster and I was moaning through the ball gag. Ryan teased me with pushing and pulling a little and then pushed them all in and suddenly pulled them all out.

“Oh my god!” I moaned through the gag.

“Oh and he is even clean inside,” Ryan mentioned as he held on to the beads.

“That is so hot!” Casey followed. “I’ve never seen a guy take anything in the ass, let alone like it. That is awesome!”

Lacey responded, “Well, you’re next then. Try something out.”

Casey scanned the toys and grabbed a dildo. “I know these are for girls, but can guys take them?”

Lacey answered, “The one you have actually is for a strap on. It attaches to a harness and you can fuck him with it, or you can use it alone. Try it on him if you like.” Casey picked it up and got behind me. Lacey guided her hand with the dildo. “Do like anal, Casey?” Lacey asked. “I do.” Casey answered “Well put it in him the way you like it.”

Casey slid the dildo slowly into my ass and slid it all the way. It felt good and everyone knew it. Then Casey started pulling and pushing, getting more enthusiastic. She went a while playing with it because I almost felt like cumming.

“Casey!” Lacey said. “I had no idea you would like this so much. But we can’t let him cum yet. We have more to go.”

“It is rather fun. And now you have an idea of how I like it.” Casey deviously replied. “I would like to hear him moan in pleasure without the ball gag,” Casey continued.

“As it turns out, I have something you may like.” Lacey replied. She undid did all of my restraints then applied ankle and wrist cuffs on me but didn’t bind them. She kept me on my knees facing everyone. I could see everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, even the shy looking Laura. I was semi-hard and a little wet from the anal stimulation. Lacey stood behind me and took out the ball gag and let me move my mouth a bit.

“Thank you, mistress,” I stated.

“Don’t thank me just yet,” she said as she kissed me. She then put a O-ring/spider gag in my mouth. Lacey explained the O-ring gag to everyone as I faced them. “You can still control their speech and yet enjoy their sounds even more. And Amanda, you can count on some drooling to happen with this gag for sure. Finally, you have access to use their mouth as you like. Anyone else want to hear him moan with anal play?”

Mike got up this time and went straight for a red inflatable butt plug that was on the stand. “I wanna use this on him and see how he handles it,” he stated.

“I haven’t used that one on him, yet. Good choice,” Lacey replied.

Mike had me bend over on the ottoman as he held on to the leash. I was facing away from everyone. As Mike inserted the butt plug I started moaning. “Wow. Lacey, how experienced is he? He seems to still have a tight ass.” Mike stated as he rubbed my ass and then spanked it with his hand. The girls were enjoying the scene.

Lacey giggled as she responded, “He has some experience for sure. You might even be surprised.”

Mike started pumping the plug. I felt by the second pump. The full sensation was different that having something inserted. By the 4th pump I was moaning quite a bit. The 5th one got me shaking a little. I couldn’t take a 6th pump. It felt good but overwhelming. I was moaning quite a bit, and drooling. Lacey released the pressure on the butt plug. I was breathing heavily as she pulled it out. “So who is liking the O-ring over the ball gag?” Lacey asked.

“I like his moaning,” Ryan started, “Now what about this access to his mouth you mentioned? Are we able to test that out?”

Lacey lit up. “You want to test him right now? Umm I mean the O-ring gag?” Lacey asked.

“Just put him on his knees and find out,” Ryan said as he unzipped his jeans. All the girls gasped in surprise.

“I’ll do you one better,” Lacey stated. Lacey bound my wrists behind me and then went to the stand and grabbed a pair of nipple clamps. She placed them on my nipples as I gasped with the initial pain. “Now on your knees.”

“That is so damn hot,” Tiffany said. “How do those clamps feel?” Amanda asked Lacey answered, “They hurt, but in a good way. They heighten your sensations, especially when they come off because blood flow returns to your nipples.” Lacey handed Amanda a pair as Casey and Laura joined in the curiosity. They put them on their fingers to see how they felt. “Damn! These do hurt!” Casey stated. “I don’t know if I’d want these on.” “They can make an orgasm better, trust me.” Tiffany chimed in as she deviously smiled at Lacey.

Then Ryan stepped in with his semi-hard cock out of his unzipped pants. “See what you think,” Lacey insisted. Ryan’s cock fit through the O-ring as he slowly face fucked me. I did use my tongue since I was unable to actually suck his cock. “This is different, but nice! I may have to get one of these for us,” Ryan stated as he looked at Mike.

“Lacey you’re a lucky girl,” Amanda started, “I’ve only ever seen guys kissed and it never did anything for me. But this is such a turn on right now.”

Lacey giggled and replied, “We have quite a bit of fun. Tiffany can tell you.”

Mike then asked, “Can I try him out?” Ryan took his cock out and walked me on all fours by the leash to Mike sitting in one of the chairs. I moaned as the clamps dangled as I moved. I got to Mike who was stroking his cock and I rose to my knees. Ryan gave the least to Mike and he grabbed my head as I pulled my face to his cock. As I started using my gagged mouth, they kissed. “This isn’t bad at all, especially since he uses his tongue,” Mike stated. I almost gagged on his cock when he lifted my head. “Not bad at all.” I was drooling and had precum on my mouth and cheeks.

“How good is he at licking pussy with that gag?” Amanda asked.

“He is very good at it without a gag,” Tiffany inserted.

Lacey laughed and agreed, “Why don’t you find out? But first, let’s give him a little relief.” Lacey grabbed my leash, stood me up facing everyone and started removing each clamp. At first I gasped then moaned, and maybe shook a little. The clamps had been on for longer than I had worn them before. After Lacey took the left one off, she rubbed my nipple with her fingers. I was so sensitive. Then she kissed and sucked on it. I had difficulty maintaining my composure and posture. “And that’s just the left one,” she chided.

Tiffany noted, “He is almost rock hard and dripping a little. I think he likes it.”

Lacey rubbed the wetness of my cock and had me lick her fingers. Then she took the right clamp off. I moaned even more with that one. Lacey licked it getting me hard again. She then bound my wrists to the front. “Now go to Amanda and show her how good you are at licking pussy even with a gag,” Lacey seductively ordered.

“Amanda! You’re going to let him eat you out, right here in front of us?” exclaimed Casey.

“Actually I’m testing the validity that he can lick me through the gag well. We just saw him take cock through it. What’s the big deal? We’re all kinky freaks in some way. It’s why none of us have walked out yet. Besides, I haven’t had any in 3 weeks and Tiffany has me curious.”

I walked over to Amanda who was by the chaise end of the sectional. She was wearing a summertime style dress that went almost to the ground with sandals. It had an earthy but elegant look to it, with its purple, pink, brown and red colors. Amanda looked good with the low cut sleeveless top of the dress accentuating her C cup breasts. She hiked up her dress a little, reached and pulled down her light purple panties and let the dress drop again. She grabbed my leash and told me, “If you’re as good as the girls say you are, I just might let you keep my panties as a souvenir.” With that, she laid me on my back on the chaise and she straddled my face with the dress draped over. I started tonguing her pussy starting around the outside and making my way to her clitoris. She started moaning a little.

“Lacey, your boyfriend is pretty good. Wonder what he could do without the gag,” Amanda said, starting to breathe heavier. As she started grinding my face, I nudged my face back and caught her ass hole. I started rimming her and Amanda suddenly gave a slight yelp of pleasure and the moaning recommenced. “He is good,” Amanda exhaled. As my face was covered by her dress, I felt her leaning her hands on my chest.

“Oh I know what he’s doing,” smirked Tiffany.

“Uh huh,” Lacey echoed. “That’s enough for now.”

“Oh let him make me cum,” Amanda protested.

“Nope,” Lacey insisted, “But if you want to test drive one of the vibrators or dildos, you welcome to cum that way.”

I could here in the background Casey and Tiffany giggling. Tiffany told Lacey, “Casey just found out what your boyfriend was doing to Amanda. She’s never had it done.”

“You have no idea what you’re missing out on, girl,” replied Lacey.

Amanda got up and led me to Lacey. Lacey released me from the gag. “Thank you, mistress.” I stated appreciatively. My mouth and jaw were sore. As Amanda handed me her panties, she asked, “So which would you recommend?” Lacey handed her a cordless version of the magic wand. Amanda started using it while sitting on the sectional. I was starting to get hard when Lacey spanked me from admiring Amanda.

“While she’s getting off, I’m accessorizing you again.” Lacey slid a cock ring on me. Amanda was in the midst of cumming and I was once again hard and it wasn’t going away anytime soon. “This is so hot,” Casey let out, “Lacey, I like your parties. And you’re boyfriend is hot. I didn’t think I’d like watching this kind of stuff, but wow! I’d like to know what more your boyfriend can do.”

“If you’re nice, I may let you.” Lacey chided. Ryan chimed in, “Any way we can enjoy some more of your boyfriend?” “We’ll see.” Lacey smirked. We watched as Amanda finished cumming for a second time with the cordless Hitachi. “You think she’s hot, don’t you?” Lacey whispered to me as I remained with my hands bound in front of me.

“I find all of your friends hot. But if I was in control, I would be pounding you in front of them.” I replied.

“Too bad you lost,” Lacey laughed.

Everyone continued looking at various toys as I stood hard off to the side. Lacey let Casey and Amanda feel me up some more to tease me and nothing more. Mike was allowed to give me a reach around with a penis sleeve while he grinded me from behind. Ryan followed up with inserting a glass butt plug in me that I kept in the rest of the time. Then Amanda had my wrists bound from behind and tested a pump on my cock. Casey and Tiffany played with other clitoral stimulators.

“I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves so far. But unless someone has a toy they desperately want to try that they haven’t had a chance yet, let’s start the ordering process.” Lacey stated. I was set to the side as she reminded everyone that the most ordered had the option to enjoy me. All started writing down. Tiffany and Ryan were the first to finish. All the order forms were in and of course Lacey had to build suspense. I remained to the side, arms bound behind me, cock ring on, butt plug in and semi hard. Lacey went through the forms. She finally revealed that Laura had ordered the most with Amanda coming in a close second. Lacey gave Laura my leash and told her that since her and Amanda were so close, Laura would have the option of invited Amanda to join in, if she so pleased. “I wouldn’t mind Amanda watching and enjoying him after I’m done with him. But I wanna fuck the shit out of your boyfriend, Lacey,” Laura announced.

“Laura! I’m surprised!” exclaimed Lacey. “Goes to show that you have to watch for the shy and quiet ones.” Lacey told Laura and Amanda they could go upstairs into her bedroom and have fun. Laura led Amanda and I upstairs.

Laura was attractive in a simple way, wearing tight jeans, a brown spaghetti strap tank top and sandals. Laura unbound me and had me take out my butt plug. She took off her jeans, revealing her cotton white panties. Meanwhile, Amanda got dropped her dress laid in bed with only her panties on. Laura asked Amanda what she wanted to do with me.

“Honestly, I just want to see how good he is at eating me out and see if that cock of his is still up for fucking me right,” Amanda said in a sexually frustrated but fun tone.

“Well, let see if he can multitask,” Laura challenged. Laura slid into the strap on. The dildo was 9in, black and ribbed. She looked hot standing there with it. Laura had Amanda on the edge of the bed while she bent me over to insert the strapon into me. Laura didn’t waste time. She slowly inserted it into me and almost immediately started fucking me fast and hard. I had Amanda’s legs on my shoulders as I ate her out. I got her aroused, but Laura was fucking me very hard. I was moaning a lot. Then I came hard. I was shaking.

“Well I’m done with you.” Laura started, “Now focus on Amanda.” Laura stayed in the room and watched and masturbated as she witness my ravage Amanda. I ate her out for about 10 mins and had her cum twice. Then I took my sexual frustrations from being toyed with out on Amanda as I fucked her doggie style facing Laura and watching her masturbate. After cumming again, Amanda was generous enough to suck my cock until I came on her beautiful breasts.

Suddenly I heard from behind, “Now lick her breasts,” ordered Lacey. I obeyed. Amanda and Laura both expressed their pleasure with me as they cleaned up and got dressed.

Laura whispered to me, “I want to have more fun with you, just the two of us.” And she walked away.

Lacey stated, “You did quite well. You’re quite popular.”

“Thank you,” I replied. “But you know the stakes are raised from here on out, right?”

“I know.” Lacey stated.

Her Men



Written by  *MFM*

She had thought about this for as long as she could remember. There wasn’t a day that passed that her mind wasn’t thinking of the possibilities and the sweet passion that bloom between them. She tried so hard to keep her imagination at bay. They say if you can’t go a day without thinking of a dream that you shouldn’t give up on it. She wanted this more then anything and her dream was about to come true. There had been nights when she couldn’t sleep; her thoughts so vivid and amazing hot it kept her up until she quenched her need with her hand. It wasn’t enough and she knew it. The only thing that would satisfy Sophia’s need was actual touch. Your mind can be a powerful tool and take you places you could only imagine, and now that imagination was going to be put to the test. Was it going to be better then she thought?

It was nearly dark out and the sun that was streaming through the hotel room was slowly disappearing. Her hands sat in her lap, twisting and turning nervously. She was assured by a very good friend that who was showing up was the best at her club. Sophia’s friend Jane ran a private BDSM club and only the best were allowed to frequent her club. She was so strict on who could enter. Background checks were just the tip of it. She thanked her friend for that now. Who the hell knew who would be showing up at her room other wise.

It was nearly time for them to show up and she was going insane with anticipation. Her friend knew what she liked and hoped to hell that she delivered. One night. Sophia told herself that it was only one night of sensual, raw, unadulterated sex that would leave her whimpering. Just one night and it would be out of her system. Her hand ran over her cheek, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear, smoothing slowly over her neck and down her breasts. Yes, just one steamy night to lock away in her memories for those long lonely nights. Three hot bodies rubbing and slapping together in the dark. Sweating and panting into orgasm over and over. Panting now Sophia’s thoughts were cut off when a knock came over the door.

She jumped and adjusted her jeans and t-shirt. Did she turn the heat up? Fanning her flushed face as she walked to the door she checked herself out in the mirror before looking the peephole and saw two gorgeous men waiting to be let in her room. Swallowing hard he took one last deep breath and opened the door. This was it. No turning back now. Stepping back a bit so they could enter she gave her best smile and waved them inside.

"Hi, I’m Sophia. Please, come in"

She nearly swallowed her tongue. Hot was an under statement for these two. One of them was tall dark and had killer blue eyes you could drown in and with just a hint of stubble on his jaw. While his friend was just a bit shorter, dirty blonde hair and green eyes that looked like emeralds. They both smiled back and walked in. As they walked in Sophia took a second to let her jaw drop. Where did Jane get these men from!? GQ? Get it together Sophia. She took another breath to calm her self and shut the door, locking it just in case house keeping decided to play a cruel joke.

"Sophia, it’s nice to finally meet you. Jane has said a lot about you, but she didn’t mention how amazingly beautiful you are" tall dark and hansom spoke first. This guy was going to be trouble. He flashed an amazing set of teeth and she swooned immediately. "I’m Anthony. And let’s not make this formal or awkward, please, take a seat." He held out his hand and she took it, trusting him before she even gave him a chance. Taking a seat on the bed both men took a seat on the chairs in front of her. The blonde smiled and leaned forward resting his elbows on his thighs.

"I’m Brandon by the way. We spoke to Jane a few times and she told us what you wanted. But we want to hear it from you. What you want from us. What you plan to get out of this. And please, be as graphic as you like"

Brandon grinned again and now she knew she was in trouble. If Anthony was trouble, Brandon was the devil in an Armani suit. Her pulse started to race and her palms became sweaty. Rubbing them franticly against her thighs she tried to get her words out.

"Well, I’m not sure exactly what Jane told you but she got one thing right. I wanted two men,” She laughed nervously. She was acting like a child and fucking this up before anything began. Brandon slid from his chair and was on his knee in front of her. He took her hands in his and kissed her knuckles.

"Relax Sophia. We aren’t here to make this anything less then for your pleasure.

"Back off a bit Brandon and maybe she’ll talk to us. We don’t want to freak her out 5 minutes into this" Anthony gave her an apologetic smile. She could tell they have done this together before and he was clearly the man in control. Brandon on the other hand was a force to be reckoned with. Chuckling lightly she shook her head.

"No, it’s ok. I don’t know why I’m being so nervous about this. I have done nothing but think about this night for over a year now. Everything always plays out in my head so perfectly and right now words escape me. I gave my list of rules and guide lines to Jane, I hope she passed those along to you both?" When they both nodded she went on "To be honest I don’t want to plan this out. I just.. I want.." For a year this played out in her head and now on the night that it was happening she was at a lose for words. She wanted to scream at the frustration "I want raw, powerful sex that leaves me screaming and trembling " Before she could stop the words from leaving her lips it was out. Quickly she slapped a hand over her mouth and tried to take it back, but it was too late. Both men sat back and smirked. Anthony stood and spoke first.

"That is what we do Sophia. Don’t be shy, or ashamed to admit what you want. We want you to just feel, can you do that for us?"

She didn’t know what it was about these two men but she felt a sense of trust and understanding as soon as they entered her room. Slowly she nodded to him and he started to take off his blazer. Laying it over the back of the chair Anthony walked towards the bed and sat next to her. His hand started of light and caressed her arm moving up over her shoulder. Sophia’s eyes closed and her head rolled back. His fingers weaved into her red hair and then grabbed a handful and gently forced her head in his direction.

"Jane also mentioned that you are a very submissive little thing. That you aren’t afraid of being dominated as part of this. Was she telling us the truth? Because if she wasn’t I will go back there and spank her ass twenty shades of red. I don’t like to be teased Sophia. Answer the question"

She groaned and her eyes closed again. Sweet Jesus she was going to kill Jane for this. But he was right. This was a side that she had little experience with but deep down she knew what she was and this was just adding fuel to the fire.

“Yes, she told you the truth” Both men groaned out loud and Anthony’s grip in her hair pulled tighter. He pulled her back a little and kissed her cheek.

“That makes me very happy. Brandon, get her comfortable and undress her for us.” The other man smiled wide and gladly took her hand and helped her up. “Gladly” She swallowed hard again and Brandon’s hand smoothed over her cheek. “You ready for this darling? Anytime you want to stop you just say the word and we back off. No silly safe words, no means no. Got it?” She nodded and was grateful that they were talking everything out with her and not just jumping into everything. Brandon moved in and his lips brushed over her ear, his hot breath making her shiver.

“Let go Sophia” That was all she needed to hear.

Her eyes closed and she was gone, transported into another world because no way could this be her reality. Brandon’s hands ran over her body, getting her comfortable to his touch until his hands played with the hem of her shirt. With amazing patience he lifted her shirt up and over her head. A cool breeze washed over her over heated skin and it felt good. A slight moan escaped her lips and her eyes opened to Brandon’s grinning face. He wasted no time and didn’t let her discomfort come back at all. Without warning his lips came down on hers. With a gasp she kissed him back. Opening to him, letting his lips and tongue explore hers. He consumed her, taking her breath away. Hands came form behind her and moved down her hips. She was trying to focus on Brandon but Anthony was distracting her by unbuttoning her jeans and parting her zipper. Brandon’s hands gripped her breasts and squeezed, bringing her back to him in front of her. His hands were rough and calloused, real man hands. He peeled her bra down and kissed down her neck to the swell of her breasts. Kissing the top of each before taking a nipple between his lips. She was going to lose it. Her panties were soaked and she wasn’t even naked yet! She ached all over. Her nipples were so sensitive and Brandon’s lips and teeth on them were making them even more so. A moan left her lips again and he sucked harder. Her jeans were gone. How the hell had that happened? Oh god she was going to drown in pure ecstasy.

“Please..” She begged but she didn’t know what she was asking for. Brandon let up and stepped back sitting back on the bed Anthony finished undressing her while Brandon watched. Leaning back on the bed he pulled off his jacket and started to unbutton his shirt. Letting the sides fall open over his rock hard body. In clear view she bit her lip, imagining licking every inch of that body. Anthony tipped her chin so she was looking at him. She now stood before them naked as the day she was born. She had this odd feeling of empowerment standing here. Like she could do anything.

With his hand still on her chin he looked down into her eyes. “I want you to go suck on Brandon’s cock until he is so close he cums in that pretty little mouth. But don’t let him. Make him wait.” With her heart in her throat she nodded and smirked. Doing exactly what he had told her to do. Sophia knelt down on the floor and undid Brandon’s pants. With his help she slid them off until he was as naked as she was. He was already hard and she smiled again knowing it was her that did that. He was long and thick. His hard cock resting against his tight abs got her wetter. He was going to be a tight fit. She was no pro at giving a blowjob but she was damn sure she could make him beg for more. She made an O with her lips and took the head of him into her mouth and sucked. Taking another inch of him and then another she took him until he hit the back of her throat and swallowed. “Holy fuck! That mouth is damn sweet babe!”

Taking control she did what she was told and sucked him until he was going to explode. Sucking, licking and taking him deep into her mouth over and over again. His hands fisted in her hair and he stated to fuck her mouth. He was close she could tell and she stopped, pulling back but not before she kissed the tip of his cock. His hips jerked and he growled with a smirk. “You’re going to regret that sweetheart. Climb on up here. I want you to ride my cock while you suck off Ant. He’s been eyeing that mouth of yours since we got here”

So that’s why Brandon couldn’t finish in her mouth, he wanted it. As she adjusted her self on the bed Brandon pulled a condom out of the pocket of his pants and quickly sheathed his cock in latex. He crooked his finger at her to come closer. As she crawled up he gripped her hips and hauled her ass on top of him. Sophia squealed and caught herself on his chest. Her hands hit rock solid muscle. His cock found her wet pussy and Brandon took no time slamming home in one thrust. It took her breath away. Brandon’s hips thrust up and down taking her on a long ride when she felt the bed dip. Looking up she saw Anthony now naked and his palm stroking his cock mere inches from her face.

“Open those sweet lips for me Sophia. Take all of me. I know you can” She hesitated for a moment because Anthony was thicker then Brandon. How the hell was she going to take all of that? Her thoughts were brought up short when Brandon thrust up balls deep.

“Don’t think about it darling, just do it” Brandon took her mind of the fear with another thrust. Taking Anthony’s cock in hand and her other balancing her on Brandon’s chest she took him into her mouth. Sucking his head, tasting pre cum she moaned at his taste. He was different than Brandon. He tasted of sandalwood and soap, clean and fresh from the shower. She took him deeper opening her mouth as wide as she could. Her pussy was throbbing as Brandon pounded unto her and her mouth was busy taking more of Anthony. His hand gripped her hair, god they loved her hair. Pulling her further down his cock. He fucked her mouth slowly at first. Letting her get used to his width. She was so close to taking him all the way; she wanted to do this for him. She wanted to please him, to give him just as much pleasure as she was getting. Brandon was relentless, groaning and thrusting faster, harder, pounding her pussy into submission. She was pinned between the two of them. Stuck giving into their pleasure as well as her own.

Brandon’s hand came between them and he touched her clit, nearly setting her off. He didn’t stop and neither could she. She was so pent up and ready she lost it as soon as she pinched her clit. Screaming around Anthony’s cock her legs trembled as she came down from an intense orgasm.

“Good girl, baby. God damn that was hot”

When she came back, with no mercy Anthony fucked her mouth as if it was her wet cunt and she welcomed it. Her eyes were tearing and she was no doubt a mess but the burning in her pussy and the back of her throat kept her going.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last much longer Sophia. You make him cum and swallow everything he gives you” His fingerprints were going to be imprinted in her hips and she loved it. Riding that hard cock and sucking the other with everything she had she heard Brandon go off first. Grunting and falling on the bed Anthony was close too. She could feel his cock getting harder. His balls rolling in her hand she squeezed a bit and he was done for. Cumming hard she wanted to scream but she couldn’t. She swallowed even bit he gave her. Brandon’s cock was still hard inside her and he thrust up again and then pulled out of her. She was on her back in seconds flat with her legs spread wide. Brandon’s mouth was on her pussy lapping at her juices and sucking her clit.

“Oh god! It’s too much! I can’t!” He didn’t give up. He sucked her clit again and she was lost. Falling over the edge again into oblivion. It was even bigger then her first orgasm. She couldn’t breath. Her world was dimming around her, she couldn’t even keep her eyes open. She was in pure bliss.

“Sorry babe, I couldn’t help myself. I had to taste you. Get some rest before we start all over again”

With a content smile on her face she felt the bed dip on both sides of her and she gave into the rest that her body needed. The night was just beginning and she had no regrets, but would she be able to let this go after tonight?




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”Hey I’m home!” I called out, only to be greeted by silence. ”Amy are you home?”  No reply.  Ah, a little alone time.  Maybe I’ll cruise the tumblr for some nasty gifs, I thought as I headed for the den. That's where I found her, at my desk with her back to me. She slapped my laptop shut and spun around to face me. Her pinched, pouty lips and narrowed eye let me know I was in deep shit! My mind raced to remember if I had logged out of tumblr and erase my history as is my usual practice.

”What have you been looking at on the computer!?” she asked. ”It’s just, It’s just” I stammered. I was unable to gather or complete my thoughts before she rose and slapped me, open handed across the face. The blow really stung and I instinctively turned my face. It was then that I noticed, through the mirror, that she was wearing my bathrobe and a pair of black platform shoes with leather straps.

“Is that the kind of sick shit you’re into?” she asked “Are you some kind of pervert”! Another full arm swing slap to the face. This one really rung my bell and again I spun toward the mirror. I threw my hands out and braced myself against the dresser to keep from falling down. ”Only fantasy” was all I was able to come up with as a defence and trying to complete my thought from earlier.

”Don't you move and you don’t get to talk.” she scolded as she reached around and unfastened my belt and fly. In one violent jerk she pulled both my trousers and briefs down around my ankles. ”I’m the one who has been wronged here and you don’t get to fucking talk until I say you can!” “And I don’t want to hear any of you’re lame ass, pussy ass excuses!” she railed ”Oh and look what I found hidden behind your underwear drawer.” I looked up in the mirror and saw a ping pong paddle with a 1 inch hole drilled in the middle. I’ve had it hidden for about a year, trying to figure out how to introduce a little playful paddling into our love making.

”You didn’t think you were ever going to use this on my beautiful round ass did you? WRONG!” she yelled as the paddle came crashing down on my pale right cheek. “Ooow!” came out involuntarily, as the sting of the strike coursed through my body. ”I was just-” ”I SAID YOU DONT GET TO FUCKING TALK!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!” she screamed, “you can nod your head if you do.”

I guess I didn’t nod quick enough because the paddle came crashing down three more times, in quick succession, blistering my buttocks. The pain coursed through my body as I tried to stifle my moans and nod as fast as I could. ”That's much better”, she purred, “now are you going to be a good boy and pay your penance?” I couldn’t nod my head fast enough this time, my arse still stinging from the last time I was too slow.

“Now turn around so you can see yourself in the mirror.” she ordered. I complied immediately  and what I saw shocked me! There was my pasty white ass with bright red paddle shaped welts on each cheek. There were white circles contained within each paddle mark that was a brilliant white by contrast. I was feeling completely humiliated by now, being bent over and beaten like this. I was shaking all over and tears were welling up in my eyes when she began to laugh and point at my groin.

“Oh My God!! You got a hard on from this," she laughed. “Are you getting off on this you little bitch?” “N-“. Smack, the paddle came down on my ass again before I could get the entire word out. ”I Fucking told you, bitch, you do not get to talk!!!”

“Now do you want to continue with the spankings?” she asked. I nodded my head no, as if she really cared what I wanted. ”Thats a good boy, not using you words, just like I taught you.” ”Lets move on to the next phase of your penance, go to the bedroom, lay face up on the bed with your head hanging off the foot of the mattress” I nodded quickly to let her know that I understood and would comply. I bent over, and reached to pull up my pants when SMACK!!! down came the paddle on my raw ass cheeks.

”Who told you to pull up your pants!! now shuffle your pink ass to the bedroom like I said!”

Humiliated, I shuffled into the bedroom and lay on the bed as instructed. I lay there alone in silence wondering what new form of torment she had dreamt up. Clip Clop, the sound of her heels announcing her arrival churned up new fear in me and I began to tremble again.

“Good, I see your finally starting to learn how to obey,” she said. She walked toward me and turned around, hiking up the back of the bathrobe. She reached back, spread her ample ass cheeks, and lowered her asshole directly down on my mouth. ”Lick, motherfucker!” she yelled, and let the robe fall back down over her ass and my head, plunging me into darkness.

Although I could tell she had recently bathed, her puckered ass still tasted quite musty, but what really tuned me on was the smell and feel of her wet vagina against my nose. ”My God” I thought, ”she’s soaking wet; this is turning HER on!” I held my tongue out firm as I hoped would please her and began ever so gently to penetrate her anal ring. ”OHHH!” she let out a moan, and began gyrating her hips, slightly penetrating her wet pussy on my nose, and ass with my tongue. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’ve tried playing with her ass before, and she had always adamantly refused.

The gyrations became swifter and firmer and I could feel that her hand was massaging her clitoris vigorously. I lost myself in the taste of her ass and the smell of her sweet pussy; I reached for my own swelling member to stroke it. ”Don’t even fucking think about it bitch, this is for my pleasure only,” she scolded. How on earth she knew, I’ll never know. ”You don’t get any cock pleasure, unless I allow it. Right now, your face is nothing to me but my fuck toy!” 

Her degrading words must have sent her right to the edge, for the gyrating stopped and became a firm downward pressure. ”I’m fucking cumming on your face bitch boy!” she screamed as her clitoral massage became downright violent. Suddenly, a flood of sweet honey nectar flowed from her vagina right into my nose nearly drowning me. The downward pressure increased to a nearly painful point as her round thighs began to convulse against the sides of my head.

Between all of her cum flowing up my nose, and her round ass obscuring my airway, I began to feel like a drowning man. My world began to close in and turn fuzzy all over. A panic welled up from some deep, primal survival part of me, and I began to thrash my arms and legs like a drowning man!

It was only then that she lifted her suffocating rear end off of my face, allowing me to take a breath. ”Ha, Ha” she laughed. ” You always said I had an ass to die for!” She let out a maniacal laugh that lasted for nearly a minute, then suddenly became very serious. She leaned down close to my ear and whispered “Let this be a 
reminder to you, you only get to fucking breath at my discretion.”

Clip Clop, I heard the sound of heels against the floor as she strode over to the closet. I lay there coughing, and trying to catch my breath as she rummaged through my neck ties. ”I think this will do.” she cooed, as she selected one that was black, wide and silk.

“Now be a good boy, and don’t resist,” she whispered as she applied the tie to act as a blindfold. Once again plunged into darkness, my mind raced imagining what she had lined up next. Would it be absolute torture, humiliation, degradation, or,….pleasure? My mind was so mixed up. I was so humiliated by what this woman has done to me, but was I also enjoying every moment!?

With my sense of sight taken away, I strained my ears to determine what was coming next. I heard the flip of a cap and the tell-tell farting sound of a lubricant tube being squeezed.

I felt the shift of the bed as she joined me there. Then she began to speak, “In light of your recent online activities, I’ve come to realize that I don’t know you as well as I thought. Now it’s time for me to explore and understand you better.” Oh how I wished she was going to use her lubed up hand to stroke my raging hard on. Instead what I felt was her cold lubed hand slipping between my ass crack!

“Now hold on!” I had forgotten myself for a moment. SLAP!! A stinging blow came down upon my face!

“Do you need a repeat lesson?” she asked. ”No mamm,” I replied and shook my head. I tried to relax as one of her lubed fingers began to probe my puckered ass ring.

I let out an involuntary groan as her finger found it’s mark and slid all the way in. ”Oh yeah, I knew you would like that,” she purred as she slowly began to work her finger around and around, making circles inside my rectum. She then changed tactics and slowly withdrew the finger until just the tip was inside me, only to thrust the entire digit back in to the hilt! Was I getting finger banged by my girlfriend!? and was I enjoying it!?

She continued with this motion for sometime when I heard and felt more lube being applied. More pressure on my bunghole, was that a second finger? She began working both fingers all the way out, and then back in, applying more lube every several strokes. Then something changed! 

She thrust both digits in as far as they would go. Instead of withdrawing them, she angled them upward and began curling them in a come hither motion. She hit some hidden spot in me that I never knew existed! Something deep inside me felt as though it needed to explode but couldn’t. By reflex my back arched, and I sucked in a deep breath! 

“Ahah!” she laughed “I just found your bitch ass G-spot, now I own you!!” She continued to finger this unknown spot and my hand went toward my cock of it’s own volition. I knew that just the slight touch would send me into exploding bliss. SLAP! my hand was shot down short of it’s target. ”Remember, no cock pleasure unless I give permission.

She suddenly withdrew her fingers, leaving my ass feeling strangely empty. My cock harder than ever, my balls swollen and aching for release, I realized that I never truly understood what being on the “edge” meant until now; and was my ass hungry!?

“I think it’s time to move on.” she said as she moved to undo the makeshift blindfold. “I want you to see what’s coming next!”

She whipped off the silk tie, and what I saw before me took my breath away. A black vinyl harness came around her curvy hips and secured a large flesh colored dildo standing at full attention! ”Six and a half inches Love, it’s only fitting that mine should be bigger than yours,” she giggled. A finger was one thing, but this thing looked like a monster! Strangely I was both terrified and hungry for this cock. It was not the same as seeing a naked man, somehow it was oddly erotic seeing this dick on such a lovely and curvy feminine frame.

Will she make me suck it? I thought. Would I suck it? I made up my mind that I would; not because I wanted to, but only if it would please her. I began to contemplate these thoughts as she stroked her massive cock. I would show her how much I wanted to submit to and please her now. If she insisted, I would deep throat, gag, and slobber all over her rubber girl cock! If she insisted? I don’t know, deep down maybe it’s what I wanted.

“I think thats enough lube,” she said as she continued to fist her lubed hand up and down her strapped on cock. ”Slide your ass down here to the edge of the bed and prop it up on these pillows!” I complied without question. She grinned as she guided my legs to rest upon her shoulders.

She stood there on the floor with my ankles on her shoulders, a I lay on the bed with my ass propped up; a very familiar position except completely opposite of the way it should be happening. She was in a position of power, and I supine and helpless waiting to be penetrated; nothing between us but her cock. ”Are you ready for this?” she growled. ”I don’t know,” I whimpered. ”Rhetorical fucking question!” she hissed as I felt her finger slip into my ass. She then used her hand and that finger to guide her girlcock to my puckering hole. 

I felt more and more pressure until POP!! The head of her cock blasted through my anal ring. I winced and nearly cried out as my spasming sphincter sent shards of pain throughout my entire body.

She held perfectly still as my body became accustom to this new intrusion. ”Just try to relax and accept it so it wont hurt so much,” she said, “or don’t, I really don’t give a fuck!” She then slowly, with continuous pressure, advanced the thing into my bottom. It’s way too big, I kept thinking. More and more of it just kept coming and it hurt so much, but it was hitting that unknown wonderful spot she had found with her finger! Fuller and fuller, I didn’t know how much more I could take and I began to whimper like the little bitch she had been telling me I was. When I knew that I was going to split wide open she stopped. I opened my eyes, and there she was, bent over looking at me face to face. She wore a grin like the cheshire cat as she said, “Its all the way in. Now it's time to do some fucking!” she snarled. 

She slowly withdrew her dong until it was nearly out, and with a violent thrust of her hips forced it all the way in, causing excruciating pain and yet mind blowing pleasure at the same time. She continued pounding my ass like this for some time causing me to whimper and cry while she just grinned. My ass felt so full with each thrust, and the artificial veins of her fake cock kept hitting my newly discovered “sweet” spot.

My mind reeled, I didn’t want this, but my body was enjoying getting fucked in the ass by her? Something began to build deep inside me as she began to huskily breathe, “Thats it, take that big cock in your ass bitch, you fucking love dick in your ass don’t you, SLUT!’

”No, I cant” I tried to whimper when an explosion took place in my pelvis and a roaring stream of ejaculate spewed forth across my chest, even reaching to my face! It was the strongest orgasm i’ve ever had, if it could even be classified as an orgasm. 

When I came to my senses I realized that her cock was balls deep inside me, and she was bent over me convulsing and spasming! She had cum to!

She withdrew from me and unfastened her harness. ”I cant believe what just happened, I love you so much,” I said as her dong fell to the floor with a thud. ”Of course you do,” she replied coldly, "now clean up this mess!”

She walked out of the room without another word.



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"Quit being so slow, your gonna make us miss our plane!" She scolded as we approached security screening.  Since we were only staying in Vegas for the weekend, we decided to forego checked baggage, and each toted a large carry-on.
  She tossed her bag on the conveyer and passed through security without a incident.  When my bag passed through the X-ray however, there appeared to be some kind of problem.   The TSA agent was pointing at the screen and waving over his supervisor.
  "Is this your bag?" Supervisor asked.  "Yes sir" I replied.  "And you packed it yourself, and it has been in your possession since?"  "Of course" I said, really starting to get nervous.
  ZIP, the supervisor opened the bag, and retrieved what appeared to be a foot-long hoagie wrapped in tinfoil.  "Oh shit!" he whispered as he attempted to open the "Hoagie", and dropped an eight inch black dong and strap to the floor.  That bitch must of slipped that in there, I thought as the dong bounced and then rolled to my feet.
  "Oh honey,"  she said, "You brought the small one?" "You know you don't feel full and satisfied with that one!" she feigned actual concern.
  "Please pick that up, while I search the rest of your bag!"  the supervisor ordered.  All the men just chuckled, as I stood there holding a giant black dong for what seemed like hours.  The supervisor was finally satisfied that I did not have any other threats to national security in my bag besides the big black cock.  "Whats next, officer?" she ask so innocently "Some kind of body cavity search?"  

"No," he replied, "just leave and for Gods sake put that thing away!!"
  As we walked away, my head hung down in shame and my cheeks flushed red with embarrassment and she whispered in my ear, "Oh yes my little bitch, it's going to be that kind of weekend!"

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Dara had left a subtle trail of bread crumbs as bait for her man on a wicked whim, but as she arrived home this day, a rush of panic shot through her and she began to second-guess the wisdom of her own devious devices. There was a look on Mick’s face as he sat in front of her screen, one that she had never seen on him before, and Dara cursed herself for possibly having gone too far before testing the waters further.

There was a sense of danger and lewd betrayal in the air, as Mick kept a quietly insinuating tone humming through every carefully chosen word. He crooked a finger with a come-hither beckoning, and simply said, “Here. Now.” 

She nervously dropped her bag, slipped our of her jacket, swallowed hard, and pretended not to notice the hot flush that rose suddenly in her pale skin. Her adrenaline spiked as she took her first steps, and it threw her off balance just enough that she missed sensing the first churning ripples inside of her insatiable pelvic walls. There would be an unmistakable river rushing from there soon enough, one that would reveal a few of her salacious secrets.

Her bones began to softly shake as she reached the place he’d appointed for her to stand beside him. He turned the laptop’s screen to show his girl the obscene treasures he had unearthed there. Dara stopped breathing the moment her eyes caught the surprising number of her private videos he had discovered and dragged to the desktop. She had never meant for him to find that many, and holy fuck, how was this mess going to play itself out?  

He clicked the one that was at center screen, the one that was in mid-play as she entered their place, and there she was on the screen, wet cunt blatantly bared, glass toy half-swallowed in her pretty arched ass. She was plunging her hole, wiggling and moaning, even now and then swatting her own white bottom’s curvy cheeks in her depraved bliss.

He just let it play, and he watched her wide-eyed, immediate terror bubbling next to him. Again, she was so lost in her momentary panic, that she didn’t notice the puddle beginning to form in her own pristine panties. She was watching herself savagely masturbate on screen and toy-fuck her tight little wanton asshole for the camera, cursing like a street whore while begging for hands and cocks, toys and tongues to join in the foray.

He let it play to the end where, as she came hard and loud and long, she roared “Fuck yes, fuck me fuck me FUUUUCK!” Then, after her eruption, she teased the camera with a roll of the glass toy through her sopping wet, puffed-up labia, and a seductive, sword-swallowing clean-off of the sullied toy with her mouth and tongue, accompanied by her signature lush purring. The video finished, and the silent air crackled with a slew of breathless questions. Dara’s eyes teared up and her anus twitched. The hovering silence seemed eternal until Mick broke it with a soft question.

"How many?" He looked up at her with one arched brow. "How many did you send this too?  Or did you post it for all to see?"

She tried to answer, but her voice could barely function at first. “No!” she insisted,  “Not all.” She trembled. “Just…some”.

"Show me." he quietly commanded, as he moved away and gestured for her to open a file, that she knew she could not lie about. He would find it anyway, if he hadn’t already. ‘Besides’, she began a thought….  and her clit wriggled and rose to waken as the the thought vanished into a dirty dark corner.

"There", she said with her eyes lowered and another damp shiver in her flesh. "Just ummmm, some….favorite…followers", she stuttered. "I didn’t post it, I swear."

A wolfish leer washed across his face and seeped into his vocal cords as he said,

"You didn’t think to show me first?"

Dara could only get the word “I” out in a series of attempted excuses. 

"You like being watched. You want strangers to see how much of a slut you love to be?" He waited for her to admit what he clearly already knew.

She bit her lip lest she say too much. Her entire body was on fire with the thought of being savaged by her man, or a horde of men, while strangers watched, but she dare not let that out…not yet.

Mick suddenly rose from the chair, pushed it away, and took Dara and the laptop to the long sleek sofa. He set the computer down within reach, tore off his shirt, and then ripped hers open. He lifted her skirt to see what she was wearing and smirked at the thought of her virginal white panties going on this vulgar ride for his pleasure. 

As Mick sat, Dara audibly gasped. Next to him was her bag of recently ordered toys, opened and clearly washed and ready for use: dildos, a knobby glass wand and matching plug, even a riding crop.

"You’ve been shopping I see." he hummed. "For me? Or for your lovely, lecherous followers?"

Again, the truth stuck in her wicked throat.

He smiled at her in that crooked way that told her she’d better do anything and everything he demands without question.

"Bra off." he ruled gently. It dropped to the floor before his next breath completed, baring her already hardened nipples, which he noted, but let pass… for now.

He patted his jeans leg, and simply said, “Over my knee. Now.”

Inside Dara’s head, she was whispering to herself “Oh, my fucking god yes!”. Her clit was swiftly swelling at record pace as she leaned forward and across his body. This was something they’d never done, yet something she had prayed endlessly for. It was the real reason for the bread crumb trail in the first place. What she didn’t plan for was what came next.

As Dara’s hips found their nesting place across his thick, hard thighs, Mick leaned forward to the laptop, and quietly muttered as he tinkered. Dara dare not look. She knew better. He would tell her what she needed to know. And he did.

"There. Invitations sent.", Mick said proudly. Then, "On second thought, let’s open it up to everyone. You want to be watched. I’ll give my little slut what she really wants."

Dara finally dared to peek back just long enough to realize that the webcam was now on and open to anyone who longed for a reason to mindlessly masturbate to live sex. Whatever took place here and now was be out there for the entire fucking world to see. She was instantly horrified, yet so fucking aroused from the very thought, and as that registered in her weeping cunt’s shamelessness, she quickly flipped back to the fear that her soon-to-be-sopping crease was about to give her depraved mind away.

"Skirt up, panties off. NOW" he barked, and she fumbled to be a good girl  for him and comply at once.

Mick suddenly angled Dara’s bared ass to the cam and commanded, 

"Spread", and he pushed her legs open, letting her exquisitely tempting anal opening and her already dripping pink cunt’s smile be revealed to the web-whore hordes.

"How does that feel?" he asked. She only whimpered in reply. "Does this make you feel more like the dirty slut you really are?"

When he got no answer in good time, Dara’s delicate ass paid its first raw toll. Mick raised his strong, right arm and with open hand, laid into Dara’s hot gorgeous ass cheeks four or five times each with a shocking flesh-to-flesh, unflinching paddling. In the midst, Dara heard herself growl, “Oh… my… gaaahhhhdd…”

"Are you a cam slut, Dara?"

Nooo!” she cried. Cams hadn’t been her thing, vids were. Then again, she thought….

Suddenly, there was a new barrage of hard, burning spanks, leaving fiery raw hand marks, and the beginnings of rising welts on her formerly white, very tender, sweet ass’ mounds.

"YES YES" Dara cried, "I AM a cam slut", though it was only true as of this moment.

"And whose cam slut are you, babydoll?" The spanking continued, first and foremost to her blushing bottom’s moons, then up and down her splayed thighs.

"Yours!" she whimpered, sheepishly.

‘“LOUDER… tell me whose cam slut you are!” At the end of that sentence, she squealed as Mick’s pointed hand smacks went straight for her bared dripping cunt. The electrifying stings on her labia’s sensitive wetness, splashed her thighs, as it whipped up a tsunami inside of her.

"FUUUUCK", she cried, not knowing even herself if it was a protest or a whorish plea for more. "I’m your dirty cam slut, Mick, only yours!”

He spanked her clit and pubic bone twice for his own lustful pleasure and demanded she tell him more.

"I’m your fucking cam whore only, honey, I promise!!” The ass paddling began anew.  ”And I am your cum slut too. It’s ALL for you!” He spanked her reddened wet slit with a few more stinging swats each, and told her to beg for it. 

"Please, Mick, fuck me so everyone can watch! Do everything you want to me. I’m your dirty cam and cum whore!" 

"Whose cunt is this, little slut of mine?" he demanded as her swatted her clit twice more, until she tried to wiggle away from the overload of sensations.

"OH FUCK! It’s Mick’s slutty cunt. Take it. Take me!! Do fucking anything you want, I’m yours!!”

He stopped the planned assault suddenly, and let the paddling’s vibration sink into every molecule of her wanton bones and seep into every pore of her flushed skin

"That’s my good filthy girl." he purred. He pulled her hands back and placed them on her bright red ass mounds and barked "Spread them".

It hurt as she did, and she knew what was coming when she felt him lean toward the bag.

"And whose dirty little asshole is this?" he demanded. The tip of the riding crop stung her startled tiny clenched hole again and again.

When he finished, she began to speak “It’s yours, it’s your dirty asshole.” Then she whelped as he whipped her clenched anal hole a few more times, and the tears began to flow.

"Tell me like a good whore" he hinted, then stung her twice more.

When she could speak, she cried out “I am an ass slut - only for you, Mick. My dirty asshole is yours.” Two more stings hit, then he stopped and smiled to himself.

"That’s my good little baby slut."

As this wildly new exchange happened between them, Dara’s libido went from “Oh fuck, I can’t believe this!” to “Please, never fucking stop doing this to me!!” and she could tell that the latter feeling was not about to vanish in this or any other lifetime.

"Well my little cummy cam girl, let’s give your friends a show they won’t forget. Some pervy girl needs to learn her lesson: that she only shows others AFTER she shows Mick.”

He paddled her ass about five more times, as she wondered through her rising flesh’s rawness how long it might be before she would be able to sit again.Then he stripped her of every stitch of clothing she had, as he muttered lasciviously to her

"I want them to see every inch of my dirty girl.”

Before she knew what was happening, Dara could feel the nubs of the new glass wand being slathered in the slippery crevice of her stung cunt, and as the knobby rises nuzzled across her clit, her throat hummed a succulent naughty tune.

"Some little slut is soaked!" Mick said with wicked delight. He told her to spread her ass cheeks again, and Dara winced when she gripped her bottom. It fucking hurt, but she was determined to be a good girl now, so she obeyed without complaint.

The tip of the glass wand wriggled into her tight little ass’ grip, prying her open with a “you know you want it” promise. Mick removed it for a second, and dipped his rough fingers deep into her surprised cunt’s embrace. He wriggled about with intent,  then pulled out to paint her little rear canal with her own slippery musk spillage. One finger slid in to open her ass. Then two pushed her wider to ready her hole for the glass intrusion. When the first knobs of the wand pushed into her tight hole’s grip, her head whipped back and she let out an obscene whirring wail.

:”Does my baby slut need her ass fucked like a whore?”

She wanted to answer but was lost in the sensations, until she felt his hand whacking at her already tenderized bottom.”YES” she cried, “Please fuck my hungry whore’s ass, pleeeeease!” Mick was thrilled to hear that animal tone in Dara’s pleas. It made him so hard, he had to unzip and tug his jeans down to his thighs.

Mick worked the knobby wand half way into Dara’s twitchy rear, then he spun it about for the bumpy tease, and left it embedded there while he taunted her to the voyeurs.

"This is what a true cam slut looks like, folks. Go ahead, stroke away… just know this ass is ALLLL mine!"

Mick’s fingers dug into the puddled pussy below. He curled his fingers to her g-spot, and tugged in a steady rhythm at Dara’s pubic bone. He could hear his girl’s voluptuous moans revving like a cold engine trying to start in winter’s harsh weather.

"Like that babygirl?", but all he could hear was a string of indecipherable obscenities spewing out as her ascent to her first peak neared.

"Not so fast, baby, this is punishment not a reward."

His hand disappeared, then all of a sudden, Dara felt her world turned upside down, and she realized he had flipped her onto her back right in his lap.

"Grab your knees. Pull and open!" She did as he bade her, and was soon wide open to the world, the wand still niggling on its own halfway into her ass, and she was splayed like a crass nude in an old perv’s dirty magazine.

"Baby was a very bad girl, wasn’t she?" he asked. But before Dara could form another word, his open hand began slapping away at her slick, puffy cunt flaps again, in an unpredictable rhythm, and with just the right pull-away at the end of each swat, so he could continue the tease without overload.

Dara’s voice was vibrating, she was halfway to heaven, yet so spun about, she didn’t know which direction she was headed. When the cunt spanks eased, she suddenly felt the wand plunge head long into her ass so deep, she could feel Mick’s fingers kiss her widened asshole. Then suddenly the wand bumped its way completely out of her so fast, Dara cried out with the only syllables she could  manage ‘Ohh Ohh OHHHHHH”

Once again, the crop hit her anal opening, then her clit, back and forth in a steady rapid switch, and just as she stopped quaking from that, she felt its stinging licks on both of her diamond hard nipples. Her toes were curling, her pelvic rush was now a torrent running down the arc of her crimson’d cheeks, and she was so close to the edge, she could taste the impending orgasm, but he was not going to allow her to burst just yet.

The crop was laid on her belly, and something else was being dipped into her cunt for lubrication. When she sussed out the shape, she knew. ‘FUCK!” she cried out in her mind’s safe room, “It’s the long plug”. And sure enough it was.

Mick toyed with her already warmed ass, with this new wider, long-ass plug, teasingly fucking her with it, yet not letting it lock in.

"How badly do you want to cum, babydoll?"  

"Please push it into my slutty ass…. I’ll do anything for you. I promise! I’ll never be bad again!" (That was the only lie she would tell him today and she fucking well knew it).

"Pleeeease just FUCK ME already!!" she cried, echoing the vid he showed her at the start. Dara was in tears with the endless edging, completely jellied from the lack of any release, and ready to surrender to any terms without hesitation.

With one slow shove, Mick drove the plug in full length and added a few more ass paddles, interspersed with finger-taunting her cunt. He was intentionally taking his  declared slutty girl to the edge and back more times than even the watchers could count. if she was going to cum for the crowd, it was going to be stratospheric.

At one point, Mick pushed Dara to her knees, her raw red butt cheeks and clear glass monster plug right in the voyeurs’ drooling faces. And though his cock hardly needed the attention (it was at full mast and dripping as much as her taunted cunt was), he gave the cam whores a brief hair-fisting, face-fuck show. As he did, he whispered to her, “They’re watching this and cumming all over themselves. They wish they had a hot slut like you, baby, but you only do this for me.” And his eyes rolled back a bit as she hummed with a throat full of his mushroomed cockhead.

Finally, when Dara was a shuddering, half-melted puddle of wanton goo, and Mick himself was at the bursting point from this play, he lifted her onto the sofa, face down, and ass up toward the camera, 

She felt one more insertion, this time it was the vibrating egg, and there it was, nestled quietly in the tide pool of her raw pussy’s undulant walls. She knew he would hit the remote when he was good and ready to send her over the edge, though she was already pretty much there in her mind. 

In the next instant, the big fat plug in her bottom’s vise grip was tugged and popped out of its nestled place. Mick commanded “Stay open….” as he moved away for the camera to catch her freshly gapied hole.

There was silence again. The only thing she could hear was her own panting and whimpering. Then he spoke softly.

"Tell me what you want, little slut of mine." Her voice shook as she begged once more.

"Fuck me please, Mick." she begged with through her lascivious tears.  "I’m your own little ass slut and only yours. And PLEEEASE let me cum…. pleeeeeeease!  I can’t… I can’t….”

And before she finished stuttering, his rocket-fueled cock aimed its trajectory into the depths of her widened ass’ canal. As she felt him drive into her with a rabid fury, Dara’s head whipped back and she roared like a lioness finally getting mated and seeded after a year of denial.

This time as she rose, Mick hit the vibe remote and the little egg inside Dara’s soaked sacristy sent her soaring her through the roof and into the ether’s carnal fires. As Dara’s orgasmic waves hit her body’s shores over and over, it made Mick lose the grip on his own precipice, and halfway through his thundering cream-dump, he managed to pull out completely, to the sound of his little slut’s protests. He cocked his flesh weapon and let a few streams of cum shoot into her open bull’s eyes for the watchers, then drove back inside her for the deep, spasming finish.

As they gasped for mutual breath in the vibrating aftermath, Dara’s tears of joy ran free, as she heard her man whispering into her pounding ears, “I love my fucking beautiful slut. She’s all mine. And  yes, I’m all hers.”  All the while both bodies rocked, both throats gurgled and both hearts raced to find one another’s rhythms

And just for the perverse delight of it, when he was ready, Mick pulled out of Dara’s handprinted bottom, and held his soiled cock to her bitten lips.

"I know you love the taste of cum and ass, darling girl. C’mon, let the nice people watch the luscious clean up."

As Dara leaned forward and hungrily lapped away at him, something she truly did love like a kid with a candy reward, Mick soon reached to the keyboard and hit ‘Fade’ on the cam.

The show was over…. for now.


What A Night


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Well last night I was alone, so I indulged myself with a spot of self bondage, handcuffs, ball gag, leather collar, leather blindfold, ankle cuffs and a chain to connect my collar to my ankle cuffs so I was in a nice hogtie position. 
The key for my release was on a string attached above me encased in ice, all I had to do is wait for it to drop and then roll around abit to find it and unlock my handcuffs and get the key for my ankle cuffs off the wall on the hook. Easy, I practiced undoing my cuffs from behind my back for a few days before my fun last night.
Escape plan, as I read on the internet, have an escape plan do if all goes wrong someone else will get you out.
Plan was to have a couple of hours leaving the ice to melt, however my alternative plan would help me if I needed it but also embarrass me immensely which is another huge turn on. Prior to me getting myself bound I spoke with my wife’s friend becky, we can be quite flirtatious at times so I decided she was the best one. I asked her to come over about 9pm to discuss my wife’s birthday party, I told her that I maybe still on my way home from work so to just let herself in with the spare key she had. After this phone call I then wrote a note and pinned it to the door of the room I was going to bound myself in.
It simply said……
If you have found me like this, tighten the chain connecting my ankles and wrists and make sure the gag goes on.
I then hooked up my ice key on some string above me that would melt and fall onto me, ankle cuffs on, connected the chain from the ankle cuffs to the wrist cuffs, blindfolded myself, lay on my front and with an excited but scared sigh I attached the wrist cuffs. The gag was on the floor next to me. It was at this point I realised I had left something out, the butt plug I had intended to use in me that would cause some discomfort and the two pegs I intended to place on my nipples. However I was in now for a couple of hours wait and only being 2 pm I had lots of time. 
The idea was I’d release myself long before becky turned up. I layed there for what felt like forever, no sense of time but the feeling of the ice dripping on my back as the ice melted , my hands began to hurt as well as my back. Starting to panic a little as I felt like I’d been there for hours I started to wriggle trying to feel for the key as I could not feel the ice dripping on my back. I panicked realising that I was now stuck then if that wasn’t enough I thought about becky finding me like this, at least I would be found but now I was nervous and scared and all I could do was lay there. An eternity past and I layed in pain trying not to move as best I could. I didn’t even here the door bell or the key in the door just footsteps downstairs, I heard the kettle click on in the kitchen and the tv come on. She then shouted for me asking if I was up here. I didn’t answer, but then panicked in case she then left, I took a deep breath and shouted I was up here, I needed help. I heard her coming up the stairs and then pause outside the room. Fuck the note on the door . I heard her come in, I apologised and said I was sorry and it was a game, hogtied blindfolded with a but plug on the floor, gag and pegs. She left the room and did not say a word. She came back and issued for her help again, at this point I felt her man handle my head and the ball of the gag forced into my mouth, she then pushed my over exposing my very shrivelled cock. The shock of the clips going on my nipples made me jump. She then walked out. The butt plug was still on the floor, now not do panicky as I thought that she didn’t go mad but complied with the note on the door, she then came back in and felt her pull my SSS cheeks apart, all she the said was not to fight it, I felt something cold hard and large enter me. Not a butt plug but a dildo, probably my wife’s, the pain was quite intense and I moved and twitched. Once in it wasn’t to bad. I heard a click click click, and then she said she will keep the pictures safe as ! well as my secret. She then said that shed pop in on her way to work in the morning to release me, if I’d let the dildo out then shed leave me here for my wife to find me on her return and shed deny anything to with it. As I tried to talk through the gag she laughed and walked out. This was immense I my cock was twitching as I heard her leave the house. It was a long night last night and when I awoke from the odd bits of sleep I had I clenched hard to make sure the dildo was still in. She came back this morning and before unlocking one handcuff she had a probe and a giggle with the dildo, my back and shoulders where killing and I moaned in pain not excitement. Once the cuffs were off she told me to keep the blindfold on and stay on the floor until she had left, I did as I was told. Once she had gone I released myself and stretched my back and shoulders which still hurt now. On the table down stairs was an email address with her name on it. On the note it said its easier and safer to email each then text. I contacted her this afternoon about why I had done it and my fantasy of prisoner play and being left bound and alone. The reply I got from her was simple, next time she will restrain me and leave me, there will be no sexual activity but she lilies the thought of a man being under her control. The pictures she has said she will keep for a rainy day….. Not sure if that scares me or turns me on

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It has been one of those long and stressful weeks. I'm in desperate need of relaxation and relief so I head over to an Asian massage parlor for a typical happy ending massage.
The girl who usually massages me isn't available so another girl is suggested which I accept. I think to myself that she can't be much different than my usual so I don't care much. I just need a massage badly.
She comes out of the back from another massage and introduces herself as Jessica. I smirk a bit knowing there is no way her name is Jessica but I go with the bit and am happy as she is quite attractive and already seems enthusiastic.
Taking my hand, she leads me to the table shower room where there is basically a massage table in the middle of an over-sized shower. The entire room is tiled like a bathroom with a drain in the middle. At this point I had already removed my clothes and I am in a robe.
She has me go inside the room while she changes from her shoes to a pair of boots so she can walk around in the wet room. Closing the door behind her, she walks up to me and routinely unties the loose knot I tied my robe closed with and takes it off of me.
I am standing in front of her completely naked but she goes about her business, washing down the table before I get on it, like nothing is unusual as she sees naked men on an hourly basis all day. It's just a job for her so I expect nothing more.
"Lay faced down," she almost commands while pointing at the table.
I get on the table laying faced down and feeling quite exposed as I hear her filling up a bucket with warm water. When it's full, she pours the entire bucket over me and then squeezes soap into her hands which she begins applying to my back side. Starting at my shoulders, she works her way down my back and across my ass and then down to my feet.
She repeats that several times but on the last pass her hands unabashedly and without hesitation go right between my ass cheeks and down to my balls which she rubs quickly to clean and then back out the same way. That's always one of my favorite parts and I automatically get hard as soon as she does it.
"Ok. Turn over," she says while filling up another bucket.
I turn over and as usual I'm completely hard. Typically this doesn't phase the girls but this time when she turns around with the bucket she glances at my cock and smiles a bit.
"You are very happy man!" she exclaims in her broken English and smiles at me as she proceeds to pour the bucket over my front side. Same routine as the back, rubbing and cleaning me quickly with soap from head to toe. Like the back side and as the other girls do, at the end of her cleaning she grabs a hold of my now hard cock and strokes it quickly several times, to clean it as well I presume, and then has me stand up.
She quickly dries me up with a towel, puts the robe back on me and leads me out of the shower room to a private massage room where she removes the robe again and has me lay faced down on the massage table.
She begins the massage which is always a pretty authentic massage at this point. Using massage oil she stands directly in front of me and rubs from my shoulders down to my lower back. Her hands are strong like the other girls and she massages in deep tissue technique so I'm definitely feeling the usual massage pain while already anticipating the end.
She massages my upper body for a while and then moves down to my feet to work her way up my lower body. As she walks around, she playfully grabs my ass and seems to like it as she giggles a bit while squeezing my cheeks.
After completing my lower body, it's time for the lights to be turned down which indicates the happy ending portion of the massage is about to begin. She turns them down a bit and begins by very lightly and barely touching me all over my back with her fingers which gives me the chills. It feels so good, especially when her fingers dip down to my balls and lightly teases them.
I'm at this point squirming on the table as she endlessly teases me in order to get me fully hard and on the edge. Her fingers move up from my balls and lightly rub upwards along my perineum and then, as I hoped, right between my ass cheeks. Her finger lingers there for just a few seconds and I make sure to wiggle my ass and moan a bit to hopefully indicate to her that I want her to further explore.
"Ohh you like this?" she asks sounding slightly excited and amused.
"Mmm yes, please, " I say, breathing heavily while pushing my ass back against her finger.
She removes her finger momentarily to apply more oil to her hands and then begins slowly and methodically probing my asshole, waiting for me to relax so it goes in easier. Reaching down, she slowly and simultaneously strokes my cock. I get up a bit on my knees to give her easier access as my ass moves back and forth in rhythm with her strokes, her finger going in further and further. I am moaning and groaning and loving the feeling of her penetrating me.
Suddenly she stops and I almost want to cry. She pushes me down so I'm laying flat on the table again.
"Hold on one minute, " she says as I hear some movement.
Moments later, she appears in front of me and I can see through the hole in the table that she has no pants, shoes or socks on. I'm confused as this is abnormal but I'm not complaining; obviously something different and exciting is about to happen.
She lifts my head and places a pillow under it so now I'm looking right at her waist. I prop my head up with my folded arms as well and can barely make out her black panties but immediately notice that she is naked from the waist up as well. Looking up I see her nice tits and her smiling devilishly down at me. I wonder why she kept her panties on.
That question is unanswered for only a few seconds as she suddenly holds my head in place with one hand as her other hand pulls down her panties enough for me to see her hard cock flop out.
I momentarily panic with shock and confusion. What the fuck? I think to myself as she continues holding my head down but obviously still waiting for some cue from me that I want to proceed. I've fantasized about shemales in the past but this reality is completely overwhelming. She grabs her hard cock and slowly strokes it as I get over my initial shock.
Within seconds my initial shock has settled and I'm now extremely turned on by the turn of events and decide I want to go for it, hoping I'm not traumatized for life if I don't like it.
I smile and look up at her which she instantly takes as her cue and practically force feeds me her nice sized hard cock. This is my first cock, it feels so weird at first but then I grow accustomed to it and close my mouth around it as she slides it in nice and slow.
"Mmm yess baby, " she groans as she continues fucking my face.
"You like sucking my cock?" she asks as her hand on my head grabs onto a bit of my hair.
"Mmmm" is all I can emit as I hear her breathing get heavier.
She decides to pull out and try something else. Walking behind me she again slides her finger in my ass and begins fucking it at a nice pace. Her other hand rubs my back as she adds a finger and thrusts in and out of my asshole. She continues this for several minutes, preparing my ass for what I know is coming. Her cock didn't seem that big, probably 5 or 6 inches and not too thick so I wasn't too worried.
She has me turn over and props my head up again with the pillow. Removing her panties completely she walks around the table naked with her cock jutting out and I almost cum right there.
She sees my cock twitch in approval as my eyes are locked on her cock. She smiles wickedly at me as if to say "yeah, I know you want my cock bitch!"
Getting up on the table she scoots between my legs and lifts them in the air. She puts on a condom and coats it with oil as she pushes my legs back farther so my asshole is easily accessible.
I am so turned on, I feel my pre-cum drip on my stomach. Her hands are very firmly holding my ankles. I think to myself that I don't think I could go anywhere if I wanted to which brings up my fantasy of being raped by a shemale. I feel her cock begin to enter me as she grunts.
"Yess. Oh yess. Good baby, nice and tight, " she says with her broken English. She is so focused and horny, I know there is no turning back.
After several minutes she finally gets her cock all the way in. Leaning down, she keeps her eyes open, staring intently at me and I can't avert my gaze. We look each other in the eyes as she slowly pulls out then thrusts back in to me. It feels pretty intimate for a few minutes as she maintains that slow pace but then she can't help but increase the speed.
Grunting on each thrust, she goes faster and faster, drilling my asshole. It feels so good, my eyes have to close and I moan out loud as I enjoy her fucking me like a bitch.
I could only last so long before cum starts slowly oozing out of my cock. She stops thrusting and jerks my cock until I cum all over my stomach and am spent.
I am laying back feeling like I never have before. Such a great feeling. My asshole still agape and feeling so satisfied. My legs are back on the table and I lay there with my eyes closed.
I was practically drifting off to sleep and only 30 seconds or so after cumming when I feel her get up on the table again and straddle my chest. That's when I remember she has not cum yet. Moving forward she has this look in her face that says she needs to cum badly.
Inching further, her cock is now right in front of my face and she just starts jerking her cock. I can't go anywhere so I just prepare myself for what is about to happen. I close my mouth and eyes as she groans loudly and erupts all over my face.
My eyes stay closed for a few moments as she hops off the table and grabs a towel. She thankfully wipes down my face so I can finally open my eyes and she smiles at me.
She leans down and gives me a closed mouth kiss and I hug her close to me for a few moments.
Both exhausted, she gets dressed and then leads me to the showers in my robe so I can clean up and go home for a good relaxing sleep.

Raped By a Woman


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It only took 45 minutes but I talked myself into going to the gym tonight. I am pretty out of shape and recently joined a gym to try and get back on track.
The gym is open 24/7 and I like going late when not as many people are there so I don't have to wait to use the equipment or deal with the insane body builders who can't resist grunting out loud every other minute.
I get there and it's just how I like it. Easy to park, gym scattered with maybe 20 people and so I head over to a treadmill and begin my usual light jog. I'm only a minute in and already out of breath. "Only at level 4 and speed 5," I think to myself in disgust!
As I repeatedly tell myself that I can't expect instant results, blah, blah, blah, I am startled when a woman gets on a treadmill right next to mine. I wonder why of the 40 or so available treadmills, she chooses that one. I settle on assuming that maybe since it's closest to the locker rooms she just wanted that one.
I am a pretty shy guy so initially I didn't even look at her, just saw a female figure in my peripheral. After a few minutes though I just couldn't stand not looking in her direction. My mind almost made me do so.
When I did, I was stunned. She was probably 30 years old and about 5'5", black hair and brown eyes. However, what stunned me was that she was ripped! Wearing just a sports bra and shorts, I could see her well defined six pack. Her arms looked like she had 2 percent body fat; bulging biceps which made me think she had just done a set of curls. Her legs, quads, etc were quite muscular too. She didn't look like she was on steroids but looked as fit as she could naturally get.
I don't know how long I was staring at her or how I was still jogging straight on the treadmill but when I looked back up, she was staring back at me. She then smiled at me with the sweetest disengaging smile. I barely smiled back and then turned away feeling all nervous. I jogged for another 5 minutes or so, pretending to be cooling down and then left to the mens locker room while berating myself in my head for not being able to look back at her.
The locker room is empty, which is another reason I go late, so I decide to take a quick shower. I take off my sweaty t-shirt, shorts and boxers and put them in my bag. Grabbing a towel I head to the shower room which consists of several decently sized shower stalls with curtains. I turn on the shower and wait a few seconds for the water to be a nice hot temperature which I can handle. I dispense some soap into my hands from the dispenser on the stall wall and begin washing myself.
I've got my back to the curtain as I'm rubbing both of my ass cheeks with soap when suddenly I feel both of my wrists being grasped, tightly! Before I can even say anything, still in shock, my hands are forced together and restrained with what I guessed were plastic "handcuffs" by the zipping sound I heard as the plastic strip tightened around my wrists. My knees were then kicked in from behind, forcing me to my knees. Then my jaw was squeezed really tightly which forced my mouth open allowing for a gag to be shoved in.
I am forced down on my stomach and then finally flipped over onto my back, with ease. That all had to have taken under a minute which barely gave me time to react if I even could have given how much shock I was in.
It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust but I quickly recognize the woman from the treadmill standing over me while smiling sadistically. My eyes must have been pleading with her, asking why, what did I do to deserve this? That's definitely what I was thinking. This was not a fantasy come true, this seemed really scary and serious; she seemed way too efficient at getting me into this position for this to be her first time doing this and I had no idea what to expect.
What I noticed next though really terrified me. Jutting out from her waist was a huge skin colored strap-on dildo which had to be about 8 inches long and pretty thick too. It put my cock to instant shame. She reached down and took hold of the strap-on and started to slowly stroke it while still smiling at me.
She finally spoke.
"That's right, little bitch, I'm going to fuck your sweet ass with my cock!" she said really calmly which scared me even more.
I started squirming and trying to yell through the gag. It was useless. Especially when she straddled me, sitting on my thighs with her strong legs on either side of mine. I couldn't move. My hands were really starting to hurt me being trapped underneath my ass. She didn't care though, she seemed to have a very specific and selfish agenda.
"Let's see how much you like my big hard cock, little boy, " she said condescendingly as she grabbed hold of my soft cock and started to fondle it, surprisingly softly.
"Yes, that's it boy, you know you like my cock. If you get hard I'll take it as a sign that you want me to fuck your ass nice and hard, " she said in a soft sexy voice.
I tried real hard to not be confused by her temporary change in character. She was tricking me and I knew it. It was so frustrating having her toy with me like that, as if I actually had a chance to get out of it.
Eventually, after several minutes, I couldn't control it any longer. My cock was rock hard as she lightly ran her finger nail up and down my shaft. She scooted forward and rubbed my cock head with her cock head.
"God, look how pathetic your cock looks compared to mine. You're all hard for me though, I knew you wanted me to fuck your ass you little slut!" she says as she begins jerking me off.
It feels good for a second but not for long as she stops jerking me off but pinches my nipple really hard. I yell into the gag and my eyes almost pop out of my head.
I don't know where she had it but she thankfully reaches back and grabs a tube of lube she must have put down on the floor. Squeezing a generous amount onto her cock, she coats the head mostly.
Getting up off of me she lifts my legs into the air and forcibly holds them in place. She is so damn strong and effortlessly holds me in position to her liking.I close my eyes in fear as I feel her giant cock head at the entrance of my virgin asshole.
"The only way you're cumming, bitch, is by my cock milking your prostate. You'll learn to like it quick, I'm sure, " she says confidently but without much care.
I feel her slippery cock head begin to force its way into my ass. My legs are now resting on her strong shoulders with her arms wrapped tightly around my thighs as she moves in closer, forcing her cock into me. Her eyes almost glaze over as she rocks back and forth, getting herself off on the base of her cock as it rubs against her pussy.
She seemingly couldn't care less that I was in obvious pain or that I was even there as long as she was getting off. This isn't good for me as she can't control her thrusts anymore and her cock is driving deeper into my tight asshole.
I am now being handled like a doll by this strong crazy bitch as she pumps her cock in and out of me at a decent pace. What's worse is that my body is betraying me further. I'm actually enjoying this ass fucking as much as I don't want to. I can't help it. My eyes close and I involuntarily thrust back against her cock. That gets her attention as she looks down at me and slaps my face.
"Open your eyes, slut!"
I open them and she makes me look her in the eyes as she continues raping me.
"Look at me while I give you pleasure, my little fuck toy!" she says as her breath quickens.
"I told you that you would learn to enjoy this!"
She is now fucking me harder and faster, increasing speed and yelping as she apparently begins to cum, convulsing on top of me which makes her cock wiggle around inside my tight ass.
Dismounting me, she points at my stomach which is now coated with my cum. I didn't even realize it but her ass fucking completely milked a load of cum from me, as she said it would.
She then flipped me over to release my hands from the tie as well as reach around to take the gag from my mouth. I was spent and exhausted and could barely move.
"Get on your knees in front of me, bitch, " she commanded.
I obeyed, fearing she would hurt me otherwise.
"Suck my cock like the slut you are, " she said as she took hold of her cock and slapped it against my cheek.
I wrapped my lips around her cock which had just been in my asshole and she began fucking my face.
After only a few minutes she stopped.
"I have somewhere to be, you little whore, you almost made me late!" she had the audacity to say.
"Prepare to get a good ass fucking whenever you're here, " she said as she walked out of the stall leaving me to lay there ashamed and confused.
I lay there wondering how long it would take to talk myself into coming to the gym next time!