The House Guest


Written by nakddoorsredux)

My recent house guest. A friend of a friend. Shy, quiet, masculine, kind. His presence at my place was a favor for our mutual connection, and for most of the two weeks of his stay, it was all very uneventful and effortless.

I did sense, in those last days, some greater attentions being paid to me by my guest. It made me wonder curiously, if it would lead anywhere.

it did. To this moment. And beyond.

The instant my eye caught this tempting visual, I had the strong sense that he had planned this incident with the feverish hope that I might respond as he imagined. I could have simply walked past the purposefully open door and let him play alone.

But I stopped. And looked. I was struck by his virile beauty that punctuated his soft -spoken soul within. Were I to seriously desire my own sex, I thought, this was the form I would want him in.

It also made me wonder how this semi-stranger knew that there was even a remote possibility with me, risking censure and ousting. Was it desperate desire? intuition?  Or both? Or was he simply taking a long-shot chance?

He hadn’t noticed me at the open door immediately, or pretended not to, really. He knew exactly what he was doing. Slowly and softly coaxing his pre-cum to travel the length of his thickened shaft, shivering as he’d hit a tender place, then smearing his glycerine arousal to use as axle grease for his next slip and slide motions.

When his fist hit his mushrooming head on the next trip upwards, he half-sighed and half-grunted. That’s when his eyes went to mine. He was primed and ready. And I could feel my own sex knocking its girth against my zipper’s stretched door.

There was that brief eternity of silence, our eyes and libidos speaking volumes where no words were uttered. The longing coming from his look was so genuine in its desire. It wasn’t “make me your bitch” or “swallow my cum”. It was “this could be really good. If you want it, its all yours.”

I wanted it. More than I let on, even to myself.

I walked to the guest bed. My first touch was a warm hand that I placed on the thigh he left hanging off of the mattress, moving upward toward his pelvis, but stopping short of his sex. His hips rose off of the sheets and he audibly shivered when I stopped.

I moved myself within reach of his face, and placed his hand on my zipper, which was bursting with rigidity, and a sudden need to free the monster behind it. Without a thought, I had taken the reins of this secret dance, in very certain terms. It was clearly my nature with another of my own gender. I liked finding that instinct that strongly embedded in myself.

I caressed his hair, as he unsheathed my mostly swollen dick, making it clear that I wanted his mouth to complete the rise on my flesh.  As I pressed inward toward his throat, he hummed his joy at having me there, and it make my caress turn more to a grip.

As I rocked across his tongue, I yanked his hand from his cock and replaced it with my own. Now, with every teasing squeeze and slippery stroke, he moaned onto my shaft. We found a tempo we both liked, and could have simply finished there. But having him cede to my will like this was just too delicious to have end this way.

I pulled away from his lips, climbed onto the bed, and laid my shaft’s length against his, our balls kissing, and one hand from each of us holding the twin poles together.

We rocked and rocked, with both tips spilling pre-seed over themselves for further joyous lubrication. I leaned in to kiss him deeply. I wanted to taste my own sex on his tongue.

I found myself slipping downward to bite his nipples, which made his torso rise up against mine. I slid further southward, my cock leaving it’s mate, and I stopped as my lips and tongue signed my name on his lower belly.

I looked up at him. He was hovering in feverish desire and praying that this wasn’t a dream that would suddenly vanish. That I might really go down on his beautiful,loaded tool.

I spoke our very first words. “You’re dying for this.” He nodded with a hot blush.

“If I do”, I warned, “Your ass is mine for the plundering.”

He whimpered. He hadn’t imagined this actually occurring, and now he had his dirty dream demanding what he longed for.

The only word he managed was “Pleeeease”.  Such a polite boy.

I slid down, locked eyes with him, and kissed his slippery crown. He was unable to breathe, awaiting my open mouth and full assault. If he could speak in that moment, he would have begged. I made him wait even longer. Then I went down on him like a beggar at his first banquet, and one that he meant to both devour and make last.

I kept this man edging and spilling and arching and moaning past anything he may have ever had. I loved the power of my own position, topping from below. Holding the strings and pulling them to make the naked marionette dance for me.

When I could feel him almost unable to hold on any longer, I stopped and he gasped.

“How badly do you want to coat my throat?” Wordless tears feel from his eyes. I smiled, "Good…”.

I went at his sex for the kill. I wanted to feel his lust suddenly power-shoot across my tongue and into my gullet, while I milked him for every drop he  didn’t even know was there. His orgasm was thunderously beautiful. My cock was dripping from the force of his eruption, and my mouth was a pool of his shameless hunger for me.

In that moment, I was a whore for his cock and cum, but even more so, a whore for power over another male’s body. By taking him in this way, I had completed our verbal contract. His hot little mancunt was mine for the taking. And in my mind, the caveat was, as often and as savagely as I wanted, until he left my abode.

I moved up to his breathless face when his body eased its wild twitching. He was still spilling on his belly and I slid my cock into that pool to use as lube for the oncoming breach.

When he had enough breath to spare, I kissed him hard and deep, sharing the load I had just gulped from his thick hose. “How long have you been saving hat up for me?”, I asked pointedly.

He blushed. I think he’d been hoping from day one, much to my amazement. What was I doing not noticing that back then? And damn for all the time wasted.

As things abated, and kisses turned to flesh bites, and cum smears across lips before the next trades, I said plainly, “Ready for the rest of our contract?”

He was momentarily puzzled in his post-orgasmic haze, but then my meaning registered. he nodded a yes.

“Good”, I said, as I moved up and flipped his dense body over. He was like a ragdoll, there for my playtime. I lifted his hips ad pushed his thighs apart. Then  I hard-swatted his firm ass cheeks, and said in a surprising command-like tone, “Don’t move. I have lube. I want to get in deep.”

His “Unf!!” was all I needed to make me grin wickedly, and take another long look at the stunning visual before me. Had I been able to order a male body to fuck the first time, this was it. I was in manlust now, full-blown and ravenous. I was already considering not letting him leave. Ever.

When I returned, and poised myself for the breach and the tease and the full length plundering, his pucker was intently dilating, as it silently pleaded for my assault.

That first outward head tease at the opening gave my cock a hot spark. Fuck, it felt so promising. I pressed forward and popped that ‘shroom inside of his grip. Geezus, the tightness was already addictive, and he was unconsciously spreading and moaning. I swatted his ass hard. “Don’t be a whore. Were going to make this first one last.”

“Ohhh, gawwd” was his hoarse whisper.

I was as good as my word, and it took all of the will-power I had to hold back for awhile, and make him beg for the power-fuck. I wanted to savor every inch of the drilling. First, a hard shove to breach for more depth; then, a slow, rhythmic rocking to hold said depth, and often a startling  reversal right to the rim, and a fast shallow-fuck to make him claw the mattress and hold on for dear life.

Once I was ¾ of the way plunged inside of his girth-wrapping canal, I began the rough ride that neither of us would be able to top. I grabbed his hips like handles and began a savage jackhammering. His fingers splayed on the bed, and his hips arched like an alley cat in heat.

I leaned over him and bit his shoulder and fisted his hair. I fucked him like I wanted to break his bones and turn them into ash, and I could hear his wild song of surrender begging for more.

I reached under to find his cock hardening again. I grabbed it hard and whispered “You little cock slut…”, and it made him moan out loud.

I went at him so hard that my balls felt like they might find their way inside of him as well. And when I started to cum, I howled at the fucking moon, and drove home so hard that I thought the bed might break along with his spine.

I emptied what felt like pints of cumseed into his ass with every wildly long spurt that shot from my over-forced opening. If I could have thought in the moment, I would have recognized how much more intense this orgasm was from any other in recent memory. And if we started like this… this intensely, well… there was no letting him leave.

We both collapsed, me on top his splayed form, and still plugged deeply into his core. We were both panting with dirty bliss, and half in disbelief that this feral fantasy actually happened for real.

“Is this what you hoped for?” His nod of assent was eager, but words did not come.

“Since you arrived?” This time, he was more tentative. But after a pause, nodded yes again.

“Do this often as a house guest?”  

“Never”, was his first word.

“Good.” I let that twirl in the air before continuing.

“You’re not leaving Sunday.”

There was something boyish in his next response, “I have to…”

“You don’t. Change your plans.” I paused, then added, “I need to catch up for lost time here. Even if I have to tie you down.”

His audible arousal sound made my soul grin.

“So”, I repeated. “You’re not leaving.”

He half-whispered, “I"m not leaving.”

And as I exited his perfect asscunt, and turned him over to have him clean my cock of our wickedness, I smirked as I added, “You may not be getting dressed ever again either.

There was nothing for him to say. My dirty cock was in his throat again. Just where he (and I) wanted it.


The Shy Wolf


Written by:

It was the way he looked at me, when he stood on that clothing optional beach,  posed like he was for sale.

Maybe it was the way I was already looking at his body when he noticed me, that made him look that way.

I was fascinated by his hairless body, right down to the shaved pubes. And his intense Euro-stare, like he knew I was not only an American splayed on this Caribbean isle, but a quietly inhibited, bi-curious one.

His ongoing focus on me - even though I was not nude, but almost - and his “I dare you” Adonis pose, made my cock rise in a nano-second, shamelessly peaking out of the top of my swim trunks.

I think that the moment he saw the head crown, he gave me the only smile I’d yet seen from his stern face. He turned tail, let me drink in his perfect ass, and as if a neon sign lit up that said, “You want this more than you know”, he slowly walked toward the trees.

As if a man possessed, I stood up with very little hesitation, and dared to taste temptation’s breadcrumbs scattered about my mind along the path behind him.

My eyes watched his whispering rump, and my cock could already feel what it might be like to be inside of him. He never looked back, but he knew I was there. I could feel it, as well as he could feel me.

He passed a tree and disappeared. I felt a rush of panic, like someone was trying to wake me from a wet dream just as  was about to cum. I scurried ahead… I should have known it was a telling test. He was leaning against and behind the tree, just waiting to see how fast I took after his vanishing act.

With an non-discernable accent, he asked “Looking for me? Or this? Do you follow naked men on the beach often?”

He glanced down with a wry grin, and I saw his beautiful bald cock, now half-grown in his hand. It was all I could do not to just drop for a hasty taste.

I couldn’t help but nod a bashful yes to his query about what I was looking for… then, I softly answered his last question, “Not before you”. I could see how much he liked what seemed to be a newbie.

Then, in a swift effort not to lose my footing, I asked him in return, “Do you lure many men here from the beach to fuck or be fucked?”

He smirked, “I try not to. But I decided to make an exception for you.”

My breath caught, wanting to ask him why.

As if he could her my thought, he said “I like a first time man. You, yes?“  (fuck, how did he know? Was it that obvious?) “I remember my first…”, he added. I had yet to have a beautiful and naked man tell me to my face in so many words that he wanted me that way.  I was speechless, but shockingly more sure that I wanted him

I was hovering in stasis, when he moved over to me, and tugged off what little I was wearing. “You were showing anyway”, he said as he knelt and took my nearly full erection in his hand. “Very nice”, he hummed, “May I?”

I couldn’t speak. I just reached for his mop of hair and pulled him in. And I gasped when he went really deep with his first open mouth assault on my cock. There was something clearly masculine about the ferocity and swiftness of his attack, though he kept things slow and elongated once he had me under his oral  spell.

God, he was good! I had to look down and watch him swallow me to make sure this was really happening.  And each time he slid off, I could see  his raging hard-on echoed below mine, dripping with pre-seed, just begging for what he was doing to me.

Each time I looked below me, I had to close my eyes and reopen them, to  reassure myself that the person below me was this real life naked stranger; and the one I might have masturbated about this night, had we not collided here. He was forcing my fantasy into the daylight and I was both helpless and unwilling to stop him.

Before another thought crossed my consciousness, he was standing and leaning full-body against me. I opened my eyes and saw him licking the taste of my sex from his lips. That very moment, that visual, lit my rabid fuse, and I almost didn’t recognize myself in the rest of the scenario that played out.

I grabbed his thick locks and shoved my tongue into his smile, heading right to his throat, if my tongue could reach there. Something again about his hairless body - it was so masculine, but the lack of fur added just the right touch of feminine for my tastes (and who the fuck knew what “my tastes in men” actually were at this point?)

That slippery-smooth muscularity pressing back into me with every deepening tongue twist had my cock hunting for his, for a wood-on-wet-wood rub. They kept hitting and missing each other, until I reached down and grabbed us both, and we stood like naked gladiators, tongues thrusting as lances, vying for who might make the other fall. Rocking cock to cock, with grunting moans, while trading balance like standing arm wrestlers in the finals.

At one point, we both needed air, and some momentary perspective, if only for a few seconds. “You want this long time” he panted. Those words were just enough to pour kerosene on the fire.

“I want you long time now, beach boy…” I growled.

“Good” he aid firmly. “Do it. I knew you were hungry like this.”

If I’d stopped to think (which I didn’t) I would have asked him how he knew when I didn’t. But I didn’t stop.

Instead, I shoved his virile form up against the tree trunk, dropped to my knees and went at his cock, the way he had power-swallowed mine.  Geezus, he tasted so good! Maybe it was the coconut oil mixed with pre-cum, or just the flavor of his shameless tan.  I could not seem to get enough…

… especially when my large hands cupped his perfect strong ass and yanked him to start face-fucking me. Fuck, that got my cock to moaning and weeping on its own.

Finally, I pulled myself away from his alluring thick meat, so big and beautiful now, glistening in the shade, all hard lust and saliva. I knew what I wanted. I swiveled him about to face the tree and pulled his hips out away from the trunk. My god his ass and his promise of a willing mancunt almost made me swoon. Who the fuck knew I could want a man this strongly? I sure as hell didn’t.

But damn, I did want him and he knew it. I smacked his ass, and suckled his sac. Once again, in near disbelief I watched myself part his hot bottom and shove my tongue into his dark puckered crevice. All I could think was that I had turned into some kind of fucking manwhore, licking a stranger’s back entryway just to lube it without lube.

I backed off semi-shyly, but then took a fingersful of pre-cum from us both, and painted his twitching opening. I literally climbed up his legs and held his hips, folding myself into his tabletop stance. He was so ready to be fucked and I was even more ready to oblige him.

Our bodies were touching everywhere they could, and my cock was nuzzling and sliding up and down his inviting crack. I bit his ear and said, “May I?”

He wiggled his hips and said as he arched like a cat i heat, “You better. But only if I get to do the same to you later. Yes?”

Once again, I surprised myself by answering “You fucking better.”

It took some doing and a lot more spit on my shaft, but he hugged the tree trunk harder and harder, as I rammed my whole cock, bit by feral bit into his caressing and seemingly endless fuckhole.

When I was 2/3 of my own length in, I grabbed his hip with one hand, and his hair with the other. and I started the escalating rutting dance, jamming more and more of myself into him with every jackhammer thrust, as if I could even get my balls inside. I pushed so hard again and again that the tree was shaking more than he was.

And the guttural sounds me made got me closer and closer to dumping a record load of sperm deep into his back larder.

By the time I did finally explode, I had no idea about our surroundings. There might have been no one watching, or everyone watching. or even cops watching. Nothing  could halt the power-blast that scared half the birds in the sky away, as we both howled and quaked.

I came harder than I ever imagined I could. It was the combination of the place, the anonymous hot partner, the startling allure of his gender, and the taboo, lewd act in public. I spasmed and cumshot for-seeming-ever.

We crumpled into the grass together, with me still jerking my last spews of cum into his lush dilated anal canal. When we caught our collective breath, he wiggled around to face me, and his hard-on was red and ready to burst, almost completely covered in his own arousal.

“My turn, shy wolf”, he called me out of the blue. I then felt his hand in my hair this time. Before I knew it, he was ramming his need into the back of my skull. And when he exploded, he drowned me again and again in jet after thick jet of his cream-blasted seed. And something about the feeling of that, almost made me cum  again.

When we were both spent, we tongue-danced with each other to share the wicked spoils back and forth. Between filthy kisses he smiled big once more, then said,  “No more straight. Bi. You like this too much.”

I actually kissed him and said, truthfully “I so fucking do. You’re right. Bi. For good.”

He moved to stand, and pulled me up. We rubbed dirty bodies together for a time, then he said, “My house is close. Shower. Food. More fucking.”

That was suddenly the only invitation I wanted to hear.

I did wonder on the way to his place if he liked girls too. So I asked him in an off moment if he fucked women as well  (long before I remembered to even ask him what his name was).

He said, “Of course. But not tonight. We can share one later. Tonight, I fuck only you.”

My cock rose shamelessly once more.

All I could manage to say was, “You better…”.


The Crush


Written by nakddoorsredux

There was a time in my life when I would never have even imagined playing with another male.

Then, when I began to silently consider it, often with the intent of stirring up a female lover who hungered to see her men play together., it was always someone my age,  equally curious, maybe with a little experience, both of us with equally courageous and open minds.

Then I met this young man. A boy really, though perfectly of age. Just 18, and diving into his own first discoveries of which side to play with, thinking that he might have to choose between them.

The attentions he paid me at the outset, when I taught a couple of seminars in the Theater Arts at his school, was sweet and flattering, but I didn’t take them to mean more than him having a passing boy-crush on me.  Then  again, it whispered dirty thoughts into my private stash of lewd imaginings, but I kept those safely on a back shelf.

I did notice, however, that his crush was a very hungry one, so I finally let it slowly seep into my dirty fantasy, and began one night to masturbate to that wicked file in my mind’s carnal eye. You know, when I imagined have a boy sex slave to fuck, with no one knowing but he and I.

Young Greg asked if he could write me after a lecture one afternoon, to ask relevant career questions, and connect with me on Facebook. I knew he was genuinely interested in a theater career, so I saw no harm in it. And I do remember peering into his photos on his Facebook page - there was nothing inappropriate, but his summer pics showed him in a small perfectly fitted bathing suit, and I could not help but notice (and add to the fantasy file) what I saw there.

His sleek, youthful body was lithe and muscular enough, but perfectly hairless like a young boy or girl might be. His ass was tight and tempting and the bulge in his suit was not overly large, but big enough to make me smile. Yes, I thought to myself, I could imagine ruing his male virginity for my own pleasure. Then I smirked to myself, knowing it wasn’t really meant to happen.

Little did I know that this very fantasy is exactly what young Gregory was praying for. With me. I would soon find that out.

My next seminar was only a month from this last one, and this time I was teaching some of the harsher realities of life in the theater. Some were attractive aspects of an artist’s life, other stories I shared were the more raw realities, even about relationships.

Young Greg was moved in many ways by this talk, and had tons of questions for me after that day’s session. So, when he asked if we could sit and talk, maybe over coffee, I was happy to oblige. I had two more days at the university for other business and classes, so I had the time to spare.

Theater talk, soon led to life talk, and at one point, he began asking about sexuality in the theater world. “Do you have to be gay to succeed?” He asked genuinely.

I laughed gently. “No. You don’t. And peoples’ minds are way more open in the Arts in general.”, I said.

I could feel his dilemma stirring, so I asked, “Are you not sure what sex you like better? You don’t have to choose, you know. Bi is always an answer. But as you start out, you may want to keep things closer tot he vest. You never know who judges people for their choices. Again, it’s never as bad in the Arts as in business, but theater is also a business.”

I could see a little relief in his face, so I continued, “Don’t let your career choice designate your sexual path. It is so not necessary.”

He started breathing again, then stopped, paused, then asked me point blank, “Are you bi or gay? Have you been with other guys? I mean, you know, for sex?”

That question had a whole other tone to it, whether he realized it or not.

I smiled gently, and as I began t answer,  I noticed that I was instictively leaving a door open a bit, without obvious intent. I think something in me sensed what this was and could be.

“I’m mostly drawn to women.” I said at first, and I watched his face fall a little. My senses were right. He was hoping for something more from me. And at this point, I wasn’t about to tell him that I did, one night at home, while look at his bathing suit pic and imagining the rest, masturbate to a secret little fantasy about having him full on. But it was the memory of that dirty deed that kept my mind’s door ajar for him.

I continued, “But i have experimented a little along the way. With a guy or two. mostly in a threesome with a girl.”

I let that hover in the air, and I looked down out of curiosity, and I swore I could see his crotch bulge thicken.

I opened the door a little further. “Why?” Because i was intrigued by my own temptation, and by his not-so-silent prayer to try me on for size.

“Why do you ask?”, I said, already knowing the answer. He blushed hard. I smiled warmly, and said, “I thought so.”

The cat was out of the bag. This young man wanted me, and I let him know, in an offhand way that I knew, and yet, I wasn’t running away.

“Thank you, Greg. That’s a lovely compliment…”,  started to say.

“Would you…?”. He couldn’t finish the sentence. “ I mean, consider…ahhh… maybe… with… ummm, someone like… me?”

Now, I was the one blushing, and slightly awkward in my lack of response. He noticed that I hadn’t said no.

“Fuck”, he cried, “I have one more class. I have to go”

We both rose from the quad benches we were sitting on.

He looked up at me with  his soft gentle and honest eyes. “Can we…. talk…  ummm, more…. later?”

“Of course”, I said. “Call me at the hotel.” He knew where I was staying.

He hugged me hard with a fervent “Thank you!”, and I could feel his full-on erection nuzzle my leg for a moment, before he pulled away in semi-embarrassment at the telltale display.

Before he broke and ran, I fought the urge to kiss him right then and there, in the open air of the quad. And as he tore off to his last class of the day, I could hear my own head, whisper to me, “I am going to fuck that boy tonight. All night long, if it’s a good as I imagine it may be.”


As expected, Greg called via the hotel phone after his last class. He’d taken some time to stop back at his dorm room and  put himself together, but he had hoped to continue our talk. he said. And I could tell, by the sweet horny tremor in his voice, that it was about so much more than a talk.

In the interim, between our first talk and the phone call, my mind was running a thousand scenarios - everything from letting him down easy with a little “We really shouldn’t, as teacher and student. If the college finds out…” to a “show me how good you are on the elevator ride up” blowjob scenario.

So, by the time I got his call, my own cock was quietly prepping for a little derring-do with the sincere and horny boy, who longed for me to do him but good. I could barely admit to myself that I’d signed onto Facebook once more to look at his bathing suit pics, as I contemplated what I might dare to do.

“Have you eaten yet?” I asked on the other end of the phone.

“Not yet…”, Greg said.

“Meet me in the hotel restaurant. I’ll buy you a proper meal. I’m sure you could use one. We can talk there.”

I could hear both joy and disappointment in his voice. The idea that I invited him over was a big plus, but I’m sure there was a little part of him that was hoping for room service, with him as my naked dessert. Little did he (or I) know that that was coming as well, all too soon.

He was cleaned up and nervous, yet charming as ever, as we sat and ate and talked theater and life, and yes, even a bit of sex. He dared  to tell me that he liked both boys and girls but hadn’t done a lot with either sex. He wanted to try everything. I could just feel him hoping that I might teach him much more than I was being paid to teach. Again, it was his sincerity, his complete open-mindedness, and his eagerness that added fuel to my inner wicked flames.

By the end of the meal, I had made an unconscious decision to give this young man thing a try. Part of me wondered “Why look a somewhat taboo gift like this pass by?” I still had a few reservations.

We waked to the lobby, and I could feel his need to stay with me burning through his shivering flesh.

“Can I use your bathroom?”, he quickly begged, as if I didn’t know there was one right around the corner.

I smiled knowingly, and said, “Sure. C’mon up.” We both knew what that meant, without admitting it to the other.

The elevator ride was mostly quiet, and full of nervous promise, but we weren’t exactly alone the whole way. I could hear Greg almost sigh when I opened the door to my hotel room, and he did actually head right to the loo, and took a long piss. I was almost as nervous as he was when I heard him washing up and knew the door would open in a moment, and leave us to the real reason he was there.

He exited the bathroom, said a quick “Thanks!”, then stood in silence, not knowing what to do next.

The air in the room was crackling, almost audibly. I chose to open the door the rest of the way. After all, I did invite him to my hotel room, with its prominent king sized bed. The stage, as they say, was set.

“What were you hoping for, Greg? It’s okay. Say anything you want. I kind of know already. But you can tell me.”

He was unable to speak and he was visibly shaking and red and hard as a rock in his jeans. It was so sweet and tempting, but I took one more pass at diversion. He finally managed two words: “Everything”, and “Anything…”.

“Do you think this is a good idea? With a teacher? If the university finds out, we’re  both screwed.”

“I know”, he whispered. “I want to… keep it a secret…. anyway. So… if we like it…”. Again, his breath stopped, as did his words. But I heard the rest of that thought.

I moved to him, and softly asked if he liked kissing. He nodded his assent. I wrapped my arms about his body, moved in, licked his lips slowly, which made him part them, then I slid my tongue into his mouth and took his throat for a long, teasing ride.

I broke the kiss, and let what had just happened, as well as what was about to happen, sink into my newly rabid consciousness. I had this willing, eager and horny young man silently pleading for me to take him however I wished. And for the first time, I found myself loving the idea of diving in with him, no fucking holds barred.

I moved back in to the boy, and let my hands trace the form of his body, from his shoulders to his hips in the front, then from his shoulder blades right down to the firm rock of his ass cheeks.

As I touched him everywhere, I said, “Be sure this is what you want. Because once I start, I might not let you stop.”

He wasn’t certain how to answer, so I asked plainly. “Are you sure you want this? Everything and anything?”

He nodded yes, trying not to appear too desperate. But I knew he was dying for it. And his feverish desire began to stoke mine.

This boy was now mine to own.


I slid one hand around to the front of his pelvis and cupped my hand on his steely erection through his jeans. He half moaned, half whimpered.

“It definitely feels like you do.”  He put his hand on mine to encourage me. I squeezed his thickness and he moaned audibly.

“How long have you been masturbating about this?”, I asked, with a slight demand in my tone. He almost began to tear up.

I smiled, “That long, huh?” I let that spin in the heated air for a few moments, then I added, “It’s okay. I did once or twice two. About you.”

I thought he was going to cum in his pants from that admission.

I stared to unbutton his shirt, and strip him of everything he was wearing, and as I did, I decided to make the dirty tease last longer.

“So what made you cum the hardest? Imagining me cumming down your young throat, after fucking your face? Or you cumming down my throat? Or both? Or was it, me folding you in half and taking your ass like the hot tight little virgin boycunt that it is… and that will soon be all mine to own??”

By the time I finished that set of lewd questions, he was naked, and dripping wads of clear pre-cum onto the rug and onto his thighs.

I cupped my hand under his sex to hold it, and let the drippage pool in my palm, as I softly hummed, “You have a gorgeous cock. nice and long, thick, but not overly. It’s fucking perfect, and perfect for fucking. Play your cards right and I might let you have a ride in my ass too, after I ruin yours.”

His dick twitched and spat more arousal into my hand.

I smeared the pre-cum across his mouth, then kissed him deeply. “Mmmmm,  delicious, don’t you think?”

He was breathless.

“Speaking of your ass, turn around. I want to see it without your bathing suit.”

That gave him a start, knowing that I’d seen the pics that he hoped I’d seen. He turned and arched proudly, like a good sub boy would, and his ass was also perfect. Small, tight, hairless, and oh so willing to be finally fucked.

I reached under and rolled his balls like dice in my hand, as I nibbled on his ear, and asked him point blank, “Tell me the truth… any diseases? Are you a healthy boy? I am.”

He admitted that he was probably too inexperienced to have picked up anything unhealthy, and also very careful.

“Good boy”, I said, as I slid by finger around his anal ring, and watched him collapse onto the wall in front of him.

I smacked his ass hard, to pull him out of his reverie, turned him about, then bade him undress me, as I reminded him that, being older, he may or may not like what he saw (even though I do stay in good shape).

He stripped me nervously, and once I led his hand to my rigid cock, it felt like he might never let go of it.

“Still want what you see, Gregory?”,I demanded in my teaching voice.

“Yes, pleeease”, was his instant response.

“Good boy. Now show your teacher what you know about pleasing another man. Go on…”.

He needed no other prompting. He was on his knees in a flash, no doubt living out a masturbatory fantasy about swallowing my cock. He was so eager to please, that I had to slow him down at one point, but the boy was worshiping my dick like there would be no others in his lifetime.

I added fuel to the fire by face-fucking him as no one had ever done. His eyes were all watery and his breath was at gasping point, when I pulled him back up and french-kissed his dirty mouth.

He thought he had done something wrong, so I grinned and said, “Excellent beginning, Paduan.  But I am saving my first load of cum for somewhere else.”

He knew exactly what I meant. And with an almost Pavlovian response,  he moved to the bed, got on all fours (imagining what I might want), spread his thighs open and peered underneath himself, to await the arrival of my battering ram of a cock to split his ass in two.

It was in that moment that I stopped to drink in this perfect visual.

I could see he was worried at first. He asked, “No?”

I said softly, “You are beautiful in this pose. Don’t move. I need to see this again.”

Before he could respond with a “Any time you want”, I grabbed my phone and took this photo of him. It was a perfect moment in time.

It wasn’t just the sleek beauty of his body, his sterling cock, poised and deeply aroused, it was also that boyish hunger for me in his face’s expression, as if it said, “Please ruin me now… by taking me to heaven and keeping me there.”

For some reason, I was suddenly smitten. In that erotic instant, I knew that I was not only going to fuck and mate and rut with this boy, and ruin him for all others, but I was also going to make love to his sweet body and sou, his cock, his mouth and his stellar assl  - something I’d yet to imagine with another man.

I dropped the phone, knelt behind his haunches and said gently, “You just look too good to be true. And now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to ruin you for anyone else…”.

I took his balls in my mouth, stroked his cock until it began to puddle again, then licked upwards to his taut little boycunt, and tongue-fucked him there until I heard him chanting a new lewd mantra of “ohmigodohmigodohmigawwwwd..”.

I reached into my bag for the lube (yes, I did bring it just in case). I slathered his tiny hole to ready him, and my cock to ready me, then I spread his tight little ring apart with one finger, then two, then three. By the time I went knuckles deep in the boy, he was arched and begging for more.

I smacked his ass once more, but cheered him on with “I love hearing that”.

I flipped him onto his back, placed his legs over my shoulders, but before I moved up to breach him, I took a long deep playful swallow of the most of his gorgeous cock, until I felt his fists in my hair, hanging on as if I were a bucking bronco taking him for an unexpected ride.

I let his sex go, and slid upwards. I spread his rear cheeks apart, slid my lubed dick up and dow  his pleading bottom’s crack, then just as I nuzzled my cockhead to his gasping anal gate, I said, “I want to see your face as I take and fuck and own your body, Gregory. So don’t be shy. Let it all show.”

“And”, I added, “I want you to see mine as I dump a bucketful of cum inside of you. I want to feel you cum from that, all over your belly and mine.”

I kept at him. “So, tell me young man, how badly do you want this?”

He was clawing at my back and half in tears, when he said “Pleeeeease. Everything. Anything. Take me, Mr. Jay.!”

There was something so awkwardly sweet about him not even knowing what to call me outside of the classroom, but that ephithet slipped into the back of my consciousness, as I pushed my needy cock hard into his young pliable ass’ opening, and began to stretch this young man’s boycunt in one long deep, ever widening chasm for me to pummel-fuck, for hours, if I wished.

Once in balls deep, I took my time to savor this wild new flavor of depravity. I had to remind myself that he was of legal age for fucking, as his young body sometimes almost betrayed that truth.

I jack-hammered his hot ass deep and hard. I eased up and slow fucked him, with a seductive sensual air I had only used with women. I spewed dirty talk in his ears, and felt him trying to fuck my belly with his very wet, fully loaded dick.

I kissed him while I power-fucked him again. I made him beg for me to cum deep in his asscunt. And before I made good on my promise to do so, I made him promise to lick up the mess from my cock afterward - something he was all too eager to agree to.

I began the final climb for us both. It was a non-stop, ever rising rhythm of full-stroke-power-fucking. Greg’s body was primed, shaking, and frankly, so was mine. We were suddenly in a rare face-to-face, pure animal rutting dance, and I howled my bliss as I let him know that his hot ass was about to be filled with my blasted cum.

I slammed his  hips hard enough to break them, over and over, and he cried out from the power and the bursting jets of goo, spouting into places he never knew he could feel within his back entryway. And before, I could think to reach to get him off too, his cock just erupted all over us both, as he cried out “Ohgodohfuckohfuuuuuuuccckkk!”

We rocked and spasmed and fucked for seeming ever, then  I collapsed onto this young man’s sweet alluring body, sated in a way that I’d yet to imagine. After all, this was a first for me, fucking another male without a woman’s provocation. And doing so without shame or withholding.


For a long time, I did not want to leave the grip of his deep, sullied anal canal. As we lay tangled, I would reach down, steal his cum from his or my belly, and smear it on his mouth for a sticky kiss. Then as my cum leaked from his ass onto my balls, I added that to the wicked mix.

“So”, I finally broke the moaning silence, “Is this something you like a reprise of?”

His first words was an emphatic “UNNPPH!”. Then, “Yes, please.”

I could feel him tense up a bit, so I asked why.

“Would you?  Want more?”, he asked nervously.

“My sweet, wicked Gregory, you’ve made me want more. In fact, I may never let you leave this room while I’m here. I have so many more things I want to do to you. And with you. That is, as long as it remains our little secret.”

“I’ll do anything you want, I promise.” he said.

“I know you will. Because I’ll make you.”

That made his young dick hard suddenly. That’s when I realized just what a gift it was to have a young man with me. instant erections, almost at will.

I made him stay with me all night, and promised us both, just a few hours sleep. I would do the dirtiest things with this boy all night long, half the time, barely believing that it was me doing them. I even let him take a deep cum-dumping ride in my ass, and I actually loved every fucking minute of it.

I then made him pose again for a few more action shots (with my cock in his mouth and his ass, and his cock in mine); photos that I told him I would share only with my friend Carrie, who had begged me for proof when I whispered this possibility to her. And of course, to masturbate to when at home.

Greg was good as his word. He would do anything for me. And he did everything and then some.

He even took it upon himself to wake me in the morning with a stunning cum-gulping blowjob. It was so good, that I returned the favor after our room service breakfast.

Before we parted to our respective classes, I gave him the extra key to my room and commanded him to be back here, naked and in my favorite pose by 7PM, or he wouldn’t get to cum on my last night in town.

I’m sure he didn’t need that last incentive, but he loved it all the more anyway.

It was hard to leave him this time, and I was hard all the fucking way home on the plane, recalling what sexual boundaries I had just crossed with an 18 year old boy. Who knew I loved young cock and ass like that? I did… well, now I did anyway.

I’d be back sooner than I’d imagined, seminar or not. And though Carrie wanted to join us at some point, I decided I needed a few more nights to take this boy to the filthy fucking moon and back, while he did the same startling things to me.

This was a new dirty door that was now off its hinges, never to be closed again. Thank the fucking stars!

Room Service


Written By NakedDoors

In my endless days of hotel living on the corporate merry-go-round, I rarely ordered room service and, if I’d had any fantasies about being serviced in the mix, I always imagined a sweet, but insatiable girl to bring that to me - half or fully naked, while choosing to rock steadily on my overjoyed cock, getting so much more than a tip, until steady rhythms turned into wall-banging necessity.

And no, that never even came close to happening.  Hell, I hardly ever ordered room service, to begin with, unless nothing else in the hotel was open. That’s why this whole cataclysmic event was such a stunning surprise.

He was sweet, handsome and eager.  Very masculine in looks, but charmingly boyish in his overcoming a more obviously shyer nature to please guests, no doubt for tips and kudos.

He swore in the aftermath of never having done anything like this with a  guest before, and to this day, I’m not really sure why he did… or we did… or how we meshed as well as we did. But we did. More than I’d imagined, especially with another male.

I think we’d both had harbored quiet fantasies of this sort of thing occurring, and for some reason, between the timing and opportunity, hunger  and happenstance, our fantasies met their incendiary match.

Day 1: His first appearance, and probably my least attractive one, as I rose rumpled and hungover after a late night wine-fest with the company bigwigs. You have to drink with them, and I’m not that much of a lush.

At least I had showered by the time the meal, (and my future meal to be, it seemed) arrived at my door. His smile was warming, his demeanor perfect for someone in my condition.  He even suggested a cure for the headache, which i tried and which eventually helped. He waited calmly while beaming that smile as I took my first gulps of the coffee he’d so kindly poured for me.

As I reached out to sign the check and let him get on with his dutiful day (keeping other thoughts to myself), I managed to spill some of that coffee right into my own lap. Only then did I realize that my hotel robe was open and I thankfully missed my cock  by a half-inch with the burning brew. I wondered if he’d already noticed the peek and was just being polite. I’m sure he’s seen his fill of half-disrobed guests, many of whom he wouldn’t really want to see..

I noticed him instinctively reach for a napkin without a thought and move to help, then stop mid-reach as he realized just where he would be daubing. and how that might go over with someone he didn’t know enough about. I loved that he actually had to stop himself. I wished, in that very moment, that he hadn’t.

There was that awkward moment of laughter, along with my comment about remembering how hotel robes don’t always stay tied. He played along and said, “I’ll have management look into that, sir.”

For some unknown reason, (I guess it’s just my wicked mind), I joked back to him. “I think you guys make the robes this way for a bit of fun.”

He laughed genuinely, shook his head. and answered, “It hasn’t worked for me so far. But hey, if it works…”. He let that trail off.

There was that hovering silence in the room for a few seconds, which felt like a ten-minute slo-mo film scene. It was as if we were both trying to suss out whether the other was having the same thought of, “I wonder…”.

I caught myself in that blossoming fantasy and stepped back from it, honestly not knowing how to deal with all of this. “I”d better finish signing the check or you’ll be here all morning.”

There was more silence from us both as wishing thinking swirled like bees buzzing about in the air. I handed him the check, thanked him and noticed (or hoped I’d noticed in my half-sobering stupor) a longer eye contact from him than one would expect.

He thanked me, and at the door, he asked how long i was staying. “Four days, or so. Til Saturday, unless the company needs me here longer.”

“Great” was his chipper response. “See you again, then.”  And off he went.

“Yes, you will….”, I muttered to myself, as I looked at the receipt and found his name. “Yes, you will, Greg, if I can help it.”

I was surprised at myself, but those secret fantasies that I rarely shared with anyone were always swarming about in the back of my head. Now they were right here, up front, and whispering, “This could be your moment.”

Once I let that thought in and rolled it around my evolving libido, I wasn’t then surprised when I found myself masturbating. This time, imagining him. And me. Doing…everything.

Day 2:  As I said, I never order in, but in this case, I had to. Again. I even tried to time it approximately the same as the first morning. And whether by design, or fate, or accident, Greg was at my door again with the warm smile, that fit form of his and a breakfast fit for a prince.

This time I was more awake, freshened up but still robed (yes, that was an obvious choice, but subtlety isn’t always successful in new territory).

There was a warm rush that hit me when I heard the voice that I was sure was Greg’s, and a bigger rush ran to my crotch when I saw his smile. It was awkward and skin-prickling, but from what I could tell, he and i seemed to be in the same boat. I just wasn’t sure how to begin.

The small talk was quietly peppered with soft innuendo. He moved to pour my coffee, and I smiled and told him that I wasn’t hungover this morning so he didn’t have to serve me.

Greg hummed, “It’s my pleasure.” His added, “Really…” is what gave me courage to ask the next question before he left.

“I know you’re busy working Greg.” There was a long pause. “But if it’s not against the rules, maybe we could… find some time to… visit. I don’t want to get you in trouble”. I was so ready to cross inappropriate lines right there, that I actually asked “When are you done today?’ as I stumbled through.

He gave me that reassuring smile and said, “I can’t today. But tomorrow, I’m off at 2. I can come by if you order something, and clock out on the way up. That way, no one will know.” Part of me was jumping for joy that he was as keen to conspire as I was. I honestly didn’t know how most man-to-man hookups worked.

I looked up at him as the electricity passed between us, Then I looked at the bulge in his pants, which seemed to be twitching at my eye’s level. I rose up, unsure of what I’d actually do, but I had the signed and tipped check in my hand. I moved in closer to offer it to him, and both of us had that ripe crackle in our eyes, as our minds whispered to each other, without words, what we might dare tomorrow.

I’m not sure who initiated it, but as his hand took the check and I had yet to let go of it, our mouths met, gently at first. But once both sides knew they were welcomed, it turned more heated, definitely intent on stirring the pot and striking the match for the fuse lighting.

When our tongues met and twirled about one another, the check was on the floor, and our hands were beginning to study the body in front of the other.

When the kiss broke, I imagine I was blushing. I’d never actually attempted seduce a man, or let one rope me in. I’d played a little and fantasized quite a bit. But this was new. I joked with him, “Do this often with your guests?”

I was glad he laughed, and knew I was teasing him. He answered honestly, “I’ve wanted to a couple of times, but I haven’t been here that long. And wasn’t sure it was a smart thing to do.”

“And me? A smart thing to do?” I couldn’t help it. I wondered why me.

He got shy and it was his turn to blush. “I’ve always had a thing for somewhat older guys, if you don’t mind my saying. Never gone there. And you have… well, let’s just say, you look and feel… right. And we seem to…”

“I know. Connect somehow” I finished his sentence. “Thank you”, I smiled, “I’ll happily take that compliment from someone as good looking as you are.”

There was another long, deep kiss, and with these initial confessions out in the open, suddenly both of us reached to study the other’s hardening flesh. Greg had the advantage, since mine was now nakedly poking out of my robe, and the feel of his hand there made me rock into him and not want him to leave the room. Ever.

And his was ramping up in form while trapped in his work trousers. I was sure it was as beautiful as it felt in my kneading grip.

When our mouths parted, I saw him take a quick glance at his watch. I nodded and I let him off the hook.

“You’re working. We have tomorrow to look forward to. I’ll book out of my afternoon sessions, so we can take our time. I want that. With you.”

He seemed relieved, yet I could tell he wanted to stay, which was a sweet compliment again.

Suddenly I saw his expression change, like a decision hit him.  He kissed me quickly and said, “I have a few minutes. I’ll tell them I took a quick bathroom break.”

I wasn’t sure what he had in mind until he dropped to his knees and kissed the wet head of my fully erect dick in his hand.

I echoed the words from the coffee service, “You don’t have to…”

He stopped me, with  his own echo. “It’s my pleasure. Really…”.

Then he opened his mouth and took me inside. My balls were being rolled in his other hand, and my fists were swiftly in his sleek hair. I thought i was going to explode right into his throat the first time he looked up at me with ¾ of my shaft between his cheeks.

He let my cock pop out of his lips just long enough to smile and say, “I’ll have to be quicker right now. Tomorrow, I’ll do this right.”

Before I could answer him he was on a jag to get me to dump my morning wood’s cumload into his gullet, without messing his uniform. I could see in his gleeful eyes the need to bring me to the edge and push me over it and fast, along with the rabid desire to swallow every drop I spewed. He was going to hook me to the addictive drug of his sexual prowess.  And we both knew he was going to succeed.

I looked down as he worked his magic, to see this beautiful young man, who wanted me almost more than I thought I’d wanted him. He wasn’t submissive as much as he was eager to please, and this improvised orgasmic moment would make sure that tomorrow was written in whetted stone.

When his finger niggled its way into my anal ring’s grip and he pulled me into him almost pass the gag point, I erupted with an intensity and a stream of lip-biting obscenities that I almost didn’t recognize. And the gulping sounds that this luscious lewd demi-god made as he drank my seed for keeps, made me feel like he’d tripped  a second and third orgasm, as I flew forward as I bent backwards, holding onto his locks for balance.

By the time he’d finished, my knees had buckled and I was face-to-face with his cum-leaking smile, panting and startled and so fucking grateful that I’d dared. That we dared, and that were indeed on the same hungry page about it all.

I made him kiss me with his mouth full of my cum. I started to say how much I wanted  more right then, but through the gurgle of the load he was still swallowing, he nodded and smiled and said, “Tomorrow. Everything we want. I promise.”

I was still in a whirl, but I wanted to be sure he wouldn’t have trouble. “Go, use my bathroom and my things, and straighten up.”

I followed him in and palmed his perfect ass as he put himself together.

My cock was still tingling and dripping as we took one last quick kiss and made some obscene promises for the next day. 

“That was amazing. You may have to repeat that.” I teased. “I’ll repay.”

“You better”, he quipped with that cock-raising smile of his.

“And then some…”, I called to him as he sped out the door and back to his duties.

I may be at the seminars today, but I won’t hear a thing except for the sound of Greg swallowing buckets of my suckled seed… all the day long.

Tomorrow, cannot arrive fast enough.

To Be Continued…

The Right One


Written by

I’d been writing about it for some time, ever since a woman who I connected with started whispering in my ear just how erotic a thing it was for her, even just to imagine.

I’m sure I’d thought of it somewhat, even imagined it before her, but her heated response to the very idea of me with another guy (with her there to watch every lewd savage moment, of course), kind of gave me tacit permission to open that door full on for myself as a real possibility, at least in my mind. The outside judgment had vanished. Now I just had to decide if I really wanted it for myself.

It wouldn’t be long before I realized that I really did want at least a tryout with it, especially with her  ongoing aroused encouragement. And I always knew that, if I’m ever going to give something like that a go, I’m not one to hold back. Then if it works for me, I’ll do lots more. If not, I move on.

But these stirrings began with her a while ago, and somewhat recently she’d returned to her husband who she had been separated from when we’d played. We had actively looked for a male playmate when we were still at it, but we never found the right guy, or the right chemistry with an alignment of desires.. There were a couple of almosts, but nothing really right.  Nothing memorable. Not yet.

Fast forward to this…

A two-week temporary roomie, who was connected to me through a mutual friend, a girl I had dated briefly some years back. He lived on the other coast, but was in town working for a two month run. His gig was now over, but he had some interviews to do in town for new work, and no place to stay. The old gig booked him out of his digs the day after he was released from the job.

Once Terese connected us, he offered me a nice sum up front to stay in my back bedroom for the 14 days he needed before heading back east. I was happy to have the extra cash, as well as the company, and he seemed pretty low-key, smart, respectful, clean and successful. What was not to like?

We didn’t spend much time around each other in the first week, both being busy and on different schedules, But we did have some late night chats over beers, and morning musings over coffee. I got to know him a little and he me. And I’m sure somewhere in the back of my mind, I must have whispered to myself more than once, “I wonder if…” - but dismissed it, because it had only ever really happened a little for me while with Lisa, and I hadn’t thought how to shoot for it alone. I do remember thinking to myself in those moments that he was good looking all over and seemed to have a sexual energy that didn’t stop.

Was it an accident that I let slip the fact that I wrote eloquent porn in one of our late night gabs? It might have just been the subject. Sex always comes up eventually with guys. He said he wanted to read some of my writings, because the stuff he’d read recently wasn’t doing it for him. I figured, hell, he’s gone in a week or so, let him read. He had what I sensed was an open mind, so I gave him my blog page address. And continued to quietly wonder.

I walked into the apartment late the next night, and heard some distinct noises down the hall. I halted in my entryway, closed the door quietly, and listened. It was the telltale sound of a male animal nearing an orgasm, grumbling half-intelligible obscenities, grunting, panting with a subtly rising tonality in his vocal gymnastics. And I swear that my hand went right to my own eagerly rising cock from the very raw ummph of his orgasm’s eruption. Jesus, it stirred me up to hear that, in ways that surprised me.

It was late. I didn’t know him. I wasn’t going there. But part of me at least acknowledged to myself that I wanted to go there. I wanted to walk in and smirk at him and say “You couldn’t have waited for me?” He probably would have laughed along with me, then offered to swallow my cock so that I could catch up cum-wise. I know that now. If I’d known that then….

Next morning over coffee, he muttered from under his ruffled mane, “Fucking nice writing you do.”

I knew he was no pushover in the intellect department and I thanked him appropriately for his fine compliment.

“Are you into all that, or is it more fantasy?” he asked. Then he waited a tick before adding, “I do a little writing of a different kind. I know some is real, some is not. Some desire is only for fantasy, some for real.”

It was a pleasure talking with someone who understood. No lengthy explanations necessary.

I spilled the beans that I was comfortable spilling, even about some of my bi play desires, and alluded to the misfires that I experienced with my former muse on the subject.

He didn’t say much. He seemed lost in the fog of the morning and in the dark brew before him. “Well, I have to say, it made me cum big time last night, and I so fucking needed that.  I lived like a saint on that last project. I just had no time for play.”

I wanted to say more than “Happy to oblige.” I wanted to tell him how intensely erotic his explosion sounded to me. How it made me masturbate with my pillow as a gag. I ended up smiling through my own fog and saying, “Glad I could be of service.”  But even that sounded like a come-on, and I never meant it to be.

As we waded through the surprisingly porn-peppered, waking conversation, he asked me more directly about my experiences with guys. After all, I’d opened that door already.

I told him in more detail about Lisa getting me started, and our time searching for the right guy to share with her. And how a couple of them were interesting, but not so much into what we really wanted to do or even try. “It hasn’t really worked in reality…yet” - I let that hover in the morning air, for us both, really -”but with the right guy, I think it might.”

“Yeah”, he chimed in, “I’ve had that problem. I like the idea. Even had a couple of decent experiences with guys. But I guess I’m too fucking picky for my own good”

Suddenly, I laughed and he followed.  We were semi-mirrors of each other in more ways than I ever expected.

I just said quietly, but firmly, “We deserve so much better than decent.”

The conversation trailed off as he said, “Yes…. one of these days…” and I nodded, then repeated his words nearly verbatim.

It hung there in the warming air, though neither of us acknowledged more than the conversation itself.


Over the next few days, we barely saw each other, and he was nearing his departure day. I texted him to let him know that if he needed to stay longer, he was welcome without any more remuneration. He answered that he’d love to but his airline ticket would be too expensive to change again. Then he suggested we hang out that night if I wasn’t working.

We caught a bite at a nice sidewalk cafe, shared stories and people watched. We picked out girls we’d like to meet and take home as they sauntered by. He mentioned that he didn’t look for guys so much in that way, but then he pointed to a young good looking male who he thought he might maybe want, “If the guy’s not an asshole.”

I said, “Let’s find a nice couple and kidnap them both. We could share. Have a little of each flavor.”

It was all done with that sarcastic low-keyed humor that men banter with in public, but there was something underneath it all that neither of us would mention, barely even to ourselves. To me though, it rang in my ears with every passing comment.

Back at my place, it was getting late. We talked about his last full day’s schedule, and about his trip to the airport the following morning. He headed off to clean up and get some rest.

But at one point, before he closed his door, he yelled out again, half-jokingly, “I’m going to read some more of your bi porn and whack myself off to sleep. Try not to listen!”

“I don’t know, you sound pretty good!”, I retorted, not letting on that I actually did hear him.

There was a bit of a long silent pause. I yelled again for fun, “Did you cum yet? Was it good for you?”

I heard from the back room, “Shut up, I’m reading smut and I’m hard.”

My body was quietly trembling. I could feel my mind actually considering just going back there, walking in on him and grabbing his cock for… well, a little but of everything - swallowing, riding and then some. But I had no idea if it would be welcome, or what kind of weird mess it could make. God knows, he looked good enough to dive into, but that’s not everything.

I could hear the soft beginnings of his panting, the kind from someone stroking himself upward into his pleasure dome. The house was completely still except for his gently mounting sexual noises and mutterings. I found myself holding my breath just to listen to every nuance. I had my own cock in my hand and was beginning to masturbate along with him, thinking, ‘he’s just down the hall…’.

I was about to say something to him, to finally test the waters, even just to peek in and watch him cum to my story - I had no fucking idea what - when a text came through on my phone. I was grateful for the break in the sexual tension.

But it was him. Texting from the back room.

“I’m texting so I don’t embarrass myself with you. This fucking story is so hot, this shit you write is so real… and, well… if you wanna help, or join me… you know where I am.  Worst case, I’m gone in a day and a half.

My mind raced. This was one of those moments you think will never come. I texted back one word: “Serious?”

His response came. “I’d love to try. See if it’s better than before. If it’s weird, we can stop. But… you might be the right one..”

My cock was rigid, thumping and drooling and I’d barely even noticed.

In the nerves of the moment, I was stupidly trying to decide whether to text him back first or just walk in and start something.

One more text came in with this photo - of him stretched out on the back bed, his bared nipple and torso and his very alluring ass. Fuck. one look and I knew then that I wanted him. I wanted to be buried deep in that tempting round ass; that lush ass that was right now being offered freely.

I texted back: “What, no cock?”

“I have one, but I’m not a cock shot whore. Cum and get it, If you want.”

I almost started to laugh. We were just a hallway apart, flirting over our phones and both stroking very hungry hard meat, waiting for perhaps the right signals to ignite.

I wrote back: “On my way. Don’t move.”

I walked in to see him in the photo pose. It was just fucking perfect. I’d thought to even bring some lube on the way, which I dropped on the floor when I sat next to his half naked body. I knew what I wanted. It was him. All of him.  ’This one’, I thought to myself, ‘might just be the right one. The right one to see how much I really want this in my sexual arsenal.’

“Fucking nice ass you have”, I said sincerely. “Lemme see the rest.”
He turned just enough. His cock was perfect. Nice thickness, nice length. A perfect meal for any opening.

“So….” he hummed, “Wanna… try some…things?”

“I wanna”, and I punctuated the answer with a warm hand wrap about his shaft. The silk and steel feel of him in my palm sent a shock wave of wanton fire through my veins, and spun my brain into just the right fever mode for this new breach of sexual custom.

I wasn’t quite sure where to start, because it was like a gourmet meal awaiting me, looking all too delicious. Where to begin? Then I had an idea, and gently said, “I’d hate to interrupt your reading, so… just go back to it. I’ll ‘help’ as you so brilliantly suggested.


There was something so intensely intimate about what we began to do. He went back to reading one of my longer, dirtier MMF bi sex stories, and in the mix, we half consciously began stripping and pawing one another.

I slipped behind him once we were both naked, and slowly stroked his gorgeous cock as he read my story, silently at first. But now and then, he would re-read a heated passage to me aloud, and I’d ramp up the cock play to hear his voice falter and wobble, while I nipped and kissed his naked shoulders. With every stroke and every taste of his skin, I wanted him more. My body couldn’t seem to get close enough to his.

He would ask me to read some sections to him, so he could close his eyes and drink in the sensation and the wicked words. In between the spoken text, I’d remind him, now and then, not to cum yet. By the end of the story, my hand was drenched in his pre-cum and his ass crack and lower back was soaked in mine. I was stroking his cock and pinching his nipples and biting his neck, as he was rocking back into my swollen thickness.

We both slowed to breathe a little, and I said in an unintended hoarse whisper, “Did that… help?”

“Uh huh”

“Gonna read more?”

“I can’t focus”


We had hardly looked at one another, but that was imminent. We were primed. The savage beast would not be quelled for long. But we were new to this and to each other. so we stumbled our way further though the luscious darkness

Before I turned him to face me, I whispered again, as I slid my slippery dick up and down his perfect ass. “If I had my druthers, I’d really like to fuck your ass as deep as I can go. It feels soooo fucking good. And I mean to leave a gallon of cum in there too.“

He made an unintelligible sound which I thought was a heated “fuck yes” reaction.

I asked, “That work for you?”

“Yeah, uhhh, so works for me… yes yes yes. Do it.”

I tried to be polite to my willing naked guest. Why, I don’t know? “What do you want to do?”

He kept rocking on my length and arching back into me. We could have done that for an hour or two, I thought to myself.

“I’ve always wanted to have a really good man-to-man 69″, he managed to mutter.

Mmmmm, “I love the sound of that”, I said, “We should do that first.”

Without another word spoken, we shimmied about to face each other, and there came that moment of truth. Shame-tinged, but determined eyes meeting, sparkling in the lights through the window. Our nakedness complete to the other, bodies and wanting souls. I placed his hand on my cock, and we were suddenly, silently falling into erotic mirror games.

Now our eyes wouldn’t look away and rather quickly there was no shame left in them. There was a simple, mutual decision.  It hadn’t been fully made in truth until our eyes locked in this deeper nakedness.

He became almost a shy little boy as he asked if I liked to kiss. I said that I hadn’t kissed but one other man, but I wanted to kiss him. We both leaned in and our bodies scooted closer, our cocks meeting, our hands braiding to join in on the up-and-down motions as one.

Lips to lips, turned swiftly to a battle of the tongues, sucking, lapping, nipping, and now the furnace was stoked and heading toward roaring. I found myself suddenly shoving him onto his back on the bed, pushing his knees toward his chest so my cock could meet his at full length. Again, our hands clasped both shafts together,  as we  began an outer body fuck, our tongues tangling when they could reach one another,

When I pulled back a bit, our eyes met again, but this time, with that look of “Fuck, we are doing this and I’m not stopping”. The reflections were speckled with mutual fire and our bodies responded with a ramping-up of perpetual motion.

Then it was like a dare. The dirty talk came out of real questions.

“When you imagine your 69, are we both cumming in each others’ throats and faces?”

“Mmmm, fuck yes” he moaned.

“Yeah, I want to feel you erupt like you did the other night when I heard you cum. So. Fucking. Hot.  I want to know how it feels when you blast your cum into my face and down into my body.”

He blushed, and made more aroused and arousing grunts, then he began to fuck my cock back hard.

“Tell me what else you want”, I demanded, since I had the top spot for the moment.

“When you fuck me” he said plainly, “Make it hard and all the fucking way in.”

“That’s the plan”

I leaned down and bit his nipple. Then he asked me if he could do the same to my ass.

All I said with a mouthful of his lower lip was “You better.”

That was it. I swiveled my hips about, dangled my dick over his face, and took his in my hand, wrapping my lips about his slick cockhead.

I had one more thought before I devoured him cock and soul, “Try and see how long you can hold out. There’s always much more cum that way.”

I could feel him shake his head yes with half of my shaft already across his tongue. And off we went, into a cock-sucking tug-of-war.

I’d never felt anything so feral and wrong. hot and arousing, dirty and brilliant in one rocking fuck dance. I knew I was in the throes of making another man shoot a warm gooey load of his sexual seed down my throat and into my gullet, something I had never done except maybe in wet dreams. And I was going to tease every last drop out of him that I could. The more I played and teased and taunted him to the edge and back, the more I wanted this. Badly. I could hear the phrase ‘cum whore’ bouncing about in my consciousness.

We switched positions now and then as we tussled. It was a throat-fucking wrestling match and his ass rocked back and forth in a way that I almost wanted to stop what we were doing, pin him down and ramrod his hole until we both  roared to the fucking heavens.

I couldn’t believe how much of him I had taken in my throat at certain points and still tried for more. I had fingers in his ass that were wetted with some my saliva and his precum. I was fucking his ass’ gripping hole with three fingers, knuckles deep, humming low in my throat for added vibration, and shaking my head in a rhythm to add to the raw fuck-and-suck dance we were doing.

We were actually sucking each other side-by-side when I felt him growl in a telling way, with my cockhead nuzzling his gag reflex. I knew I was about to get cum-blasted down my open throat for the first time this way. I clawed his ass and pulled him in deeper to let him know to let go and just fucking explode into me.

I growled back with the sheer bliss of this cumwash I’d help to create, tilted my head to capture as much as I could without gagging, and when his first volleys happened, the lusciously lewd feel of his cum spraying across my tongue and rushing into the back of my mouth and parts adjacent tripped my own triggers as well.

Suddenly there were two men, gurgling and gulping and panting and moaning and fucking furiously, their faces full of rocking, spurting man-meat, both fighting to savor every ounce of sticky sex they could muster from this the double-dip tango they were fiercely engaged in together.

It had been better than I’d ever dreamed it could be. All I could think in the wild swirl of the moment was, how can I keep him here for a month or two?

As we alighted from our filthy flight, we kept stroking one another, careful not to over-sensitize our sticky, twitching tools. I swiveled back to face him again, and we instinctively tangled side by side, legs interlocked, mouths dripping with cum, which swiftly became the prize of our ensuing kisses, when we could stop panting long enough to do so.

“Fucking hell”, I finally managed, “Good, ummmm, suggestion”

“Yeah” was all he managed before we kissed in a really hot and dirty fashion.

I quietly said, “That was really…. fucking good. Great. The best. I mean. it makes me… You make me… want more. Just sayin’”.

“Me too”, he said quickly, “Lots more, if you’re up for it.”

“Lots sounds good, yeah”

There was a long pause, during which we busied ourselves with seeing who could lick up the most cum from the other. And I don’t think we had stopped playing with each others’ dicks as of yet. It was definitely a sign of  wanting more.

He smiled, kind of wickedly and said “You weren’t really planning to sleep tonight, were you?”

I smiled back to match him, “You weren’t planning to really go home on Sunday, were you?”

The conversation swiftly returned to dirtier places.

“When I fuck that hot ass of yours… and I will very shortly”, I promised, “I want you to be reading one of my stories. I’m not going to let you cum until you finish the story aloud. I want to hear what your voice does when I tease your pleading dick, while I drive mine deep into your spine as you read depraved things to me.”

We were both getting hard again.

He finally answered, “I’ll think of something to match that when i take yours…”, he trailed off.

I challenged him by simply saying, “You better…”

This night, I now hoped, might never end.

Anon Confession

I am writing to you to share a confession. I did something new  and daring sexually  (for me anyway) and I surprisingly loved it.  But I don’t know how to tell any of my friends. I can’t think of a one who wouldn’t be shocked. I don’t know, maybe they wouldn’t be, but no one in my life has ever known me as anything but a straight male, and for most of my life,  that’s how I thought of myself. Until a few nights ago.

One reason I am sharing this with you is because I really need to tell someone to make it real for myself, since I have to wait a few weeks, due to distance, for it to maybe happen again. And I guess confessing it in front of your followers makes it very real and honestly, very fucking hot. The other reason I am sharing this with you, is because you kind of made it possible.

I’ve been reading your blog for some time, and I found certain urges that I think I always had, finally rising up, instead of being ignored or denied. The way you encourage others to dare to explore things, especially bisexual things, without labels, helped me open my mind to do that for myself. I’m sure that I’ll always lean toward being mostly straight, but the things I masturbate to now, the things that arouse me are so much more diverse and kinky, thanks to you. And those things include doing everything dirty that I can think of with both sexes, and loving it all. I even look at pictures of attractive nude couples these days, who are engaged with each other in sex, and I find myself wondering which one do I want to fuck first?

Those are the fantasies that I lose myself in. My confession, though, is about my first real bisexual experience in the flesh. My first man-on-man fuck. It happened just days ago, and I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent orgasming over the memory already. And I have to credit one particular answer you gave recently to an Ask, that helped to propel me past my fears.

A guy wrote you about not really being attracted to men, but having desires to suck and fuck them. That’s kinda like me. I fantasize with certain photos of naked men, but in real life, I don’t find myself eyeing men on the street. In your answer to the anon, you said something about looking for the chemistry between you and another guy instead of waiting for the attraction thing. And honestly, that so opened a door in my thinking.

I don’t think I would ever have let this happen without your inspiration, so if you don’t mind, I’ll tell you about it. If you think it’s worthy, please share it with your readers. I’d love to know what they think, or if they’ve done similar things. Like I said, I just need to tell someone, so  I can stop doubting that it really happened.


His name is Paul (for the purposes of this confession). He is someone I work with intermittently, because I travel to different cities to troubleshoot in our corporate offices through much of the western part of the US. So, I’ve known him off and on for nearly a year, and see him maybe once or twice a month. The company made us a a working collaborative at his branch, because we’re a very productive team. He knows the local systems better than anyone, and I know the overall, so between us we cover and ace everything.

I can’t say that I knew him that well personally until our recent adventure, but we had shared a few drinks along the way on some of my visits. He’s a great guy and we get on famously. He’s young, handsome, sharp minded and a little shy sometimes, but brilliant, and a bit quirky really. He looks great in a suit, and I will admit, now that I’ve seen him out of one in the right sexual context, I am finally actually able to think of being attracted to his slim strong body and his very firm tight ass. Yeah, I am.

He has a girlfriend, though I’m not sure how steady they are, but they’ve been together for a time. I think that’s part of what drew me to him as well. He’s kind of like me in being mostly straight. But I found out, he had the same kinds of urges that I’ve recently let myself embrace.

As awkward as our first encounter was in places, I have to say, it was one of the hottest fucking things ever. Maybe that was because we were both crossing those sexual lines for the first time together. I know I want more with him if possible, and maybe later, if I’m lucky, he’ll invite me to join him with his girl too.

My First Time

My last visit in the past week went longer than expected. I was supposed to be in Seattle for a couple of days and it turned into nearly a week. That’s when it happened. Paul and I were working endless hours, because something went seriously awol in their systems, and as crazy as it was, we both knew we’d find it eventually. We even joked about the cha-ching overtime we’d get on this wild goose chase.

When we had to work past regular hours, we’d covertly pop a beer and take breaks to gab. But this one evening, the beers were not helping, and  we needed to focus. When Paul went out to get us some serious coffee, I went back to work on the computer, and I found something by accident that started things rolling. I found his secret porn stash - one that he had buried well on his work computer, the contents of which both floored me and made me rock hard in an instant. His stash was mostly gay and bi porn and it was stunningly good, and so fucking erotic. I really wanted to just sit there at his desk and masturbate to his stash.

Mostly though, it told me something that I didn’t know about him and I started wondering “What if…”. I remembered what you said about chemistry, and I began to wonder more about him. Him with me. And me with him.  Doing all of those things I saw in his porn stash. Would he? Should I try to make something happen? After all, I was only an occasional visitor as a work partner. We could handle that probably. See? I was already running ahead and imagining us as both work and fuck buddies. Once I started, I just couldn’t stop.

When he returned, I swore he was going to spy my hard-on, which never seemed to go away. I tried to keep my mind on work, and tried to think about our “chemistry” first, and not sex. I had no idea if he’d be open to it, but I now had someone real, not only to fantasize about really having, but to maybe make it happen. I kept thinking it was the beer talking, but even after the espresso, it only got more intense.

The more it all brewed in my head as we worked, the more I realized we might have the perfect chemistry. But how the fuck to approach it? Like I said, the good news was, I’d be gone in a couple of days if it was a disaster. The bad news was I had very little time, and I suddenly wanted this to happen now. Carpe Fucking Diem, right?

We stopped around 11:30pm and agreed we both needed another wind-down drink. We hit my hotel’s bar across the street, and I’m sure I must have blushed a few times as I considered just blatantly asking him up to my room for a fuck. But how weird would that be?

Paul and I ordered a couple of micro-brews. We started talking shop, but in the back of my head I kept imagining us already in the naked tangle.  Again, it was the question of if he’d want to,  and if so, would he want to with me? Those thoughts soaked themselves into every word that came out of my mouth, to the point that I worried I might be spilling the dirty beans without knowing it.

I finally dared to ask him about his work porn stash. At first I mentioned it to let him know that it was safe and that he chose a good place to hide it. Then I advised him to delete it before he next full audit. He went silent and half red with a blushing stammer.

"How did you…?"

"I was cleaning out files and the way you labeled it, I thought it was business. It’s a very smart camouflage, but it can be found. So, you may want to keep that on a thumb drive on your keychain and take it anywhere. That’s what I do."

"So you looked at it?"

I smiled and said nothing right away. I waited to see how he would react. I told him finally that I thought it was all really hot. That I especially liked the MMF bi threesome gifs - all those different combinations of fucking and sucking in one bash, man on man on woman. I wanted to be more specific about things I loved seeing (like cum swapping and and the guys fucking and sucking while one fucked the girl), but I’d already said enough to make him stutter.

Then again, I could also see him relax a little knowing I wasn’t some militant heterosexual. But he kept fidgeting and blushing. I knew he was concerned about being outed, even as bi-curious.

I assured him that I had no intention of telling anyone. And that I was happy to know that there was someone else "like me" - mostly straight, but wanting to bend a bit to see how it feels. To see if I liked it enough to do it more. I told him that I had a similar stash to his - some gay, some bi, some straight, but all kinky. That seemed to shift things for the better.

I asked him about his girlfriend and if they’d had threesomes. He said they talked about it but she seemed too skittish to bring someone else in so far. And they hadn’t talked about doing that with another man. Just another girl. I asked him if she knew of his bi-curiosity. He said no. Not yet anyway.

I said,”You’ll have to tell her sometime. She might love it. More women do than you know.” He liked the sound of that. I shifted my tone a little, and asked  “Have you ever done anything with a guy?”

He said no, then he added timidly that he wondered what it would be like. I leaned in quietly and just said “Me too. I’ve been curious for awhile. And I masturbate about it more than I care to admit.” I let that just hang in the air for both of our sakes. It felt like a dangerous admission, and at the same time it felt fucking exhilarating. And I could almost hear his silent retort of “me too.”

He asked me if I’d done anything with a guy and I told him that I hadn’t, but I’d bought some ass toys to kind of simulate it - a plug and a suction cup dildo -  and how I discovered loving ass play. He asked me what I liked about it. I just told him the truth, that it was amazing feeling to be filled like that, and to ride a long thick dick. And that now, I wanted to feel someone actually fuck me in the ass, either a woman with a strap-on or maybe the right guy.

I was surprised at what was coming out of my mouth. The alcohol may have loosened me up a bit, but when I knew he was basically in the same place about trying on sex with a guy, I just couldn’t stop testing the waters. If I had gotten different signals I would have backed off. And though his reactions were a bit shy, they also were saying, “keep going”, like he needed a little urging and that’s all.

We were about to order another round (I thought I needed it to broach the next set of lewd leading questions), but the sassy waitress whose ass we both kept watching when she walked by, said they were closing. She added with a covert insinuation “If you’re staying here, you can take another round up to your room and continue there…”

This time it was my turn to blush. I wondered how much our little tete-a-tete was exposing what was under our tensions. She seemed to sense what was going on between us just by watching. Then I started to muse whether she’d want to watch us, since there was a touch of glee in her suggestion. I was dying to ask her if she’d like to be a voyeur with a couple of guys trying their hand at first time bi-sex. But I didn’t know how much even I would do, if anything, and I couldn’t quite tell about Paul either.

I just turned to Paul and said “Wanna come up for a round?” And the way it came out of my mouth made the waitress bite her lower lip, but Paul to just interject sportily “Yeah sure”, as if it was to play Xbox. I had another urge to invite the waitress, thinking she seemed like someone who would make sure it would actually happen, and happen fucking well.

She returned with the micro-brews, I signed it to the room, tipped her really well, and prayed that she’d come up and listen through the door. One look at the check and she knew the room number where we would be… doing whatever I hoped we’d be doing.

The elevator ride was really awkward. We were both not acknowledging what was getting closer between us. I tried to stay calm and keep breathing. I found myself eyeing his body in his nice suit and loosened collar and tie. He saw me looking and we locked gazes for a moment. The telltale moment that gave me a silent go-ahead was when he looked up to see if there was a camera in the elevator. Like he wanted to do something with me, but didn’t want to get caught.

My cock hardened immediately, and I tried to subtly cover it so as not to scare the boy away.  My thoughts started racing. I wanted him to ask me if I was hard, and to come over and start stroking me right there. My mind ran ahead to what might happen, then I panicked again, thinking, “What if I don’t like his body? What if I don’t like the look of his cock?” I’d seen lots of pics of cocks I’d like to play with on tumblr, but some, not so much. Then I tried to tell my head to shut up because I had no idea how this would go, if it went at all.

The closer we got to my room in the hall, the more I really wanted to touch him inappropriately, and start it all right in the hallway. But I held back for safety. My room was way at the end of the hall so it felt perfectly hidden. There was a moment at the door when we both looked at each other and said nothing. The things going on behind both our eyes no doubt were speaking volumes, perhaps about hoping some dirty fantasies would come true. It as incredibly electric. It as like entering the door to a secret playhouse where only we would know what kind of naked secrets would be revealed there. It wasn’t a point of no return, but it felt like an agreement or a decision to go ahead together.

We got inside and I tossed my coat and tie, kicked off my shoes and told him to do the same. He was still standing after doing so, and I walked over to him, stared for a long moment and clinked my bottle on his.

"Here’s to sharing new… secrets. And to keeping them safe, right"

"Yes" he agreed and we drank on it.

Then came more awkward silence but it was swirling with the unspoken fears and hangers.

I finally said, “Am I….umm,  misreading this or do you want to…. I mean, would you want to try… any of what we’ve been talking about? What I found in your stash, I mean.” I added nervously “You know… with me?”

I’d barely finished the last sentence when he jumped in with a muttered but definite “yes”. My body rushed with sensations of lust and fear. I had no fucking idea how to do this. But I so wanted to try, and he was the right guy in the right timing.

I raced back in memory wondering  how long he’d though of me that way.  It didn’t matter. I’d find out later. Right now I had a guy in my room who wanted to play and I really wanted to play with him. But how to fucking start??

"What do you want to do?" I asked him in a haltingly. He blushed and shrugged unsure of what to say. "I know." I said, "I mean I don’t know either." That seemed to make him relax a bit.

"Do you wanna kiss me?", I asked suddenly. He seemed uneasy about that. "Okay… Are you okay with me kissing you? I’m not really sure how else to begin."

Again he was so nervous he couldn’t speak. I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth. I said, “Well if you really wanna fuck me, you’ll have to kiss me first.”

He answered sheepishly, “Okay”, and my cock went full-on steely hard, tip to base. He basically just told me that he wanted to fuck me. I approached him slowly and leaned in for the first taste, which was shivery and nervous and soft…. until my hand cupped his crotch and he kissed back more eagerly than I expected.

As our mouths opened and out tongues slid out into each other’s mouths, I thought, “Oh shit, I’m going to fuck a guy!”

Part 2

I could only guess that he was as nervous as I was, but my dick was harder than I’d ever remembered, probably from the sheer taboo of it all. I was terrified and so very turned on. He was probably worse with his nerves, from what I could tell, but he was game.

I started to move my hand on his cock through his pants, and use my fingers to suss out its shape and size. It was a new thing to feel someone else’s, but it was a good size and thickness, and with that recognition, I closed my hand to grip it as best I could. He reacted with an instinctive soft moan. “Fuck, he likes the way I touch him”, I thought.

Without any intent to do sot, we had somehow had moved over to the nearest wall where I now had him cornered. He reached down and started to explore my rock-hard dick through my suit pants. The more we groped, the hotter the kissing went to licking and biting and tugging at shirt buttons.

He was quite hairless on his chest but muscular at the same time and I thought, perfect! I found myself suddenly sucking his nipples like I’d done with women in foreplay. And when I did, I felt his hand on the back of my hair egging me on to not stop. Our groping was now grabbing and without a thought, I reached back and shoved my hand under his belt to get a handful of his ass. And it felt sooo fucking good. Firm, tight, flexed, smooth and wanting to be touched, I think.

We were both panting. I let go of his dick as our eyes locked again. Then I slowly unzipped him and he sighed an “oh fuck” right to my face. His grip on my cock tightened. I just said, “Go ahead” and he unzipped me as well. Neither of us had looked down yet, but we had each other’s erections in our fists. Neither of us knew exactly what to do, but as I moved in to kiss him again, we both start pumping slowly on each other. Then, we were grinding cock against cock. In that moment, I just wanted to bend him over and shove my cock full tilt into his asshole. But I knew that I needed to get there first.

When the heat rose too much, we broke, but never let go of the other’s dick. It was time for one of us to do something more. I started to stroke him slowly again, and he followed suit on my thickened meat. I asked him quietly, “How have you imagined this when you masturbate? What do you wanna do? Or would you want me to do?”

To my surprise he awkwardly moved to kneel down, he looked up at me, looked at my cock in his hand, and took his first licks. Then he wrapped his lips around the head, and his half a fist around my shaft and started to suck and stroke and tease me. Looking down at him and seeing his raging hard-on as he pushed his face onto my happy dick, had me deliriously aroused.

He was amazing too. I mean, I could feel moments of his tentativeness, but he had clearly fantasized about this, and watched a lot of cock-sucking porn, because without even meaning to, my hand was instinctively in his hair and my cock was starting to joyously fuck its way into his throat.. and he opened up to let me.

As I looked down, I saw this hot younger guy I’d known a little for awhile, on his knees, his pants open and his own cock hard and wet-tipped, hungrily going to work on my swelling erection. That visual alone had my mind in wild and dirty spin. I suddenly wanted to fuck him all night, in every conceivable way.

At one point, I could see his phone nearby and I grabbed it, knowing that you can open the camera function without opening the phone. I tried to steady my hand enough to get a good shot of him sucking my cock, and I did. He heard the click and looked up. I smiled and said, “It’s your phone. So you get to decide if you want to share it with me. I want to remember this. it’s just too fucking hot.”

He went back to his task with a feverish energy. I thought at first he was just going to get me raging hard for fucking, but he was going at it like he was dying for a gallon of my cum in his belly.  And as much as I wanted to hold out, I was suddenly ready to stuff my entire length into his throat and explode. At one point he pushed himself too far onto my cock (with my help no doubt) and he choked a bit. God, those noises were hot. But he had to pull off, and catch his breath.

I found myself kneeling to his level face him and make sure he was okay. He was. Then he asked if what he was doing to my cock was okay. I told him it was fucking spectacular, and asked him if he wanted me to cum in his face.  He just said, “Yes.” And out of the blue I said, “I want yours, too. C’mon. Bedroom.”

We stumbled in and at the foot of the bed, we started tearing our remaining clothes from each other. Our rigid cocks were keeping us apart until I pulled him close and starting rubbing mine against his. Then I pushed him onto the bed, swiveled around and knelt over him in reverse, lowering my cock to his mouth. He grabbed it and started back to his brilliant sucking.

As he got into a rhythm on mine, I was able to lean in and stroke his very beautiful cock, and the first thing I did was lick all of the pre-cum from his tip, which made him hum on my dick. I’d watched enough porn and had my cock sucked by some pretty amazing women, so I echoed what I knew, and soon Paul and I were playing who could make who moan louder with a mouth full of cock. He was kind of winning since I had already been so close to the edge in the other room. I had a feeling I was gonna blow first.

Soon we were side by side, sucking each other and fucking one anothers’ faces. The minute I reached back to grab his ass and felt its smooth skin and muscled rump, all I could think about was how much I wanted to fuck that ass. I slid a finger into his pucker and it made him shove forward into my throat and start fucking me. God that was so hot. He did the same fingering to my ass, and in no time we were double face-fucking,  until I finally could feel myself ready to blow.

I couldn’t speak or howl with his dick fucking across my tongue, so I growled with my mouth full and let loose a river of cum and came hard. I must have been slamming his face and jerking into him because I felt him back off a bit, but he wrapped his lips tight to my shaft and the feeling of him doing that made me cum even more intensely. That first man-sucked orgasm felt like it went on forever and it was astronomically extraordinary. And the gurgling and gulping sounds he made sent me to the fucking moon.

As soon as I could manage it, I got back to fingering his ass and swallowing his cock, while he gently stroked my cock and suckled the juices out of it. He knew how not to over-sensitize me as he played, which I didn’t realize until later. It was perfect. When I finally shoved two fingers deep in his tight little asshole and pushed my face to his balls, I felt him growl on my cock. His body tensed, his dick twitched, and I too, backed off just enough, taking my cue from him. Those last pulses on his shaft before he shot is first dollop of cum across my tongue felt so amazingly powerful. I just turned this man into cum jelly. Just the way he’d done to me.

I kept my hands on his ass and felt him fuck my mouth, and try to fuck my throat as his body jerked and spewed and his hands held onto me for dear life. And half the time my dick was still in his mouth. Jesus it was amazing. I couldn’t believe how much cum he spurted into my mouth and some right down into my throat. By pure instinct I was gulping half of it down without even a thought. I loved the taste and the absolute wicked feel of the forbidden act I had just made happen.

As his orgasm settled, we were both still enjoying the taste of one another, until I finally moved back and swiveled about. I decided to do what I often did after giving a woman an oral explosion. Just kiss upward until I reached her mouth and share the spoils. We both had what felt like a pint or two of cum to swap, and that turned out to be the dirty thing that turned us both on even more. I’d just never imagined I’d really get to do this with a guy. And this guy, of all. It was fucking bliss.

 At one point I actually said to him “I’m dying to plow your ass. It’s so…. fuckable.” He didn’t say anything at first as he was still trying to swallow what was left in his mouth, but his nod told me he was up for trying that. So I quietly decided for us both - that’s what we would do next, as soon as we recovered.

Part 3

After the shameless cum trade, something we obviously both had fantasized about, we lay there together, just breathing and touching. It was awkward but sweet. I wasn’t sure how to lay with a guy - like who was the big spoon or should be lay looking up and… fuck, I didn’t know. What I really liked, even then, was that we had both just sucked each other off together and swallowed together, so it kind of set us up as equals, with no one calling the title “top”.

I had a feeling he was a bit of a bottom, but I wanted suddenly to do everything with him. I wanted him to fuck my ass as much as I wanted to savage his. Somehow, this carnal turn of events felt so fucking perfect and even. It had lots of possibilities.

The quiet talk started haltingly, until I said that I really loved what we just did. He agreed. I asked him if he had any secret kinks or desires or fantasies about what to do with another guy. He was a bit shy in sharing but he did say he wanted to tie a guy down and fuck him again and again for hours. Then have him do the same to him, cumming both inside of him and all over him. I muttered “Fuck, I’m game.” We laughed.

He asked me the same. I said that I loved the idea of seeing my cum dripping from his ass, or even another guy’s ass and licking it up and feeding it to him from my tongue. I wasn’t sure if I’d break our spell by mentioning his girlfriend, but I said, “I’d love to eat your cum from her ass or pussy”. He said “She’d probably love that, if she gets past her worries about another person with us. She might be better abut it, if it’s a guy. I don’t know.” I quietly said, “You may want to let her know you’d be okay with that, and see what she says.”

I just said, if she likes the idea of guys engaging with each other in a threesome, that might be the way to open things up. I smiled and added “Invite me anytime.”

Things were warming up between us and our hands were slowly exploring each other again. Then I said, “I’d love to DP your girl with you, then lick each others’ cum from her ass and cunt, then feed it to her and each other.”

Something about that suggestion sent us right back into the wicked climb. We were stroking and humping on each other. I turned him face down and started sliding my cock up and down his ass crack and he arched like he wanted to be mated.

"Fuck", I said. He asked what. "No lube…wasn’t prepared for this hot surprise. But wait… don’t go anywhere. You’re not getting out of here until I pound your perfect little asshole."

He moaned. He so wanted it.

I went quickly into the bathroom and grabbed the very nice soap with the natural oils in it, put a puddle of water in the curved soapdish and carried it back in. I really wanted to fuck him face to face, but I pulled him to the bottom edge of the bed and placed him forcefully face down/ass up and spread. He looked so fuckably hot like that.

I’d never licked a man’s asshole, but I found myself suddenly sucking his balls again and licking upward to his pucker. The minute my tongue grazed his hole, he started to gurgle. I had obviously hit another fantasy of his. And mine. I buried my face in his ass and started to tongue fuck him. The way he moved and arched and moaned made my cock drip. it felt like he would let me do this all night to him.

But soon, I rolled the wet soap in my hand, slicked up my fingers and started to paint his asshole inside and out with the slippery soap. I soaped my cock and his. I soaped up three fingers and spread his hole more open and pushed them in almost knuckles deep. I started to slide my cock up and down his crack again, adding the soapy slickness when needed. He was already gripping the coverlet, so I teased him. “How bad do you wanna be fucked? C’mon, Paul, tell me!” And I smacked his ass. He fucking loved that.

I made him beg me to fuck him a number of times, leaving handprints on his rump before each admission. I asked him if he wanted to “my little dickwhore” for now, and he just said “give it to me” like he couldn’t wait another minute.The more this went on, the more I need to just rape his dirty little hole.

I flipped him onto his back suddenly and he literally said “What the fuck..?”. I just said that I wanted to see his face register every push as my cock filled his asshole the first time. He seemed to love that idea. For some reason, I also wanted to have the visual of knowing it was a man’s ass I was breaching, because it would have been easy to imagine his as an athletic girl since it had no hair at all. I wanted the fucking taboo of another cock there in my view.

I soaped us up some more, spread his legs, placed them on my chest and shoulders and nuzzled my cockhead to his soapy hole. I just said, “Show me how much you love this.” Half of me couldn’t believe I was talking to him like this, but it turned me on so fucking much to be in the position to just use him the way he wanted.

I pushed in hard the first time and we both growled. I started rocking and our eyes were suddenly locked. We almost didn’t need to talk. I could tell when he was ready for more, and I loved seeing each inch of my cock being buried in his ass, radiating on his face like that. It was a first for us both, but his ass was pretty open and accommodating for a newbie. I demanded that he tell me if he’d fucked toys. He had. “Good, I said, I’m not going to hold back then.”

I started fucking him deeper, and found a steady rhythm while stroking his cock and never taking my eyes from his. Part of my mind couldn’t believe that I was even doing this. Fucking a guy like he was a girl under my spell, but loving the fact that his cock was there to taunt him with as well. I shoved in hard a few times and watched his eyes roll back.  Then that doubt entered - am I gay? Will I want guys more than girls? I shoved that  away, knowing this was just a new adventure, and if I could have focused then, I would have known that what I really wanted was both sexes, together, in a bisexual fuck orgy.

In the mix of things, the heat rose to a place where I pulled out suddenly for a purpose. He cried out “Noooo”. I flipped him back over with his ass in the air, and I heard him moan, “Yessss”. I re-soaped my dick, paddled his ass and shoved my cock back in as far as it would go.

I started power-fucking his ass, leaning over now and then to growl something dirty in his ears “I want to fuck you over your desk like this.” Then, “I want to fuck you over your girlfriend’s face like this” - on the last one, he whimpered “Oh God”. I knew I’d remember that one later. I realized that I could see us in the wall mirror now, my hips pounding into his, and his cock waiving under him and dripping like crazy.

I remembered too a female friend of mine saying that the reason she loves watching man on man gay porn is because they fuck like animals, hard and raw and there was nothing else like it. Inspired by her voice in my head, I began to fuck him savagely like there was no tomorrow, and he surrendered to every wild slam taking it like a pro. And when I came long and loudly, I wrapped my body around him, and shoved my dick inside of him so far he had to hold onto the sides of the mattress which he could barely reach. There was a lot of “oh fuck“‘s and “oh god’s” coming from both of us. Again, I came like a monster, dumping endless streams of cum in his tight little butthole. Fuck it was so good.

I knew that the intensity was from daring to break the old taboo in my head. As much as I couldn’t believe I had just fucked a guy, I also couldn’t believe I had waited this long to try it.

We both collapsed down onto the bed, me still twitching deep inside of him. We started sharing dirty ideas. He said, when he fucked me, he wanted to do it in a mirror so he could watch me, while he took me from behind.  I told him I’d love to fuck him at work then plug his ass, and make him keep my cum in him while we worked side by side. He said “I want you to fuck me like that while I’m fucking my girl.” He won that round. That had been a dirty fantasy of mine, ever since I considered fucking guys.

When I pulled out and rolled him over, I saw that he had cum all over himself. I smiled and said, “Mmmm, love that!”, and I proceeded to lick some of it up. We kissed. Then I moved my dirty cock up to his face. “C’mon, I loved the taste of your ass. I’m sure it’s better with my cum on it too.” He sucked me clean and we shared that too.

I was expecting him to say “My turn when we’re hard again”, but he saw the clock and realized he had to go. “I can’t go back to work in these clothes in the morning, and I do need to sleep. These hours are kicking my ass.” I was exhausted too really, so I gave him no fight.

I wanted him to stay so he could fuck me in a morning shower. And I was only here for another half day, then gone.

It was oddly awkward again as he cleaned up enough to get dressed. I wrapped a towel around me and watched my own cock rise again under it. He saw it too.

There was that silent moment where we rehashed the promise of keeping this an absolute secret. I just said at the door, that I’d see him in the office tomorrow for a short while. I smiled and reassured him, “Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. No one will ever know.” He eased up, remembering that we both had to honor each other to be safe.

He leaned in, rubbed my hard-on through my towel and said, “Next time, I get to fuck you. I might have to buy some restraints”. We laughed, and I said quietly, “You won’t have to, but do it, if you want.”

Next day, we barely had a moment alone in the office. But I leaned in to him at his desk quietly and whispered, “If I drag you into the storage closet for a blowjob, which one of the girls who work here will want to watch and masturbate to us?”. We both laughed. Then he promised me that he’d find out by the time I returned.

I’ll be back there in just about 2 weeks, and I can’t stop thinking about it. And about what he and I did and what we’ll do next. But because we didn’t kinda finish everything, and it’s so far away, I really needed to tell someone. Sorry for the length of this.

Thanks for letting me share.

PS.  He just texted me the blowjob pic. He said I could share the blurred version. He loved that I took it. So, this is our first pic from his phone with my dick in his mouth. Time to masturbate again.




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We were just waiting for further orders, Mark and I. Sitting in the back of a humvee, just about a few hours across the border in Southern Iraq, our driver had just been picked up and taken to be briefed on the route we were going to be taking. While we “technically” weren’t on the front line per se, the tanks a quarter mile ahead of us were taking out targets almost a mile out. We were hearing and seeing as much of the fireworks as anyone, really.

Our main objective had been to disable anything that was abandoned, that was still functional, and to escort any surrendering troops back to a secure location. But today was different. There was some inbound artillery fire that, while about a half mile to our east, was still way to close for comfort.

"Did Jeff say how long he was gonna be?" I asked.
Mark looked at me curiously, “I’d say at least 45, maybe an hour. Why, you nervous?”
“Uh, yeah” I said. “No driver, sitting here like a duck.”
“Listen, they’ve been hitting the same spot over and over. They don’t have intel, and we’d just as likely get hit if we were moving, just dumb luck.” Mark replied.
“I dunno, just don’t feel good.”
“Well here, let’s change that.” No sooner did he finish that sentence did he start to unbuckle his belt.
“Are you nuts?!” I shot back at him.
“What? No one is around, no one will be for AT LEAST 30, and if you’re gut is right? Well let’s just say then, I want to cum one more time before I die.”

Mark and I were pretty close. We’d met when I was sent to his unit as a fill in, and we hit it off almost immediately. Being away from home for so long, not having my girlfriend or his wife around, we’d masturbated together a couple of times. More than once with an audience too. There were a lot of things that I’d seen out in the desert that normally wouldn’t(?) have gone on.

It took all of about two seconds for him to pull down his bdus, boxers and all and sit back down on the bench. Mark had really gorgeous cock. Not as long as mine, but goddamn, thick as you’d ever want. I started to pull my own pants down and sat down next to him, hardly believing that we were gonna jerk off here, now.

I reached over and put my hand on his shaft and Mark let out a long groan. “It’s been three days, this is gonna feel so good.” he muttered. Wrapping my fingers around him was always such a rush for me, feeling his thick, hard cock against my skin, knowing just how good it felt for him was incredible to me. And he knew all I wanted to do was make him cum. Fuck that’s what I needed right now.

"Tighter" he rasped…."grab that cock." He knew I liked it when he talked to me like that…like I was his bitch.

"Just lean back and enjoy, Mark."

Just as I said that that, I decided to make this time even more memorable. Without thinking I slipped off the bench, onto my knees in front of him and in one motion spread his legs apart, and licked him ever so slowly from his balls up to the tip of his cock…all the while staring directly up at him.

"What the…oh god…" Was the only thing that escaped his mouth as it dawned upon him what I was doing. "I’ve always wanted to try this." I said. My hand wrapped around the base of his cock, his head inches from my wet lips. "Just let me enjoy myself."

"Oh god, thank…" he trailed off into a low deep moan as I opened my mouth gently licked the underside his head. I felt Mark shiver slightly as I began to gently caress his balls and took a cock into my mouth for the first time. I closed my lips around the tip as my mind raced. This was every bit as amazing, more so even, as all of my fantasies ever had been.

I was completely drunk on pure lust. I’d always wondered how I would do, would I be good…but I was on autopilot. Replaying it in my mind, it was the most natural motion I could have ever performed. Hearing him moan and groan just further fueled my desire for his cock, for his cum.

After a quick suck on that mushroom head I wanted to do what I always dreamed of. I took a deep breath, exhaled and tried to take as much of his thick shaft as I possibly could. Little by little I slid my lips down his cock, feeling every vein, each contour sliding over my tongue. “Oh my g…fuck me, that feels incredible.” Mark stammered. About five inches in, I could feel his cockhead press the back of my throat. Not wanting to gag, I made a gentle swallowing motion and then pulled back. I stopped with my lips still around the tip and looked up at Mark. The look on his face was a glassy-eyed half smile, hanging mouth hanging partially open.

"And this is the first time you’ve ever done this??", he asked, a full grin now on his face. My only reply was an ‘mmmhmm’. As I held his cock with my right hand, I turned my attention back to his balls, slathering my wet tongue all over them, softly taking one then the other into my mouth. Just a little further underneath I tongued him, just before his ass, teasing, feeling him squirm.

But now, I don’t know what sense of urgency drove me, but I needed him to cum for me. I began a slow but rhythmic bob of my head on the top half of his cock while fondling his balls and keeping a tight grip, stroking his shaft. Mark’s moans began to get louder, his breath becoming shallower, more ragged. “You like that cock, don’t you? You’ve wanted it in your mouth since the moment you saw it, didn’t you?” was met with my moaning on his cock. He had me and he knew it. He could tell, that where I had been on the less than dominant side before, I was now his little slut. That thought only served to get me even hotter.

To say that Mark had a nice cock would be an under statement. It bordered on perfection. All I wanted was to swallow every inch that I could. I learned that there is just something almost magical about feeling a throbbing cock in your mouth, all the while knowing that you’re one causing it. I knew, just from my own masturbating, that he was close. Tighter, I gripped the base and felt the sensitive underside of his cock slide back and forth over my tongue.

"Wait wait wait, stop." Mark said. Disappointedly, I let go of my grip and reluctantly took my lips off of him. I just stayed there, looking up at him with what I could only imagine was a pleading and questioning look on my face. "What? Wasn’t I doing alright? You seemed like you gonna…"

"Shhh, you were doing great, and yeah, I was about to." Mark replied. "But not just yet…" While talking, he was just sitting there stroking his cock. "Now lie down."
Seeing a puzzled look on my face, he gently put his other hand on my shoulder and softly pushed me back a little. “Trust me, just lie back for a minute.”

Feeling the cool metal on my bare ass I instinctively raised my hips a little, causing my cock to thrust a bit in the air. Reaching over, Mark looked at me and said “what do we have here?” He trailed his fingers slowly from my ass, over my tight balls, agonizingly slow along my shaft until he reached the head of my cock, dripping with precum. Coating his finger, he raised it to his mouth and sucked it off “mmmm, tastes as good as mine.”

"Now where were we? Oh yes, your lips were around this hard cock of mine and you were blowing me like a good little girl." he said, slowly jerking his cock. "Now don’t move, and do exactly what I say or I won’t let you cum after me, is that understood?" All I could do was nod. "You like this cock, don’t you, my little slut?" He began as he bent forward and placed it directly on my lips. My eyes told the whole story. "Lick it, lick my cock. You know you want to." Opening my mouth I traced my tongue all over his head.

"You like my cock, don’t you? The look, the feel, the taste. You just can’t get enough, can you? You want to taste more, you want me to cum, don’t you?" His words were coming more as ragged gasps now. Jacking off, kneeling over me, whatever words were coming from his mouth, he was on the edge. He just wanted to shoot.

"Yes, Mark. I want it. I need it, please?" escaped my lips, in an undeniably feminine tone. "Cum for me."

"Cock, that’s all you want. In your hands, in your mouth. I could be with two or three guys right now and you would do all of us. With the others watching, wouldn’t you? You’re just a dirty little little cockslut."

Barely audible, all I could utter was a whimper of a yes.

"Open your mouth." he said. Or, who am I kidding, ordered. One hand cupping his balls, the other jacking his shaft, he pointed the head directly at my face. Maybe three or four inches from my outstretched tongue he stopped for a second, then with a loud groan the first stream of cum sprayed from his engorged head. As quickly as that first salty sweet pulse splashed against my tongue and chin I pushed my head forward to take him into my mouth.

"Oh my god yesssss." was about all I heard as he let go of his throbbing cock poured his load into my mouth as I greedily began to swallow. I didn’t even move really, simply letting Mark slide his meat deep into my mouth, I wanted to feel everything as he erupted, slowly fucking my throat. With every shot I felt his cock expand. I was in ecstasy. Knowing that I was the root cause of what was happening was the ultimate feeling of being drunk with power.

As I felt the last few throbs of his cock, he began to soften just a bit. I pushed my head all the way down his cock to the very base, and swallowed hard one last time. His whole body spasmed a bit, no doubt from the sensitivity. Mark nearly fell forward as his cock slipped from my mouth.

Wiping my chin with my finger, cleaning off that little bit that hadn’t made it into my mouth from his initial spurt, knew I was grinning one humongous smile. “Wow, that was amazing.” I laughed, licking my finger and swallowing one last time.

"Holy fuck. I don’t know if it’s just been so long that we’ve been away from home, or what," he replied, "but I swear that was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had."

I could feel my face turning beet red, while smiling at the same time.

"Do me a favor though, sit up on the bench for a moment. My back is shot, I can’t bend over, but I want to get an up close look at this cock of yours." Mark said to me, with a wink and a wicked evil grin…

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I was hanging out at the mess tent, myself, Mark, and one other guy, a friend of Marks whom I had never met. Mark had just finished up and began to leave.

"I’ll catch you a bit later?", he smiled?

"You bet, can’t wait." I replied.

Thinking that was it, that I’d just finish and go back to the tent for some fun, mister new guy muttered “Be careful bro.”

"What?", I was generally confused.

"There are rumors about what you’ve been doing."

Okay, he knows, I thought. “Yeah? So what about them?.”

Turning to look at me now he just blateny said “Just saying, you better not disagree with the wrong person.”

I looked at him and coyly replied “Well if that someone is you, maybe I can do something to get on your good side?”

"No, I’m married." He shot at me.

Chucking, I looked at him’s and said “Half of the guys out here are.”

"Yeah, well I’m faithful", was all he could say.

"Alright, suit yourself, but you should at least take care of yourself.", shaking my head.

Almost bashful, he quietly said, “It’s not the place to do that out here.”

"Wait, you’re gonna tell me that you haven’t even jerked off? Dude, that’s not healthy" I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I said, “You know, some of the guys just close their eyes and pretend I’m their girlfriend of wife. No one has to know. I won’t say a word.”

All of a sudden, I just sensed that he might not be able to admit it, but he wanted to.

So I said to him, “Listen, some guys just don’t want to actually say it, but they want to. So listen, don’t say a word, but if I walk by Bravo 2 Humvee in, say a half hour, I’ll know that you just need a little release. It’ll just be between you and I.”

With that, I got up and left.

Exactly a half hour later I walk by, and sure enough, he’s sitting in the back. I can tell by the way he’s sitting there that he’s super nervous. He saw me, then turned his head away.

I knew I couldn’t say anything, I had to just be quiet and go slow. There’s something so damn hot when you know they can’t talk about it, but the just really need it.

So I climbed into the back slowly, and just say there for a moment. Poor guy, I could feel him trembling a little. I just leaned up against his leg and waited a few moments for him to stop shaking.

Slowly, I turned to face him, he sitting on the bench, me on the floor. I reached up, placed my hand on his chest and gently pushed him back so that he’d just lean back and hopefully enjoy this.

I trailed my hand down to his pants and God, all I could feel was this raging hardon. Oh he needed this, he needed it badly.

Gently unbuttoning him, I pulled his pants and underwear down at the same time. Beautifully shaped, if not large, his cock bounced, the head already glistening with precum.

I just slowly began to lick that off of his head and I could hear him panting. Not wanting to take any chances, I just took him entirely into my mouth. With just that one motion he couldn’t stop himself if he wanted to. He just started to cum and cum. I almost couldn’t keep up, but I knew I wanted him to enjoy every moment so I just swallowed and swallowed every sweet drop.

As he stopped pulsing, I sucked one last time deep and hard and lifted my head. Oh how hot he looked. He was still so hard, but breathing so fast.

The only thing I said to him that time,
“Okay, so if that’s enough, just cover yourself with your hands and that’s it. I’ll leave. But I’d really like to do that again. And by the the looks of it, so do you. So just clear your throat if you want to cum in my mouth again.”

As I expected, he cleared his throat. And so I was able to take my time with him again. Really enjoy that thick little cock of his. But this time, I started it right by giving his balls a nice, long tongue bath…

This first time manlove fantasy was shared in my BBGL Forum by Rutherfordtb6969 and it was too hot not to share here also!

I’m a married man, 38 years old, and I’d like to tell you about how I became curious about other men. It started about 10 years ago. At the time, I was dating the woman I would later marry. We had been dating for about 2 years. She was a good, virtuous, church-going woman; a virgin when we met, and a virgin when we married. I loved her very much (still do) and was very much ok with the decision not to have sex prior to our wedding night.
My girlfriend (Kelly) had left some books and some other items at my house, and had asked that I drop them off at her home, which she shared with her parents and brother. I had the day off, a nice, sunny summer day, and decided to go over in the late afternoon, in the hope that nobody would be home. As luck would have it, when I pulled up in front of the house, neither of her parent’s nor her brother’s cars were in the driveway, and I knew I’d be in and out in no time. I gathered her belongings and grabbed the key that they left under the mat out by the back door. I was all set to leave the items on the kitchen table, but heard some noise coming from upstairs. I figured since nobody was home, I ought to check it out, to make sure it wasn’t a burglar.

As I quietly crept up the stairs, I could hear music and some muffled moaning. In my heart of hearts, I knew it was porno music that I was hearing, but with the driveway empty, I really thought I ought to take a peek as to what was going on, again, just to make sure it wasn’t somebody in there that wasn’t supposed to be. As I turned the corner at the top of the stairs, I could see into the family room, and could see the television and most of the couch. Lying on the couch was my girlfriend’s brother, and from what I could see, he was completely nude. From the way he was laying on the couch, I knew he wouldn’t be able to see me unless he either arched his head completely back or got up from the couch. The action on the tv was pretty hot – a big-titted blonde getting hammered by a black guy with a cock the size of a horse. But I found myself mesmerized not by that hot action, but by Andy stroking his own big, fat, 9-inch cock.
I had seen plenty of naked men before, in the way we all do – in the showers in gym class, in pornos, etc., but I had NEVER found myself attracted to another man. I even once had a guy that I’m sure most women would consider a hunk hit on me at the beach, but I politely turned him down and forgot all about it a few minutes later. But this time, I couldn’t pry my eyes away. I was instantly hard and found myself absent-mindedly rubbing my cock through my shorts. Maybe it was the combination of seeing him stroke it along with the action of the video; maybe it was the fact that it was somebody I knew and knew very well (he was only 2 years younger, and had become a close friend). Either way, I was turned on in ways I’d never been before.
I needed relief badly (you’ll recall that Kelly and I weren’t having sex), so I decided to just pull it out and start jerking right there at the entrance to the family room. I was leaning up against the doorjamb and stroking in time with his rhythm. He kept making these guttural groans that I was suddenly finding very sexy. Thoughts of sucking on his cock, swirling my tongue around and around his head, and slurping up his precum permeated my mind. I wanted so badly to walk over to him, drop on my knees and take that beast of a cock in my mouth. But I knew that, knowing him, knowing he was straight and knowing that if he ever told his sister, our relationship would be over kept me from advancing at all. So I stayed back, mouth watering and cock about to explode. I didn’t even think about what I would do when I came…where would I shoot it? On the floor?  In my hand? I didn’t care. I was just in a blind lust to release my cum with Andy’s beautiful cock in my sight.

But then the phone rang. Andy quickly jumped to his feet and spun around, cock standing out at full attention. He saw me and stopped quickly, looking right at me, and I froze. We both did. It was only for a moment or two, but it felt like an eternity. He suddenly seemed to shake himself awake, clicked the tv off, and ran to answer the phone, which was just down the hall.

I didn’t know what to do. I decided I at least needed to apologize for startling him, and figured I could always say I was checking on the noise and was turned on by the video and got carried away. I pulled my shorts back up and headed over to the couch.
He was on the phone for about 3-4 minutes, which gave me time to work on my story, and, more importantly, to let my dick deflate back to its normal non-erect size.
When he came back in, he was wearing a pair of running shorts and was carrying a couple of beers. He handed me one and asked how long I had been standing there. He was in good spirits about it and didn’t seem too upset. I don’t think he knew that I could see him from my vantage point. We sort of shot the shit for a few moments, and then he asked me if I wanted to continue watching the video. I said sure.
We started watching again, and within just a few minutes it was painfully obvious that we were both raging hard again. I had never actually watched porn in the presence of another guy before, and I’ll admit, it was difficult not to play with myself. About 15-20 minutes into it, I couldn’t take any more. I started to get up and told him that I was going to go to the bathroom, and he said, “You know, we both just saw each other’s junk…I’m cool with you finishing yourself off here, if you don’t mind me doing the same. Besides, there’s an amazing scene of this girl taking it up the ass in a few minutes, and I like to, ah…finish up while watching that part, in particular.”
Well, why not…as he said, we’d seen each other’s cocks a few moments ago, when he got up to answer the phone. We were both grown men, we both knew what the effects of the movie were doing to each other, and we both shared the desired result.
So I sat back down, and pulled off my shorts, laying them on the floor at the end of the couch. He did the same, and we both began stroking together while watching the video. As hard as I tried, though, I couldn’t keep my eyes on the screen, and kept trying to steal quick peeks at Andy’s meat. And out of my peripheral vision, it really appeared to me that he was doing the same. I’m no slouch at 6 and a half inches myself, but still, I had nothing on him. The thought that he kept looking over was pushing me closer to the edge. I began looking at his a little longer, hoping to get caught. And I would try to catch him, too. Then it happened. He looked over at my cock, and then up into my eyes, and I didn’t look away like I had been up until that point. We just stared into each other’s eyes, and I began slowing my pace down. He followed suit. I licked my lips, and he looked down at my crotch for a good 20 seconds straight. I wanted to cum so badly right then, but I didn’t want this to end. He reached over to the table for the remote control and flipped the tv off. Then he turned a bit on the couch so that he was facing me, and said, “This is hot.” He draped a leg over the back of the couch, spread his legs far apart and leaned back, far enough for him to reach down with his hand that wasn’t stroking his cock, and he started tugging on his ballsack. Oh my god, he was driving me nuts! He came like that, shooting straight into the air and all over his stomach. A little even hit my knee. I don’t know how the hell I was holding out so long, but it just wasn’t ready to explode yet. He leaned forward and came up to kiss me. It was very tender…no tongue, just lips. Then he started to nibble on my lower lip. He pulled back and I could see the hunger in his eyes. He reached down and took my dick in his hand, and leaned back in for another kiss. This time, however, as our lips met, we heard a noise downstairs.

His fucking parents came were home! Luckily, since we were upstairs, they were completely unaware of our condition. I picked up my clothes and ran to the bathroom; Andy gathered his shorts and video and ran to his bedroom.
When I went downstairs, Andy was dressed and talking to his parents, who were blissfully unaware. I said a quick hello, explained I was there just to drop off some of Kelly’s stuff, and had to leave. Andy didn’t even acknowledge my presence – he didn’t even look me in the eye.
I was so hot from that experience that I pulled over on the side of a secluded road and jerked off.

Part 2
I didn’t see Andy again after that for about a week or so, and strange as it sounds, we never discussed it again, until about a year later. I was still dating his sister, who was still saving herself for marriage, and I was still ok with this. Andy and I continued to grow close as I spent a lot of time with his family at holidays, etc. Over the course of the year since our “hook-up”, if you could even call it that, Andy had a handful of girlfriends, all of which were drop-dead gorgeous. Judging by the stories I heard from mutual friends, it was clear he was not saving himself for marriage.

Again, it was a nice summer weekend, and my girlfriend and her parents went away to a family gathering. I couldn’t attend due to work obligations, and it was the same weekend that Andy had some things planned with his girlfriend. One of these things was a party he was throwing at his parents’ house. He asked if I would be interested in coming along, and figured that since we had some mutual friends, it ought to be a good time. The beer was flowing and the music was playing.

Around 1:30 or so in the morning, I decided I better head out, since I had to work early the next morning. I’d been asking around if anybody knew where Andy was, and was told he might be upstairs. The family room (where our incident had occurred) was usually off-limits to party goers, as his parents had some nice vases and artwork in there – stuff he didn’t want destroyed accidentally.

I called his name out as I reached the top of the stairs, and I heard him answer from his bedroom. He was on the computer checking some stuff out and asked that I shut the door behind me. I was in the process of telling him that I was about to take off when he got up from his computer to say goodbye, likely offering the obligatory hug/pat on the back sort of thing, and said he wished I could stay longer. I don’t know what came over us, but all of a sudden, after breaking the hug and just sort of looking at each other, we just sort of lunged at each other and began making out. Never in my life had I been kissed like this, or enjoyed a kiss as much as this. His tongue, sliding in and out of my mouth, seemed to awaken my cock. He started grinding his crotch against mine, and we fell onto his bed, arms wrapped around each other. He pulled off my shirt and licked me from my lips, down my chin and neck, nibbling every so often, and then paused at my nipples. I grabbed his hair in my hand, shoved his mouth onto my nipple, and thrust my crotch up, grinding my jeans-covered cock against his.

We then heard his girlfriend calling out his name, and he told me to get into his closet, and quick. I did as he asked, grabbing my shirt, and made it in just enough time to hide myself from his girlfriend. Thankfully I didn’t have time to start undressing him yet, but she still knew something was up. “Were you looking at that porn site on your computer again?” she asked, with a wicked grin on her face. He answered her by jamming his tongue down her throat. The quickly started to re-enact the scene that just moments ago he and I had started.
From my place in the closet, I could see and hear everything. His girlfriend was amazingly hot – model material, and he was taking full advantage of that. They fucked like rabbits while I watched. But since the closet was cramped, I couldn’t relieve myself at all without making it obvious that I was in there.
After about 10 minutes of her riding on top of him, he made her get on her knees facing the closet. I could tell that he was looking in at me (I’m sure he couldn’t see me), but the thought of me watching must have been exciting him. He started to get vocal, saying things like “Oh god, I can’t wait to fuck your ass…I’m gonna fuck your ass so fucking hard.” His girlfriend, between moans and grunts, kept saying, “Andy, I told you…I’m not into anal.” He wasn’t talking to her. That much I knew. He was obviously looking in my direction and talking to me.
They finally ended up passing out about 40 minutes later, and I quietly crept out of the room. I was as horny as I’d ever been in my life, and I knew that I needed something more than just my hand tonight. I’m really not the cheating type of guy, but this night, I needed to get laid, for my own sanity. I knew that one of Andy’s girlfriend’s friends had a crush on me, and she was pretty fucking hot, so I quickly found her, snuck up behind her, making sure she could feel my hardness as it pressed against her ass, and whispered into her ear, “I want to make you cum tonight like you never have before.” She spun around and started kissing me, and we went up to Kelly’s bedroom. I fucked her rotten, right in my girlfriend’s bed. I did things to that girl that I’d never done to any other girl, before or since. We both came multiple times. I came in just about every hole on her body, and more than once on her face. The sheets my girlfriend had on her bed had to be thrown away the next morning. She still has no idea what happened to them. But to be fair, it *was* a one-time thing; I’ve still never been with another woman.
But again, for the second time, Andy and I came awfully close, but couldn’t consummate our act.

Part 3
Andy moved away at the end of that summer, and no other chances popped up. I’d finally put it out of my mind; he and I were just never going to hook up, and I was fine with that. I still hadn’t found any other men attractive or anything, and I think that getting that last fuck out of my system that night at the party was a good thing, as my soon-to-be wife and I were growing closer every day.

Finally, the week of the wedding rolled around. We were having a very small wedding, just family and a few friends. I decided to forgo the usual bachelor party and instead went camping with some of my closest friends, including Andy. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think about it that night, as a sort of ‘sowing the wild oats’ type of thing, right before tying the knot.  But nothing happened there, except for some good stories being told, innocent male bonding, and a lot of beers being drunk.
Two days before the wedding, Andy called me and said that he wanted to have a talk. I figured it was going to be the obligatory “break my sister’s heart and I’ll break your face” talk, and I was right. Andy came to the new apartment (my girlfriend still hadn’t moved into it yet), and we had a pizza and some beers. We just shot the shit, like two brothers might, and there wasn’t anything sexual or erotic about it. But as the night grew on, and as I became a little more emboldened with liquid courage, I had to find out what that was all about previously.
Andy confessed that he had always found me attractive, and that scared him a little, because he considered himself straight. He said that the first time we hooked up, he knew that I would be coming over, and that he purposefully parked his car down the street. He waited until he heard me pull into the driveway and ran upstairs to turn on his porn video. The little shit had planned the whole thing. He also said that afterwards, he felt amazingly guilty about it and couldn’t face me for weeks. I told him not to worry about it, and confessed that I’d watched him for a good while before the phone rang. He said he knew, and that he could see me in the reflection of the television. I asked him why he didn’t approach me or anything, and he gave me the same reason I gave him – that he was afraid his sister/family would find out, and that it would become a big mess. I asked him about the night in his bedroom, too, and he said that he was really drunk that night and only has a blurry memory of what happened. I recounted the events for him, and could tell he was getting aroused. I even told him about how I fucked his girlfriend’s friend (leaving out that I did so in his sister’s bed), and he began blushing wildly, saying that he knew. He had apparently fucked her the next day (which eventually caused him to break up with that particular girlfriend, allowing him to move on to a whole new string of gorgeous women) and that she got freaked out when he started to ask a lot of details of what I was like in bed!

Throughout all of this conversation, we were at the dining room table, finishing up the pizza and beers, beginning to tidy up. I asked him if he had found himself ever curious about other guys, and he told me flatly, no. I said the same. Though there was an undeniable electricity in the air, we both steered clear of any obvious advances, seemingly willing to let it go at that, while we worked at clearing the table. There was an almost uncomfortable silence present, and when we both ended up reaching for the pizza box, our hands touching, a spark flew.

We looked at each other for a long time, hands still touching, working out our next move. Words weren’t necessary. I stepped toward him, leaned in, and once again our lips met, then our tongues. It was a long, slow, hot, passionate kiss that could have gone on for weeks. He cradled my head in his, looked deeply into my eyes and said, “I have wanted you for so fucking long. I need to at least feel you once.” We started kissing again, much more passionately and feverishly, as he reached down and began groping me hrough my pants. I hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing my way down his flat chest, which was lightly kissed with his blonde-ish hair. I dropped to my knees and unbuckled his belt. That act brought out from him the sexiest moan I’d ever heard. He placed both his hands on the back of my head, lightly drawing me in toward his crotch, and said “God, I want you.”

In no time at all, I had his jeans down around his ankles. His cock, now completely rock hard, was delisciously outlined inside his straining white cotton briefs, now wonderfully soaked with precum. I could smell him, his lust, his manly, musky scent.  My head was spinning.  I put my mouth up to that spot and started to suck out his precum, right through the fabric. His knees started to buckle, and he came, thrusting his crotch toward my face, as if I needed any encouragement. I sucked some of his cum out, rubbing some of around my lips and my bearded chin, moving back up again to kiss him, so he could taste his own cum. We made out forever, sharing his cum, rubbing our cocks together, his shrouded in a cummy pair of briefs, mine still fighting for release from my pants.  Our hands were everywhere, groping and grabbing, while we were both grunting, groaning and moaning. I don’t think he ever even softened, as I could feel his hardness immediately and constantly.

He finally broke our kiss by pushimg me back a little and then smiled the most devilish smile I’ve ever seen. Just looking at him with that sexy fucking smile nearly brought me close to the brink.  He looked down at my tented pants, moistened by the remnants of his explosion, and he bit a little on his lower lip.  He looked back up to me and raised an eyebrow and said, “Do you mind if I…” and motioned back down to my cock.  We both laughed a little and it seemed to break us out of the animalistic lust we were locked in, and somehow made it more intimate and personal.  He slowly stepped forward again, still looking down and said, “I really can’t beoieve I’m about to do this.”  I thought he was having reservations, and I told him that there was no pressure, and that he really didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to.  He looked back up at me with an almost confused look on his face and said “I don’t want to??  Are you kidding me?  I’ve wanted this for so long, I just can’t believe it’s finally happening,” and leaned in for another kiss.  Again, it was slow, wet, hot and passionate, and it worked to continue to slow things down a little, as they were almost getting out of control.  We both wanted this to be an experience that would last.  Finally he worked his way down to his knees in front of me and undid my belt and pants.  He pulled them down and I stepped out of them, with only my boxers remaining.  He began to stroke me through the boxers and followed my lead by sucking my precum through the material of the boxers.  I could see why he unloaded so quickly!  He only did this for a couple of seconds, and before I knew it, he had my cock out and my boxers down.  They were quickly discared, and he took hold of my cock proper, just skin on skin, stroking me at an excruciatingly slow pace.  He was clearly into the feel of another man’s cock in his hand, varying speed and positioning, eliciting all manner of “ooohhs” and “aaahhhhs” from me, and I managed to tell him, between short breaths, that if he kept it up I was going to cum VERY soon.  He stopped stroking, letting go of my cock altogether and stood back up and we started kissing again.  He was a man possessed, licking, kissing, nibbling my face and my neck.  He moved to my ear, lightly sticking his tongue in, and pulling it back out, whispering “I’m going to make you feel so fucking good, and cum so fucking hard, that you’re going to want to marry me instead of my sister.”

It was the first time I’d thought of Kelly since the kissing began, and it brought me to the reality that I was engaging in incredible sexual acts with her brother, and it nearly pushed me over the edge.  In a bit of a blur, I shoved Andy down to his knees while moaning out “Oh fucking god, I want to cum all over you.”  It was clear to both of us that I wasn’t going to last much longer at all.  Andy licked my shaft quickly, one hand holding the base of my cock, the other fondling and rolling my balls.  He swirled his tongue around my cockhead and began to slide his mouth down my cock.  He got about halfway down before he pulled up again, removed my cock completely from his mouth, took a deep breath, and plunged down again.  All the shile he looked up at me, his eyes locked on mine (when I could keep mine open, anyway).  His mouth felt hotter than any mouth had ever felt on my cock.  Maybe it was the situation, maybe not.  But that quick blowjob he was giving me was just incredible.  I lasted about a minute longer and shot one of the biggest loads I’d ever unloaded.  He hungrily swallowed most of it, but a lot still dribbled out of the corners of his mouth.  He looked so handsome, and so dirty.  He scooped some of it back up with his fingers, licking some, and then lifting his hand for me to taste.  I took his fingers in my mouth, licking them clean, while he stood up.  We kissed again.  I loved tasting myself on his tongue and in his mouth.  Still locked in a kiss, we moved over to the couch and fell onto it, with him on top of me.  We continued to explore each other, and I jerked him off while he lay on top of me.  He came again on my stomach, and collapsed.  We fell asleep like that, naked and sticky.


Written by

I wondered to myself whether it would ever happen. My mind had been open to it for some time now, which it hadn’t been in my youth. In my early 40’s now, still athletically fit, offbeat handsome (so I’ve been told - who knows what the fuck that means), and mostly straight, but quietly willing to bend into the right circumstances, or for the right person. The willingness to bend part is much more recent. But the catch for me seems to be: When and how would the details, this right person, right time and/or place come together for this new desire’s door to swing  open, welcoming in a deeply-craved sexual adventure?

Once I opened to the hunger, and dropped the shame part of it, it was always about the right configuration and guy, the latter being the more important issue.

In the arts, I’ve met my fair share of both extremes: the macho posers, hiding what, I’m not sure, but they are never the possibles; nor are the boys who needed to act uber-girlish in every way to feel a part of the gayer world. For my tastes, I needed someone in the middle, perhaps a little like myself, but different. And I wasn’t meeting him anywhere. I used to joke to myself that if I could create a clone, I’d have been sucking cock and fucking man-ass for the last few years at least.

What I imagined in reality was another guy with a similar curiosity, sensitive but masculine; mostly straight or recently “bi”; just someone daring to open himself to pleasure from another man for the sake of the pleasure and for sampling a new flavor of intimacy. Not to join a club or adapt a new sexual support group.

I thought that I’d most likely find him as a part of a steady or married couple, a guy who had been encouraged to open to his other sensibilities by a smart, patient woman longing to be a part of a bisexual mash-up. But no couples had offered to open their doors to me as of yet. I have never lost hope, but often wondered if and when those stars would ever align at last. The longer they took, the more I’ve wanted to make them align.


I had volunteered to host the closing night party of a successful theatrical production I was an integral part of in town. Cast and crew and friends all attended. Food and drink flowed aplenty, fun and song and silliness ensued. Then came the tearful goodbyes of the bonded masses, since the gig was over and the temporary family was disbanding. As always, into the wee hours hung a few stragglers, most of whom I knew.

As those final few gathered their asses and belongings together to leave, a thunderstorm hit and it hurried the group along. One young man from the cast that I knew only a little, was on his phone, madly calling and texting a friend… one who clearly had left without him. He was stranded.

I had happily offered my couch and other sleeping areas to anyone too inebriated to drive, but the last few folks left, offering regrets that they couldn’t take this young man home, since they were headed the opposite direction.

I said to the final party-er, Jack, “No worries. You can stay here. I’d offer you my bike, but you’ll get soaked in a half a block. I can take you home tomorrow, since I’m off.”

Jack thanked me, and in return, eagerly offered to help with the party clean-up which I was incredibly grateful to have. When we finally got the place to a liveable state again, we sat down with a cold beer each to chat away the last hours before sleep set in


As Jack and I began to share some stories and secrets of the stage, the road, and this production, I found myself to be very pleased with his late night company. He was a genuinely good guy. Young, good looking, and eager to make his mark with his craft, not some wanna-be “make me a star” egomaniac. He hung on my every word for a time, when I spoke of my training and how learning things in your head was one thing, but letting them settle into body knowledge and true experience was another.

We moved from topics of work to social life to dating to sex as we sipped and gabbed. The more we talked, the more I liked him.  I asked him about one of the girls in the company, who I thought he was seeing. He said he liked her and they hung out, even fooled around a bit, but she had a boyfriend out of town, which as he put it, “sucked the big donkey dick”.

Had Jack not ventured the very next question, I wonder what, if anything, might have happened, or not happened. Thank the stars, he did.

"So," he started haltingly, "Do you only date girls, or have you been with men too?" He saw me raise one eyebrow at the question, and jumped in quickly, "I just mean, lots of people in the arts…. ummm…. try different things."

I smiled. I could see he was curious, not just about me and my leanings, but for himself as well. I think he needed to be given the go-ahead to consider it, without recrimination or shame.

"I haven’t been with men. But I’ve thought about it. Even imagined it." I let that spin in the air, to see if the masturbation hint sunk in. "I might have, if the right thing happened in the right way."

His brow furrowed with the unspoken question of “Why haven’t you. then?”

"Mostly, Jack, I was happy with the women I was with, and then, when I did begin consider and desire a dance with the other side, the right situations didn’t show up for me. I still would, if it felt right."

He tried to suppress a revealing smile. And that shifted me just enough in the right direction. I decided to ask about him, as this suddenly showed some surprising promise.

"And you, Jack? Tried guys?"

He blushed, head down. He had, clearly. I pressed it. “Tell me about it. Anything we share is only between us.”

"Oh, I don’t mind. It was just…odd. I was curious and someone I was in a show with hit on me. I thought it would be cool to try, and I wanted to see how it felt, all of it. It turned out he just wanted to blow me so he could tell his friends he turned me gay."

"Yeah, I’ve seen that happen. There’s always a few bad apples preying on the newbies. I hope the BJ was at least worth it."

He laughed. “It was pretty good. But I can’t think of it that way anymore, since he turned out to be such an asshole. The kind of asshole I don’t wanna fuck.”

We both laughed. Then the silence hit, both of us looking about, until our eyes caught each other. And we stayed there. Longer than expected. I knew. I could feel the sexual tension building, but as always, I second-guessed myself and thought, He doesn’t want an older guy..”.  I was wrong.

I offered to get him some sheets etal for sleeping as he took our bottles and a couple of plates into the kitchen. Both of our minds were obviously racing in their own respective, horny spinning worlds. They wouldn’t have to wait long for the answers.


When I finished setting his sleeping corner up, he was busy washing the remains of the dishes. I walked in and quietly watched him, noting the perfect shape of his ass, and I let that take me to places I had yet to dare. I thought, worse case scenario, he’s gone tomorrow if it gets awkward.

I had already seen the bulge rise in his jeans during our last conversation, so I sensed that he was likely game. Not to mention that hopeful, hungry  look in his eyes during our shared awkward pause before we broke the last build-up. I decided that the stars had finally aligned for me and I was not about to toss this gift horse out the window.

I walked up close behind him. His taut ass was almost leaning into my hand. “Thank you for doing those. And for all of your help.”

"No problem", Jack said sincerely.

He was drying his hands and hadn’t turned around yet.

"I"m not sure how you feel about this", I said gently, "And you have no obligation here whatsoever, Jack…".

I could see him stop, and breathe in, and wait for the rest of the sentence.

"But if you have any urge to finish that, ummm, unfinished encounter… the part you didn’t have with your friend… well, I’ve always wondered how that would feel. And you just might be the right… configuration."

I let that invitation crackle in the air. His body arched in an unconscious offering, and his ass was so close to my hand, I let myself cup his left cheek for punctuation, and I heard him purr softly. In an instant, i could tell he was mine for the taking.

He still had not turned to face me.

"Like I said, no pressure, no obligation. You can stay no matter…."

He cut me off with his words, “Yes. I want to.”

"Really?", I asked to be sure.

"Really. I almost can’t believe you asked. I was hoping…. it’s kinda why I stayed so late."

"Tell me why, Jack. I sensed something with us, but wasn’t sure what it was about."

He turned and was bushing full-on red. it was rather sweet and truthful. “I… just really want to. With someone like you… especially now.”


"After our talk… you seem… perfect. And your talent and confidence is so… uhh, attractive."

He made me blush this time. But I understood. I have fallen for talent before. Any kind of talent can make someone you already like hyper-desirable.

I smiled, ” And here I thought you only wanted me for my cock.”

We both laughed, then he said, “Well.. there is that.”

A long paused ensued, neither of us sure who should do what next. It felt perfect, really. It told me that this indeed was the right moment and he was definitely the right first-time lover.

I moved in to kiss him, and he readily submitted. As we began tasting one another, opening locked jaws and slipping slithering tongues inside the others’ warmed lips, his hand slid to my denim-wrapped cock’s bulge in the same nano-second that mine gripped his.

We started slowly, studying rather than jockeying for position. But as each of us had allowed the other to dip his tongue deeply into our respective throats, somehow we both knew that we would share the reins, no matter who took them first. Another piece of wet alignment fell into place.

We mirrored each others’ shirt removals and once bare-chested, I pressed him to the sink’s edge and began to grind my bulge into his. Moans erupted on both sides, and soon I found myself nipping at his neck and ear and whispering things to him….

"Your body feels so good, Jack. That shouldn’t surprise me, but it does. Sooo good. I waaannnt it. I want you…". This time I surprised myself more than him, "I want to fuck you, Jack."

That made him push back and grab my ass hard and moan louder. I loved how he wanted me to desire him like this. And fucking hell, the more we played, and traded aggressions back and forth, the more I wanted all of him, in every filthy way under the wicked moon.

We were now instinctively unzipping each other, and as soon as we were bereft of our clothes, I pulled him back and sat myself on the kitchen table, pulling a chair in front of me for him to sit in, as I smirked…

"Isn’t this what you didn’t get to do?"

He must have been wet-dreaming of this forever, because he turned the chair around, and knelt on it like he was on a pew at worship. And at the first touch of his hand, and the first full wrap of his lips on my hard cock, I shivered and my swelling dick’s head wept tears of pre—cum joy.

Here was that very gentle, but very masculine young lover taking his first taste of me, and his touch already had my toes curling and my nipples rock hard.

I let my fingers slide through his short hair as he began to move in closer, then move out again in his long seductive mouth-riding motions. I kept humming about how good he was, not to spur him on so much as, because it kept surprising me that a male was taking me so brilliantly towards unprecedented orgasmic peaks with his lush unstudied mouth.

Once he took me in to balls deep on my shaft, and made me growl out loud, he knew he had me, and he began a deliberate tease like none I’d felt before. It was a steady rising slip-n-slide, base to head and back - never stopping, only intensifying. It felt like a hot, wet half-shaven cunt straddling me and fucking me just enough to take me to the edge, but not let me go over.

He knew the effect he was having on me, though he admitted later it was pure instinct. He was just thrilled it was working.

At one point, things got so intense for me that I pulled him full onto my pubic bone and nearly gagged him completely.  I let him loose while still fisting his hair and I looked down to see his eyes watering and his mouth full of my shaft.

"Holy fuck, you look beautiful, Jack!"

He couldn’t speak, but his eyes were begging for me to finish right there and pour my lust down his throat. He would not have to ask twice, even silently.

I stood up and began to fuck his face willfully. We both began to grunt and roar like mating animals. He clawed at my ass and wiggled a finger near to my anal opening when he heard that edge-of-orgasm stream of obscenities spill out of my mouth. That was his cue to open his throat. The fucking flood was cumming..

It was probably from the sheer act of shattering old taboos, but I don’t remember emptying that much seed into anyone’s face before, or perhaps not in a very long time anyway. He took it like a pro, gurgling, gagging a bit, but holding my thundering eruption between his cheeks until the spasms continued, but my creamshot ran low.

I’m sure my eyes were turned about backwards through much of it. but when I looked down at him, I almost started to cum again. Those big, lustful, watery eyes looking up at me with so much satisfaction, his lips still wrapped about the top third of my shaft, and the spillage from the corners of his mouth made my knees weak. Holy fuck, I though, I may have to ask him to do this every day, though I’d save the actual utterance of that thought for later.

"Jesus H. Fucking Unbelievable Christ, Jack!!! You sure you haven’t done this before?"

"Mmmm hmmmm" he answer in the "no", just before he slid off and let the cum from my cock run down  his chin.

He fought to swallow enough to speak, then gargled through the sticky cream, “I’ve imagined. And practiced… on things.”

"Yeah, well you could debut at Carnegie Hall already after that kind of practice!" semi-quoting the old joke.

I crumbled to the floor, kissed and licked and tasted his cock, and said, “I hope I’m half as good on my first try.” Then I slid up to his face and we shared the filthiest hottest kiss I could remember in forever.

Here was the boy who just swallowed a huge load from my sex, and now he was painting the inside of my mouth with the leftovers. Fuck! He was not only a hot man-boy, but sensual as hell. ‘I just might have to keep him’, was the newest quiet thought in my head.

I convinced him we should lie down in his newly made couch bed. I led him by the hard cock, stopped by the sofa, then decided, fuck it, I wanted him in my bed. For the rest of the fuck-all-night. I led us there shamelessly and he followed like the happy, horny, hungry boy he was.

I stopped, kissed his cummy mouth again, wrapped my fist around the lush shaft on his perfect dick and locked eyes with him.

"Tell me what you want to do with me. What you want me to do with you."

He blushed again, and all he could muster was a shy “Everything.”

That was all I needed to hear.

"Jack, here’s what I want. To explore and taste every inch of you. To try anything and anything we think of and both want."

I kept stroking his cock as I spoke on…

"I want to fuck you, face to face and feel what it is like to cum deep in that hot tight, gorgeous fucking ass of yours. I want to see how you look when you feel that happen. And I want to see how you look when I make you cum.Do you want that?"

He was flushed full red. He wanted what he said: Everything!

"I want you to fuck me too, however it turns on on the most. I want to ride your cock from above and cum all over your body and face. I want to find what makes you beg me for release and do it until you can’t speak enough to beg… then let you fucking fly. I want us both to be covered in sex and cum and anything else we think of… how’s that?"

He kissed me hard and pushed his hips into mine. I shoved him onto the bed face down, pulled his hips up, and knelt and pressed my face in to his thighs to capture his beautiful balls in my sticky mouth.

My tongue would probe his wicked asshole and my throat would let him drown me in cum, the way I did to him, before I topped him, and lubed him, and worked my joyful thickened cock so far into his spread-eagled body, that I  would see him claw the sheets and hear myself actually say “God, I loooove fucking you, Jack. I never want to stop.”

"Don’t", he answered in between heated fuck-grunts, "Don’t ever stop."

The sun would be at high noon before we ceased our first fuckfest. The shower would take another hour of lustful playtime, then I drove him home.

We found a shaded spot to kiss and grope until I said, “Thank you. For all of this. It’s our little secret until we choose to share.”

He agreed wholeheartedly. “First shares”, I added, “Will be with the girls we invite to join us.”

He kissed me dirtily then said “I can’t wait for that!”

Then he got shy again with this, “But first…can I visit again this week?”

"Come to my bed anytime, Jack. Just don’t expect to sleep. Ever. I’m home by 10 tonight. Be there. With more dirty ideas. I might just take you in the back yard, press your face into the dirt and ride you like a rutting beast."

He hissed a wanton “Fuuuuck!” Yeah, he loved that idea. Write that one down in stone, I whispered to myself.

He would be the good boy, waiting for me upon my arrival that evening. We would leave no corner un-fucked at my house in the next few days. We talked about the girls we’d soon invite in, but for now, it was man-to-man fuck week, and no girls allowed… not just yet.